[Tears of Themis] Festive Games – Compatibility Test – Trial of Love Answers (Marius)

Event: Stellis Celebration – Blissful Fête

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“My love for you is true and unyielding, from now until forever.” This is the language of flower for which flower?
Gandiflorum Flower

“The Mona Lisa” is the work of which artist?
Da Vinci

“Would you like some coke and fries?” Marius once said this during a variety show while applying for which job?

Flourishing under Louis XV, Rococo art and architecture is light, delicate, and complex. When did Rococo art begin?
18th Century

If Marius were to invite you to skiing, where would the most likely place be?
The Alps

In ballet, what is the name of the technique where the female dancer tiptoes on one foot and spins around quickly by retracting her arms and legs?

In Greek, omega is which letter of the alphabet?
Last one

In order not to make you worry, what will Marius do when he isn’t feeling well?
Just kidding

In which of the following places did Marius visit on Skadi Island?
Seti Falls

Marius and you are trying out street graffiti, what tool would the two of you use:
Spray Paint

Marius hopes that the young artist training program will provide a platform for young artists, as well as
Protect their dream

Marius is telling you the names of various colors in his studio. Which of the following is not a cool color?

Marius saw an orange cat on campus and wanted to paint it for you. Which of the following colors will combine to make orange?
Red and yellow

Marius spent New Year’s Eve with you to watch
Horror movie

Marius used to have a dog that was formerly a stray. Why do dogs stick their tongue and pant?
Cool themselves

Marius used traditional colors to paint the historic sites he visited. Which of these colors is not a shade of red?
blue green

Marius’ birthday is in the

Marius’ major is?
Classical oil painting

Marius’ mother Carenina Orinn is close friends with Mrs. Leicester. What do we usually call a deep friendship between women?
Bosom Friends

Marius’ other identity is?

Medusa is commonly seen in Greek mythology. What is unique about her?
Her snake hair


The Augustus Tulip is a myth from which century?
17th Century

The purpose of Marius’ variety show, It’s Big Brain Time, is to raise money for patients with what kind of disease?
Alzheimer’s Disease

Van Kerrel, a supporter of Marius’ art, worked at Lester Auction House as a?

What did Marius wear on his neck during the “Electrifying Night”?

What Greek letter did Marius paint on your arm during the body painting?

What is Marius studying at Stellis university?
Graduate Student

What is the name of Marius’ father?
Austin von Hagen

What is the name of Marius’ mother?
Carenina Orinn

What is the name of the membership-based household services company affiliated with Pax Group?
HomeCare Household Services

What is the name of the project launched by Pax Art Foundation to train young artists?
Young Champion

What is the name of the stray dog that Marius took in?

What is the name of the von Hagen estate butler?
Payton Way

What is the name of von Hagen badge?
Aquarian Serpent

What time does Marius usually wake up on workdays?
6:05 AM

What was the top tier art school that Marius attended?

Where did you and Marius first meet?
Stellis University

Where is the famous painting Mona Lisa currently being stored?
Louvre Museum

Where is the Stellis Art Gallery located?
On Stellis University campus

Which of the following flowers has the shortest bloom period?

Which of the following is not a primary color?

Which of the following is not a type of street dance?
Belly dancing

Which of the following painters did the mysterious artist “Z” mimic his artistic style?
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Which of the following places does Marius have a mental barrier?
Dark enclosed spaces

Which of the following toys did Marius like to play with when he was young?

Which of the following works is not by Vincent van Gogh?
The Mona Lisa

With backing from Pax Group, the Stellis University Exhibition Hall displayed “The Card Players.” It is the work of which artist?

Who is Marius’ assistant?
Vincent Kim


Vyn | Table of Contents | Luke


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