[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 3 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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3F [Raspberries and Flower Rain Banquet]

Stage 3-1

Isn’t this perfect as is?
You must really hate him
Focus on me, then (+ Alpheratz)

You really seem to look up to him (+ Pollux)
So many fancy names
Didn’t wanna know any of that…

Use a handkerchief
Lick the whipped cream off his face
Scold Alpheratz

Leave it to me
I’ll hear you out first (+ Alpheratz)
Can I say no?


Stage 3-5

Alpheratz told me to come find you
You left and never came back
It wasn’t really my thing

You guys looked pretty serious back there (+ Spica)
Are you two dating?
Calm down, Arcturus

He’s not the only sorcerer around
Why are you being so annoying?
You sound like you really care about the banquet (+ Sirius)

Don’t push yourself too hard (+ Arcturus)
We can’t afford that now
What’s up with those two?


Stage 3-6

I almost screamed too
Vega would’ve been surprised too (+ Vega)
Arcky, those were some impressive reflexes (+ Arcturus)

What about me…?
It’s not your fault, Vega (+ Vega)
This outsider must be good

I thought it was mandatory for everyone
Cool, maybe I should skip it too
You just leave after the attendance check?

Let him rest
I want you to come with us (+ Vega)
It’s getting late

Let’s do as he says
Vega, you’re being mean


Stage 3-8

Leave Vega alone (+ Vega)
Yeah, I’d be freaking out if I were Sirius
What are some things you would risk your life for? (+ Sirius)

See you later
Vega, stay (+ Vega)
It’s all because of you, Sirius

Hang out with other sorcerers
Eat up
Stay in a corner

You don’t have to…
Here, let me pour you a glass too

But Spica just poured me a glass!
But Spica’s fine

Drink it
Don’t drink
Give it to Alpheratz


Stage 3-11

Calm everyone down
Examine Arcturus
Do nothing

What are you doing?
Settle down, Poll

Okay, I’ll go find Spica
But I can’t leave Arcky alone, I’m too worried
We gotta calm down Poll first…

What kind of drink is it?
You should’ve been more careful!
Don’t be too hard on yourself

Spica cares about Arcky too
I can amplify his mana
Let’s find a safer way


Stage 3-15

Ask about mana inhibitors
Ask about mana accelerants
Ask about Vega (+ Vega)

So you’re from Mid Eartheim too
Yeah, you’re a proper sorcerer

What do you think that reason is?
What about me? I’ve got gifts, apparently.

We were just making sure…
We weren’t suspecting you, right?
We could use your help (+ Sirius)

Maybe he’s worried about us
We’ll be late
Maybe we should hold hands (+ Vega)


Stage 3-20

Were you okay? (+ Vega)
How strong was that monster
Are there monsters like that outside…?

Tell me more
I don’t really care how this ends
You were with a friend? (+ Vega)

Be careful
Let me go with you (+ Vega)

Look around
Find an exit
Kick into the air

Who’s there?
Show yourself, now!

Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Chapter 4


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