[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 2 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

Chapter 1 (Part 2) | Table of Contents | Chapter 3

2F [Today’s Contell Academy of Magic]

Stage 2-1

What happened to the wolf?
What’s up with this memo?

I can’t unhear what you just said
I slept really well, I’m fine
Arcturus, I’m starving… (+ Arcturus)

Man, this place is starting to feel like home (+ Arcturus)
I’m gonna miss this when I go back…
I wonder what other kinds of food you guys have at the Boundary

Thanks for the help
I didn’t mean to summon you (+ Alpheratz)
I’m so close I could touch him…


Stage 2-4

I didn’t ask for any of this…
Sorcerers are the real chaotic ones
How did I summon you?

What’d you do to me!
I blocked your eye?
It felt really weird and different

That’s really strange…
You can’t be wrong
Are you cold, Alpheratz?

You’re actually really kind, Alpheratz
What do you want from me?
You can go back to napping once we find Arcturus (+ Alpheratz)

We were worried about you… (+ Pollux)
So you’re a quitter, aren’t you?
You guys are fun to watch

Thank you for caring
Your memo was adorable
Let’s take care of that fight first

Should we ignore him?
We should go help (+ Arcturus)
What do we do…?


Stage 2-5

They sound pretty reliable
Must be sad to miss out on the real action
But who protects the Senior Sorcerers? (+ Alpheratz)

It’s an honor to meet you
Very funny, Sirius

Pull at his cheek
Push his face away
Kiss him

All good, Arcky! (+ Arcturus)
This banquet must be really important
What if I don’t?

Are you using me as your excuse?
Sirius, I need to talk to you about-
You could’ve come earlier (+ Sirius)


Stage 2-9

What kind of side effects?
Magic’s really cool
I don’t want that either (+ Alpheratz)

Be nice to Alpheratz (+ Alpheratz)
Spica’s probably doing it for good reason (+ Spica)
Be nice to each other

What do you mean? (+ Arcturus)
Alpheratz is right

Wait, what do you mean?
Yeah, tell us.
Just tell us, man…


Stage 2-11

What’s Pollux’s level?
What kind of classes are there?
I’ll catch up to you guys in no time

You worry too much
You owe Poll a sincere apology
Arcky would never say that (+ Arcturus)

Did Arcturus ask you to?
It’s really nice to have you here (+ Pollux)
I wanna sit somewhere else

I had a strange dream
It’s over already?
Yeah, I feel great

What’s on the menu today?
Arcky will be waiting for us
Let’s go to the lobby first.

I didn’t talk in my sleep!
The professor sang a lullaby
It was all very new…

I’m starving, let’s go eat first (+ Pollux)
Guess we don’t have a choice
Done complaining?


Stage 2-14

Right, you looked pretty aggressive
Stop being so overprotective…
I was so ready to strike back if anything happened

Don’t ask me…
I also summoned Alpheratz
What if we’re destined to be together? (+ Arcturus)

Haven’t we met before? (+ Arcturus)
Maybe I’m just an exception

What’s wrong with wands?
Show me yours (+ Pollux)
Yeah, I guess it’s a little old-fashioned…


Stage 2-18

Explain it yourself
Wait for him to explain

We need to figure this out fast (+ Spica)
This isn’t my fault
Spica, help

I’ll try
Why should I?

You hate me THAT much?
Thanks for the help
I can explain

If you say so, Spica…
I never wanted this
Trust me on this (+ Vega)

Like any of that isn’t obvious
That’s not for you to decide
Let’s do this together (+Vega)

Chapter 1 (Part 2) | Table of Contents | Chapter 3


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