[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 4 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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4F [Feast of Dancing Misunderstandings]

Stage 4-4

I won’t
What goes around comes around
I can’t let this slide

That’s random
Sure, why not?

Sorry I made you guys worry (+ Spica)
Pollux nearly attacked me
Come on, I wasn’t expecting any of this

Vega, chill!
I’m sorry!
Stop yelling!!

Let me make it up to you (+ Vega)
You shouldn’t have left me behind
I couldn’t just wait around

I wanna know too…
I opened the door to a strange room
I’ll do you one better: where the hell was Vega?

Did something happen to him… …?
Where is Arcky? (+ Spica)
Just tell me


Stage 4-6

Pollux has been through a lot. (+ Pollux)
Arcky, you need to take it easy
Got anything to say, Spica?

Is it just me or are sorcerers absolute cowards?
I missed you, Arcturus
Spica needs to rest (+ Spica)

Alright, calm down…
Someone get me outta here
I’m just gonna do nothing

You came here to skip class
Long story short… (+ Alpheratz)
Am I comfortable to lean against?


Stage 4-9

Have some confidence
Does Spica scare you?
You’re adorable (+ Pollux)

You’re glad, aren’t you? (+ Alpheratz)
Okay, no fighting

Call out to Arcturus (+ Arcturus)
Call Spica
Do nothing (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 4-12

What happened happened
Do you wanna feel better?
Arcturus doesn’t blame you (+ Arcturus)

Why don’t you turn down some offers?
You seem to be enjoying this
Why can’t you make a normal entrance (+ Sirius)

I’ll be right behind you (+ Pollux)
What do you want me for (+ Sirius)


Stage 4-13

He must be really uptight and diligent… (+ Vega)
Where are the others?
Did Rigel tell you off? (+ Pollux)

Yeah, he’s lazy
Spica cut him a lotta slack too… (+ Spica)
You’re too harsh on Alpheratz

How old are you, Spica… …?
So that’s why you care about him so much (+ Spica)

Who is the old man?
The principal is here, if that’s who you’re talking
What do you mean by bad news…


Stage 4-16

Because we know you… (+ Spica)
Were you worried about me? (+ Alpheratz)
Catch your breath, Alpheratz

You guys really don’t age, do you?
Why is he interested in me?
I can’t believe you two are related!

Everyone appears sane to me
Maybe you just need a break… (+ Alpheratz)
Doesn’t it feel good to be busy?

They’re locking him up?
But he’s not dangerous at all…
If that’s what it takes…

See if Pollux is okay (+ Pollux)
Leave him alone


Stage 4-19

Pollux will be fine (+ Arcturus)
How’s it different, Alpheratz?
Maybe I could just summon him…

Do you enjoy being mean to Arcturus?
I know you’re gonna help anyway (+ Sirius)
Stop being so uncooperative!

Didn’t you say something about my smell as well?
Unprofessional sounds way too harsh
Socialize? Is that really what you wanna do? (+ Sirius)

Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Chapter 5

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