[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 5 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Chapter 6

5F [A chilly touch approaching]

Stage 5-2

I saw you help too, Spica (+ Arcturus)
Arcky, you need to be more careful

That sounded really ominous and creepy
Enough with the pauses, man
Stop being so dramatic (+ Sirius)

He needs a hug
I’m gonna hold his hand
I should call his name

That sounds really irresponsible
Can’t we explain? (+ Arcturus)
So we wait (+ Spica)


Stage 5-4

Maybe not
Oh yes, we’re super reasonable (+ Pollux)
I am, but you…

We’re sorry… (+ Pollux)
You didn’t have to shout
Arcky, just say what you gotta say (+ Arcturus)

Comfort Arcturus
Comfort Pollux
Tell both of them off

But we’re worried…
There’s gotta be something we can do
I just tagged along.

Eat your vegetables, Vega
Don’t make fun of people’s diets
You gotta eat well (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 5-8

You asked me to
Some personal stuff
I’m gonna try to summon Pollux

Take care of a stray
Be alone
Summon Pollux

Arcky asked me, I couldn’t say no
This isn’t what I wanted
I was worried about you (+ Pollux)

Of course I do! (+ Pollux)
No, spell it out for me
Yeah, talk to Arcturus

I’m fine
I ate a little too much…
I just wanna sit

The magic tool Pollux saw at the store
Pancakes (+ Pollux)
Ice cream


Stage 5-11

You gotta pay for that bite
I take it you like this flavor (+ Sirius)
I don’t mind, really

Yeah, what he said (+ Pollux)
Let’s be honest
Wait, didn’t he just… (+ Sirius)

What is this place?
Pollux? Sirius? You guys there?

I heard a terrible voice
I was in this terrible place

Make a run for it
Call for help
Close your eyes

But why?
You got a problem with that?
Yeah, demand that makes things worse (+ Sirius)


Stage 5-15

You don’t have to
Great job, Pollux (+ Pollux)
I’m fine thanks to Sirius (+ Sirius)

Sounds dangerous
So Sirius isn’t nearly as smart as he appears to be (+ Sirius)

I’m technically your accomplice (+ Pollux)
How dangerous is a rift?


Stage 5-16

Magic mirror? (+ Sirius)
You love teasing everyone, don’t you?
You seem a little off

So you’ve been working with Spica… (+ Sirius)
So there’s more than one type of sorcerer

Got a problem?
What’s on your mind? (+ Vega)


Stage 5-21

Slap Arcturus
Straighten out Vega’s grimace
Keep your silence (+ Vega)

I’m good with either team (+ Spica)
I wanna go with Spica

Look at the sky
Cover your ears

Don’t explain

What giant eye? (+ Sirius)


Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Chapter 6


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