[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 7 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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7F [When I lose sense]

Stage 7-1

I don’t remember any of it
I had a dream like that once
I do remember when I was younger (+ Vega)

Your family
Come to Mid Eartheim with me (+ Vega)
You don’t mean… me, right?

Can’t we just start being friends again? (+ Vega)
I’m so sorry I forgot


Stage 7-4

It was a terrible joke
Why not
I’m not just a civilian (+ Sirius)

It’s a secret
You’re not really curious, are you? (+ Sirius)
Don’t you think Vega’s recovering really slowly?

I doubt it
I didn’t do anything! (+ Alpheratz)
I’m not scared, I’ve got you guys


Stage 7-8

Absolutely not (+ Spica)
I’m not gonna let ’em do that!
I’m popular everywhere

That’s very reassuring, Arcky (+ Arcturus)
Yeah, but don’t push yourself too hard
Sirius, that sounded really depressing…

You guys are really good at imagining the worst…
I don’t wanna think about hypothetical accidents
I’ll have to hold my own, I guess (+ Spica)


Stage 7-10

Why not! (+ Alpheratz)
I don’t like this

Yes, I do
Never (+ Alpheratz)
I’m not sure

It was really romantic… (+ Alpheratz)
You should lie down too, Pollux
Pollux wasn’t interrupting (+ Pollux)


Stage 7-13

So who won, Spica?
Sorry we were talking behind your back (+ Spica)
Come on, we were just messing around

I’m fine (+ Spica)
Yeah, I feel neglected (+ Sirius)

I need your help, Poll (+ Pollux)
Sirius, you talk too much (+ Sirius)
Arcky, do something


Stage 7-16

So it’s a win-win type of deal (+ Spica)
That’s just the Constellations exploiting our desperation

So you didn’t want much from life
Maybe you just don’t remember (+ Sirius)
Well that’s triple kill for Pollux…

Why did you become a sorcerer, Sirius? (+ Sirius)
I don’t understand why anyone would say no to power


Stage 7-19

Maybe it did change
It did change, actually.
Vega… (+ Vega)

Thanks as always, Arcky (+ Arcturus)
Don’t worry about it
Let’s get going

Let’s go, Vega
Tired, Vega?
You wanna get outta here? (+ Vega)


Stage 7-21

So Arcky’s obviously a huge fan (+ Arcturus)
Are they allowed to hide from the public?
Tell me more about Thuban

Hey, Sirius!
Tell me more about Thuban
Alpheratz, he’s not worth it (+ Alpheratz)

What’re you looking at?
Pleased to meet you (+ Spica)
Is there something on my face?


Chapter 6 | Table of Contents | Chapter 8


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