[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 8 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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8F [Second Collapse]

Stage 8-2

Yeah, we were heading back anyway (+ Spica)
We were curious what all the fuss was about

What’d you just do? (+ Alpheratz)
I feel like I’m being drained
I start to feel sick

Arcky, look out! (+ Arcturus)
Alpheratz, help! (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 8-5

I wanna help (+ Arcturus)
I wanna get a good look at them
Yeah, I’m useless anyway

Is this the voice of a Constellation?
Shut up!
I wish…

Wanna try it?
How can you be sure? (+ Sirius)

Guess he’s got more important stuff to do
It’s fine, no one got hurt (+Spica)


Stage 8-8

He said something to me (+ Pollux)
I guess Great Sorcerers are kinda rude
That was really abrupt…

Poll’s spitting facts (+ Pollux)
Alpheratz cares for us in his own way (+ Alpheratz)

See you around!
Alpheratz, wait… (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 8-10

Come on, you’re starting to scare me…
Arcky, I’m taking you to the infirmary (+ Arcturus)
What is it this time?

Don’t get too obsessed…
Of course, I always trust you
Hey, check your Stella Tab

Spooky stuff..,
I wanna know more about this book
Am I allowed to listen to this? (+ Spica)

My name is…
I’m a Contell transfer student
Who do you think I am, Spica? (+ Spica)


Stage 8-12

It’s fine, I wasn’t very busy anyway
Is there a problem? (+ Spica)
Wanna have some fun while we’re alone

Infirmary (+ Vega)

I was looking for you (+ Alpheratz)
Actually, Spica…
Do you miss the others?


Stage 8-15

They’re just tears
Who made you cry? (+ Pollux)

Yeah, it was great till you ruined it
Not really (+ Arcturus)
Pollux here just…

You dropped this, Sirius (+ Sirius)
There’s something on the ground


Stage 8-17

You’re being too harsh on him
I’ll be fine
I get that you’re worried (+ Arcturus)

Your jokes are terrible, stop it
I prefer one-on-one, thanks (+ Sirius)
Join how?

You don’t seem to like this person (+ Sirius)
Do you know Polaris personally?
Honestly, I don’t really care…


Stage 8-20

(no affection gain in this stage)

Someone had fun
It wasn’t a comedy, though
You sure you wanted to see this?

Love is the greatest force of nature there is
I don’t like stories that glorify sacrifice
I don’t really get it

Nobody asked you to do that
What do you want me to say?

Don’t change the subject
It’s a beautiful scene

Wanna take a walk?
I see what you’re getting at


Stage 8-22

Is that what you did?
No, he’s just glad to see me (+ Alpheratz)
Spica, you look really tired

That’s gotta hurt… You okay? (+ Alpheratz)
There’s a way to make it heal faster
Hey, Arcky!

Don’t fight over me, guys!
Alpheratz is right (+ Alpheratz)
Spica is right (+ Spica)


Stage 8-24

He’s right, you shouldn’t say stuff like that
So much violence (+ Pollux)
Oh, man… (+ Spica)

I can help
You don’t trust me, do you?
I was gonna stay anyway

Tell me more (+ Arcturus)
I see…

Breathe after me (+ Pollux)
Big deal

They all left so quickly
Guess it’s just the two of us now


Stage 8-26

I got you, don’t worry
Pinky swear! (+ Vega)
I can’t make any promises

Get mad
Call for help

You’re not making any sense
How would you know that?

How would I know?
Arcky and the others are still in there
Sirius, you’re completely insane! (+ Sirius)


Chapter 7 | Table of Contents | Chapter 9


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