[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 10 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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10F [Traces of Memory]

Stage 10-1

Doesn’t it bother you?
What are you planning to do?
I should be a help (+ Alpheratz)

Jeez, you scared me!
What is it?

Are they bullying you?
Are you okay Pollux?
Pollux, let’s go! (+ Pollux)

I agree too!
There are more people
Don’t be a disturbance

Give hands
Hesitate for a moment
Take Spica’s hand (+ Spica)

Let’s get on the train
You guys didn’t have to hurry
Did you check all your luggage?

Calm before the storm?
What do you mean?
Alpheratz? Are you nervous?


Stage 10-3

Do you want me to wake you up later? (+ Alpheratz)
Don’t sleep
I feel sleepy too…

He must have had his reasons
Wrong is wrong
What do you think, Pollux? (+ Arcturus)

Be careful
Can’t you just stay here?
I’m coming too

Please let me down first
Who are you?
I know you (+ Pollux)


Stage 10-6

Call the sorcerers
Push Castor (+ Vega)

Close my eyes
Look at spica
Lean on spica (+ Spica)

Everything will be fine
I’m worried
I have to overcome it (+ Spica)


Stage 10-9

Who’s coming?
Going to our next destination?
I think I’m hungry! (+ Arcturus)

Introduce myself (+ Spica)
Hide behind Spica
ask for a handshake

Thank you for the meal!
What if I get into trouble?
I won’t make any trouble (+ Vega)


Stage 10-11

Yes, he is respectable
Honestly, I’m kind of sick of it (+ Alpheratz)
I don’t know…

I’m glad it worked out
Punishment for the late! (+ Pollux)
You must be exhausted, Spica

I prefer to be uneducated, too
Let’s find it together (+ Pollux)
We’ll find it in no time


Stage 10-14

I can’t take it anymore…
Let’s keep it up (+ Arcturus)
Are you exhausted?

Let’s take a break
Are you tired, Spica?
Yeah, everyone looks exhausted (+ Alpheratz)

You are selfish!
Alpheratz, go have a break by yourself (+ Vega)
Pollux, do you also need a break?


Stage 10-17

Are you okay
You look sick (+ Arcturus)
Stop reading

Is it because of the letter?
Should I call a doctor? (+ Arcturus)

I’m coming with you guys
We need to go hear the story
I’ll stay here with Alpheratz (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 10-19

I want to ask too
The answer doesn’t matter
Why are you looking at me like that?

That sounds like you Sirius (+ Sirius)
We don’t have to fight

Duck, Alpheratz!
Stop it, Sirius!
Step back

What oath are you talking about? (+ Sirius)
You’re lying, right?
There’s got to be another choice

Stand between them
Embrace Pollux (+ Pollux)
Wait and see


Stage 10-21

Spica, I can’t go any further
Sirius, let’s stop (+ Sirius)

Check Alpheratz (+ Vega)
Observe Alpheratz
Stare Sirius

I couldn’t do that
I’m gonna stop you (+ Sirius)
Sirius… …


Stage 10-24

Stop Sirius
Step back
Approach Spica (+ Spica)

I can’t forgive you
You’re going to disappear like this, aren’t you?
Sirius, please…

Help Spica
Go to Pollux
Check Alpheratz

Look around
Look for the sorcerers (+ Vega)
Try to understand the situation

Who are you?
Close my eyes
Cover my ears and don’t answer (+ Sirius)


Chapter 9 | Table of Contents | Chapter 11


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