[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 9 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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9F [Conflicting Duties of Stars]

Stage 9-1

Anyone there?
Where are you all?
This must be a dream…

Sirius in the tower of Babili…
In the town square…
What was I doing?

Hug and apologize
Tell him to be mad
Kiss his tear-soaked cheeks (+ Vega)

Hide behind Vega

Tell me right now (+ Pollux)
I don’t want to hear

Didn’t any sorcerer return?
I’ll go find (+ Arcturus)
I want to turn back in time


Stage 9-3

That looks pretty dangerous… (+ Alpheratz)
It actually looks good
Vega, your hands are shaking

I can try if there’s even a slight chance (+ Spica)
What if I can’t find anything
If Vega helps me…

Call out their names
Close your eyes and focus
Search for the stars

Shake off Vega’s hand
Hug Vega tightly
Make a pinky promise with Vega (+ Vega)


Stage 9-6

I have more to ask!
Can I be able to save? (+ Arcturus)

Ask for help using the stella tab
Check the sorcerers (+ Pollux)

Grab their shoulders and shake
Call out their names
Wake them up with a kiss

Spica, I’m here (+ Spica)
You are okay, so calm down… …!


Stage 9-9

I opened the door and here I am
I came to save you
I don’t know

Spica, I’m fine
Spica you look worse
Please look after the others first (+ Spica)

If it’s a huge magic spell…
We could meet all thanks to you
I was indeed looking for you

It must be Schedar’s room
It’s like an old scholar’s lab
I want to get out of here right now

Tell my name
Tell, I don’t know
Don’t answer

Did I summon you?
I need you guys (+ Arcturus)

Think of a ‘door’
Use stella tab
Ask Pollux

Trust Alpheratz
Hesitate for a moment (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 9-11

I think Spica is right…
Testing your health is necessary
What should we do after the test is over?

Arcturus, calm down
Shall I go check it out?
Let’s go together after the test (+ Arcturus)

Yes, it was… (+ Pollux)
I was surprised when you hugged me
He must have been in shock

Pick up
Ignore and ignore (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 9-14

What is the mana reflux reaction?
Why would I be reacting that way?
nothing special

Glad that it’s not the worst we saw
When did you go out?
Then the central zone… (+ Pollux)

Say nothing
Look at Spica’s face
Smile awkwardly

Why do you think so?
But it comes up…
Are you thinking about me? (+ Spica)

You mean Sirius?
I’m glad you fixed it
Did something bother him?

I think there’s been a fight
Let’s leave the place for now (+ Vega)
Stop it!


Stage 9-16

Call Sirius by his name
go to Sirius (+ Sirius)
get mad at Sirius

Why did you do that?
Why are you here? (+ Sirius)
Let’s put everything back to normal

You are crazy…
I want to help
Why are you doing this? (+ Sirius)

Check it out
Go out to the lobby and see the situation
Searching for the traces Sirius left


Stage 9-19

I think everyone is sensitive.
They were fighting in the lobby again
How long will it be noisy? (+ Alpheratz)

I heard there’s a Queen Tet meeting today
Pollux, guess where we are right now!
We were talking about Sirius

Pat Pollux on the shoulder
Grab Pollux’s hand
Hug Pollux

You seem worried
Cheer up in your meeting today!
Pollux, would you like to take a rest? (+ Pollux)

I agree (+ Arcturus)
Will it go well?
I’m worried about Pollux…


Stage 9-22

So everyone is scattered
What do you think, Vega? (+ Vega)
The school must get quiet

I want to stay here (+ Vega)
I will come with you
I still don’t know

Calm down, Pollux
Let’s ask when we find him
Don’t be too anxious

Is something bothering you?
You don’t seem happy…
I think investigating the tower is the best for now

Comfort Arcturus
Hug Arcturus
Hold Arcturus’ hand (+ Arcturus)


Stage 9-24

Arcturus, get hold of yourself!
Do you have so much to do?
You do have a lot of things to do

It’s a little sad…
We will definitely meet again
I don’t want to separate

Is something bothering you?
Didn’t you check the documents?
Can I see it too? (+ Spica)

Why are you here?
Sirius, what are you doing here? (+ Sirius)


Chapter 8 | Table of Contents | Chapter 10


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