[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Chapter 9 Ranks
910+ – Azizella, Crusher of Fools
800+ – Beautiful and Clever Monster
700+ – Crafty Demon
500+ – Survivor of the Abyss
<500 – Sad Little Demon

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Chapter 9: Running Like a Demon

Ambush them here
Seek the Hallowflame mansion (morale +1, mana -4 later)

Continue on course
Go around

Cast an illusion of you as an angel (mana 3)
Fly low and see what happens (morale +1)

Smash through the window
Land near the gate (mana -3)

“Bolster your illusions to hide us.”
“Prepare the defenses of your mansion.”
“You will summon aid from hell.” (morale +1)

Order Jackal to slay Silas
Berate him forcefully (morale +1)

“Pity. I am fond of her.” (morale +1)

The virgin (morale +1)

With others in the secret passage
Behind the stone altar (morale +1)

One of the dreadnaughts (mana -2, mana -5 later, morale +3 later)
The large incubus, Kalvod (mana -2, Go for it! achievement)
The seeker
One of the incubi
The succubus

Leap up and use your death bolt wand
Retreat into the secret passage (morale +1)

Your magical short sword
Your magical bullwhip (morale +2)
Your death-bolt wand

“You have already spent much. You might as well see where this goes.”
“Gaalmagus hunts me ferociously because he fears me.” (morale +1)

mana +15, life +10
mana -5

Fly down and land on the ruin nearby
Land at the bottom of the ruin and climb up

Distract the vampire (morale +1, Diplomat achievement)
Encourage the fight (Escalator! achievement, life -100 later)


Ends with morale: 15, life: 20, mana: 16

Score: 990 (+100 if 0 deaths)

Completed Chapter 9 of Demon’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Chapter 9 of Demon’s Choice Achievement

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