[Revelation: Infinite Journey] Familiar Talent Trait Unlock Guide

Menu > Familiar > Familiar > Talent

OR shortcut of your active familiar next to ‘Increase BR’ > Talent

Unlocking talents increases your Familiar Illustration Collection Level. You can also claim curios after unlocking each Familiar’s final trait.

Some requirements are obvious but the rest are worded ambiguously, the map is too basic or there are several steps so here are some tips.

Enter the coordinates to auto pathfind.

Audio Track Collection | Table of Contents | Spefic Individual Location

(SSR) Sacramento

  • Attack Potential – [Special Night] Bring along Sacramento to enjoy the night scenery at the Seafolk’s Moonlight Coral Platform.
    —– Make sure it’s Night. Sulan County 262 – 334.
  • Copper and Iron Walls – [Beautiful Scenery] Take a photo of any Attraction with Sacramento.
    —– Bring Sacramento with you, use Selfie and switch to third person. Make sure Familiar is turned on in Settings and shoot.
  • Block Master – [Benefits of Reading] Collect 4 books.
    —– Obtain Social Books, read them through your Life inventory > Social Books and answer the questions regarding the book contents correctly. One way of obtaining Social Books is to barter with Cloudsong residents. To find the list of books and how to get them, Menu > Social > Tools > Books (the circle icon next to the Tools icon).
  • It doesn’t unlock a talent but Sacramento has another Anecdote at 1429 – 334 of Courier Station, Royal Capital.


(SR) Blazehorn

  • Cloud and Water Flow – [Absolute Defense] Bring along Blazehorn and kill 10 Blue Daze Crabs.
    —– An easily accessible location is along Aquatic Bay of Sulan County.


(SR) Cyanitos

  • Form Controller – Lord – [Scholars] Obtain a Legendary Quality book of art, “Collection of Ancient Musical Scores” or “The Prayer for Heavenly Peace”.
    —– You can see how to get them through Menu > Social > Tools > Books (the circle icon next to the Tools icon) > Select the book > Source. For example, Heavenly Peace can be obtained through bartering with Hai Mingyue (friendliness of at least Loyal Friend) in the upper floor of the Adventurer’s Guild.


(SR) Herona

  • Warfare Master – Lord – [Divine Providence] Bring along Herona to Sulan Port and complete the anecdotes of the Familiar.
    —– Actually near Flower Sea Interzone, Sulan County 524 – 298.
  • Royal Decree – Lord – [Visiting the Baron] Take a group photo of yourself, Herona and the Lord of Sulan City.
    —– Baron’s mansion of Sulan County 615 – 583. Lord of Sulan Han Huaihao can be found next to Sulan Registrar Su Xin. Bring Herona with you, use Selfie and switch to third person. Make sure Familiar is turned on in Settings.


(SR) Night Devil

  • Bursting with Vitality – [Treasured Item] Bring along Night Devil to Sulan Market and complete the anecdotes of the Familiar.
    —– Between Trader Lane and Sulan Plaza, Sulan County 592 – 369.
  • Cleverness – Lord – [Grabbing By Force] Snatch 1,000 Gold from others in the Isle of Greed event.
    —– Cumulative.


(SR) Spory

  • Bursting with Vitality – [Three Stories] Bring along Spory to the Midnight Canteen in Sulan City and complete the anecdote of the familiar.
    —– Sulan County 600 – 445.
  • Vitality – Lord – [Inari-Kami?] Bring along Spory and go past the Torii on the beach outside Sulan City.
    —– The Torii is above tall rocks at 472 – 164.


(SR) Tataru

  • Water Controller – Lord – [Come and Try] Set up a stall with more than 25 servings Tomato Sardines at a time.
    —– Trade > Stalls > Sell > put unbound Tomato Sardines for sale. OR Inventory > unbound Tomato Sardine > Exchange. One way of getting the dish is cooking.


(SR) Thunderazer

  • Elemental Power – [Chosen Thunder] Bring along Thunderazer to the Yingchuan Meadow and complete the anecdotes of the Familiar.
    —– Yingchuan County 956 – 433
  • Power of Thunder – [Treacherous Thunder] Bring along Thunderrazer and defeat 10 Little Merlkin.
    —– Little Merlkin can be found along Boulder Shore of Yingchuan County.
  • Unyielding – Lord – [Messing Around] Bring along Thunderazer and get struck by lightning in a thunderstorm.
    —– Make sure it’s raining. If there’s lightning, it will be attracted to the tip of the Starry Lighthouse roof every few seconds. Fly to above it.


(SR) Yeve

  • Warfare Master – Lord – [Bell Flower] Bring along Yeve to the Flower Shop in Sulan City and complete the anecdotes of the Familiar.
    —– Flower Shop around Sulan County 559 – 372.


(R) Cinders

  • Fire Controller – Lord – [Walking in the Rain] Open an umbrella for Cinders on a rainy day.
    —– Make sure the region you’re in is raining. Tapping the icon that shows the time of the day (above the mini-map) tells you the weather for each region. Make sure you’re dismounted and not in flight. Bring Cinders with you, tap on Cinders, then Interact (icon beneath the quest list shortcut) and Parasol On.


(R) Florinda

  • Resolute – Lord – [Thinking of Someone] Climb the Tree of Fate together with Florinda.
    —– Tree of Fate in Sulan County. Fly to the top of the tree with Florinda.


(R) Marmo

  • Vitality – Lord – [Pulling the Mountains and Rivers] Bring along Bobo and bang the clock in Sulan City.
    —– Enter the Bell Tower 565 – 427 (upstairs) and Ring Bell.


(R) Pincers

  • Vitality – Lord – [Big Shell, Click!] Take a photo with both Pincers and the Fairies’ Inn.
    —– At Misty Marsh, pass Xin Yue. If you go to 1065 – 1126 and tap the camera icon that comes up, it will show you what Fairies’ Inn looks like. It’s not reachable but you can take a photo from this spot. Bring Pincers with you, use Selfie and switch to third person. Make sure Familiar is turned on in Settings and shoot.


Audio Track Collection | Table of Contents | Spefic Individual Location


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