[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 10 Walkthrough

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Chapter 10 Ranks
690+ – Azizella, Invincible Goddess
600+ – Azizella, the Triumphant
400+ – Azizella, the Beautiful
300+ – Survivor of the Abyss
<300 – Sad Little Demon

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Chapter 10: The Final Chapter!

Fly after Zez’loth to catch up to her (life -3 morale +1 later, mana -4 later)
Try to control some undead (mana 4)

mana +20

Ask Variss for the name (mana 5)
Try to get it from another demon (mana 4)
Reinforce your undead (mana 4) (mana -4, morale +1, mana -5 morale +1 later)

mana -10

mana -4

Raise a powerful shield (mana 5) (mana -5, morale +1)
Strike his legs with your whip

life -2

Attack with your whip (morale +1)
Shoot him with multiple death bolts

Take cover among nearby demons (life -3 morale +3 mana -4 later)
Fly high up
Charge at Gaalmagus

Use your haste scroll
Use your freedom of movement scroll (morale +2)
Use your stoneskin scroll

mana -2

Cast True Sight (mana 4)
Cast Speak to the Dead (mana 2) (mana -2)

Nevorn (morale +2, mana -2 later)

Admit you don’t have it on you but offer to tell him where it is when you’re satisfied (morale +1)
Say that you have the book but refuse to show it to him until you are satisfied

To where you spit bath had been
The cleaning room
The throne room (morale +2)

Do as Nevorn suggests
Refuse. You do not trust him

life -3

life +5, mana +10, morale +1

A treasure room
A scrying room (morale +1)

Meet them boldly (morale +1)
Project your soul and possess one of your pursuers

Explain and threaten
Charm Trorkes (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +1)
Lash out with your whip

To protect his eternal reputation (morale +1)
To satisfy his lust
To replace Vhessha, his failed lieutenant

life +3, mana +5

Summon Jackal (mana 4)
Summon Variss (mana 10) (mana -10)

Strike again with your sword
Use your pain wand (morale +2)

Strike with your sword
Use your pain wand again (morale +2, life -4 later)
Kiss him and use your draining power (morale +2, life -4 later)

Attempt to possess him (mana 6) (mana -6, life -2 later)
Transform into a quasit (mana 3)
Try to make a deal

life +30, mana +70

mana -3, morale +1

City of the dead
Crush the weak (mana -15, morale +1)

mana -3

mana -3

mana +6

mana -15

mana -4

mana -8

mana -15

I shall set you free.
I shall end your love’s suffering. (morale +2)
I am Alathia, and I offer my love.

mana -4

You Became a Goddess! Achievement
mana +1000, life + 1000

Freedom (Canon Ending! Achievement)


Ends with morale: 28

Score: 840 (+100 if 0 deaths)

Completed Chapter 10 of Demon’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Chapter 10 of Demon’s Choice Achievement

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