[Revelation: Infinite Journey] Exploration Missions Guide

At each area, go to the coordinates by opening the mini map (circle in top right corner), type the coordinates into the 2 rectangles at the top right corner and press “Go”.

Guide for Explore quests. Some quests grant tokens.

Table of Contents | Novice Quests

Sulan County

Aquatic Bay Blues and Sulan Treasure Hunt – Aquatic Bay

  1. Talk to Cheng Yuan [Seafolk Geek] on the isle 292 – 239, west of Aquatic Bay.
  2. The answers are Fish, Coral, Excel at both singing and dancing.
  3. Use the scroll he gives to unlock the Treasure Hunt mission.
  4. You can check the Adventure Story in Travel Logs or view the Aquatic Bay Secret Scroll’s description in your Bag to see the clue.
  5. Find the treasure at another isle, in the Raised Dune 132 – 288. END – Collection: Ocean Hairpin
  6. Talk to Cheng Yuan again.
  7. END – Collection: Seafolk Talisman


Childhood Promise

  1. Talk to Ling’er [Look of Embarrassment] (770 – 320). She’s looking for a person surnamed Nan.
  2. Talk to Nan Guang [Gentle Boy] (572 – 443).
  3. If you tell him about Ling’er, go to step 6. If you Inquire about the promise, go back to Ling’er after the dialogue.
  4. Photograph the Blessed Purple Tung (Calmsea of Yingchuan County 1062 – 662).
  5. Show Nan Guang the picture.
  6. Tell Ling’er the news.
  7. END – Collection: Hydee Talisman


End of a Whale’s Journey

  1. Interact with the board next to Baili Yueyue [Social Merchant] 618 – 363.
  2. Follow the quest’s auto path and seek the Narwhale Guard Team at the Glowing Whale Beacon, Sea of Truth 1275 – 482. Talk to them.
  3. Find them at 699 – 416, outside Hanmei Study where Mr. Liang teaches.
  4. Photograph the 2 bottles near the team every day until one bone has cracked and there’s jellyfish in another.
  5. Talk to the team.
  6. Talk to the team again.
  7. END: Collection – Ancient Jade Narwhale


Jankenpon Contest & Insight Into All Things

  1. Talk to the Jankenpon Challengers [Crestfallen] (575 – 417). A surnamed Yun, is in the fishing island south of the lighthouse.
  2. Go to Fishleap Island and find Yun Bo [Hermit] (356 – 51). He doesn’t react if you interact with him. Stand on top of the octagon cattail hassock to his left and use Interact > Sit. When the narration ends, Sit again, and again. A ? icon appears above Yun Bo. Talk to him. You’ll get an Insight Secret Scroll trinket which is helpful in winning the contestants.
  3. Go to Trader Lane. Win Jankenpon Enthusiast [Newbie] (573 – 384).
  4. Go up the upward incline, pass Liu Zhongfu [Star Trace Scholar] and turn right, going up a small flight of stairs into a courtyard. Win Jankenpon Enthusiast [Rookie] (574 – 399).
  5. Leave the courtyard, go up the stairs where there are [Crestfallen] Jankenpon Challengers and turn left. The next challenger is sitting down. Win Jankenpon Enthusiast [Master] (556 – 416).
  6. Jankenpon Enthusiast [Champion] is on the roof (578 – 410) of the building behind [Rookie]. You’ll have to sprint-jump onto the eaves and go to her on the ledge. Win.
  7. END – Collection: Champion Wristband


Pointless Love

  1. Talk to Su Xiao [Dazed Woman] (690 – 353) to activate the quest.
  2. To the left of the door she is staring at is a tree. Use Ectoplasm Camera, locate the man, Ruan Yu, under the tree and shoot.
  3. Talk to Ruan Yu.
  4. Hand the photo over by talking to Su Xiao.
  5. END


Quarreling Couple

  1. Talk to the groom, Qiang [Honeymoon Couple] at Aquatic Bay 410 – 240. Buy and give him dolls from the Nimbus Coupon Store (Trade > Logbook > Misc). First he wants 9, then 99, and 999.
  2. Talk to the bride, Zhen [Honeymoon Couple] at Aquatic Bay 430 – 261. Buy and give her Crab Meat Buns from the Nimbus Coupon Store. First she wants 9, then 99, and 999.
  3. END


Red & Blue Battle

  1. Transform into a Fiddler Crab and talk to Fiddler Crab Chief 147 – 281 OR Blue Daze Crab and talk to Blue Daze Crab Chief 123 – 298.
  2. Kill 10 enemy crabs. There are many in the center of the same isle.
  3. Report back to the Chief crab. This unlocks the Chief as a Spefic Individual.
  4. Steps 1 to 3 can be repeated with the other crab. If you picked Fiddler Crab before, you can do the same for Blue Daze Crab now.
  5. END


Secret Cargo

  1. Interact with Yu Jie and Wang Yi at 557 – 378. Wang Yi mentions to knock at the easternmost warehouse at Sulan Port.
  2. Go pass Wang Yi into the narrow alley and to the left there is a window. Tap on the magnifying glass icon that should appear when you stand near it. Overhear their conversation. Pass code is “There are three Flower Spirits dancing in Sulan City”.
  3. At night, knock on the door 815 – 305. Inside Sulan City > There are three > Flower Spirit > Dancing. You’ll get Quaint Book.
  4. Go to Bag > Others > Logbook > Quaint Book > Use to unlock the next part of the mission.
  5. Follow the mission autopath to The Merchant, Drake.
  6. END


Surfer Youth

  1. Talk to the parents at 693 – 459.
  2. Interact with the clue, Suspicious Object, in Aquatic Bay 364 – 317. Collection: Cute Handkerchief.
  3. Use Detect and follow the blue traces to Yu at 370 – 387. Talk to her.
  4. Pick up the piece of paper at 370 – 394 and Use the Shabby Note.
  5. The contents of the Checklist can help in finding clues. “Three-Whiskered Eel” – Talk to Diner with Abdominal Pain 622 – 331 near Whalebucks.
  6. “Dock Wooden Box” – Talk to Tired Worker 789 – 296 near the Sulan Port.
  7. “Member Costumes” – Talk to Treacherous Clothes Dealer 641 – 390 outside the apparel store.
  8. “Tools Procurement” – Talk to Talkative Assistant 620 – 430 near the Novice Craft Bench.
  9. Follow the quest autopath to the wharf 536 – 212 and talk to the children.
  10. END


Suspicious Sound

  1. Talk to Sister Qing [Pondering] 598 – 393 about What happened? to unlock the mission.
  2. Tap the icon that appears at 818 – 314 Sulan Port, near Wei Lan the Warehouse Keeper. There’s a Strange Box. Search carefully.
  3. Follow the auto quest and check around after waking up.
  4. Return to Sister Qing.
  5. END


Lost Jewelry

  1. Talk to Chao He [Anxious Girl] 411 – 399 at Starbloom. She lost something important at the Sea of flowers.
  2. Go to 398 – 377 and Transform into a Grass Elf. If you need a Transformer, they can be bought from Trade > Points Store > Adventure > Rare Treasures. Talk to the Little Grass Elf [Counting] that you should now be able to see.
  3. Return the jewelry to Chao He. Collection: Exquisite Brocade Box
  4. Still Transformed, go back to the Little Grass Elf and share some of the desserts you received.
  5. END – Collection: Six-Split Maple Leaf


Yingchuan County

Savage Llama

  1. Talk to Uncle Cha (845 – 523).
  2. The llamas are named and have saddles on them. An icon with 2 circles will pop up when you are near them. Ride Blackie/Graycie (879 – 461) and bring it back.
  3. Ride Hui (901 – 378) and bring it back.
  4. Ride Flora (1225 – 212) and bring it back.
  5. END – Collection: Aged Salted Fish


Mountain Village

Legend of the Sea

  1. Photograph the mural of the Great Tree’s Seeds 185 – 55.
  2. Talk to Shroom Yang. The quest will proceed to step 3 regardless of the dialogue choices.
  3. Photograph the Conch House (Sulan County 328 – 230, at the Waves of Conches) at dusk/evening. Time can be checked above the mini map, next to where the location and lane is written.
  4. Go back to Shroom Yang.
  5. Photograph the Hydee statue in the morning.
  6. Go back to Shroom Yang.
  7. Stand near Shroom Yang and play audio tracks related to the sea. eg. Sound of Waves, Seagull Chirping, Seafolk Music. See the audio track collection post if you don’t have them.
  8. END – Collection: Shiny Spores


Cave Exploration

  1. Talk to Qian Xiaoxiao 159 – 212 and complete her quiz. The answers are Two and Flower Spirit.
  2. Talk to her again.
  3. Use the autopath to reach Attracted Blue Daze Crabs on an isle near Sulan County. Photograph the mutant Blue Daze Crab. By the way, to get the Brocade Chest inside the cave the crabs are in without a battle, Transform into a Blue Daze Crab to bypass the crabs. Collection: Intermediate Flood Scroll
  4. Talk to Xiaoxiao again.
  5. END


Hidden Stories

  1. Talk to Shroom Gao on top of a mushroom 255 – 147.
  2. 2nd story spore at 289 – 25 on top of a shroom, south of Mountain Village Settlement.
  3. 1st story spore at 264 – 108 on top of the shroom that Shangwei [Attractions Elite] is standing under.
  4. 3rd story spore at 228 – 176 on top of a shroom’s house.
  5. Go back and talk to Shroom Gao.
  6. Talk to Qian Xiaoxiao [B-grade Adventurer] 158 – 213 about Adventure with Shroom.
  7. END


Royal Capital

Majesty Padee

  1. Go to the Scripture Stele Forest and talk to Tech 228 (1505 – 521).
  2. A white cat appears and Tech 228 malfunctions. Find Tech 228’s heart.
  3. Use Detect to find the White Cat. The first trace is at 1494 – 531. Interact with the icon there.
  4. Next trace at the nearby group of Tablet Spirits 1478 – 534.
  5. Talk to the nearby Academy Student 1463 – 527 at the Tranquility Pavilion. The cat is “Padee”.
  6. Go to Padee’s Tablet of the Five Divine Tablet. Interact with the squirrel 1487 – 656 in front of it.
  7. Talk to the Academy Student after the cut scene. Ask about the White Cat.
  8. You can autopath to Yuwen Jie of the academy through the Logbook. Interact with the Cat Walkie-talkie [Beta Version] 1680 – 506 near him.
  9. Talk to Yuwen Jie. Get the heart.
  10. You can autopath back to the Enthusiastic Researcher near Tech 228 through the Logbook.
  11. END – Collection: The Core of Tech 228

Table of Contents | Novice Quests


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