[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 11 Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

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11F [A piece from the Past]

Stage 11-1

Spica, are you crying?
Sorry for making you worry
What’s happening now?

Pull on Pollux’s hand (+ Pollux)
Avoid Pollux’s gaze
Pet Pollux

I’m a little disappointed, Spica.
Do what you want
I believe you’ll be back. (+ Spica)

Alpheratz, why aren’t you sleeping?
Alpheratz, are you okay?

What are you talking about all of a sudden?
The only thing that matters is now (+ Alpheratz)
That’s a deep question…


Stage 11-3

You missed me, didn’t you (+ Vega)
Has it been that long

Why don’t we all share a room? (+ Pollux)
I want to be left alone and quiet

It’s exciting
It is what it is
I don’t want to be left out (+ Alpheratz)


Stage 11-6

I was surprised
I was curious, too
I didn’t have any problems

I feel bad (+ Vega)
I wonder what it is…

Hugging Alpheratz
Patting Alpheratz on the back
Hitting Alpheratz in the back of neck!

Offer a hand (+ Alpheratz)
Don’t offer a hand


Stage 11-9

First, let’s enjoy the festivities
Don’t suffer alone (+ Alpheratz)
I couldn’t sleep because I was worried

I missed you
Why are you here?
I’ve been following you (+ Sirius)

Hold out my hand to Sirius (+ Sirius)
Take a step back from him


Stage 11-12

Do as Vega says (+ Vega)
Gazing Up at the Tower

I’m going to lean in for a second (+ Pollux)
Can I hold your arm

Alpheratz, take cover! (+ Alpheratz)
It’s a trap


Stage 11-15

I needed a place to talk with you
It’s just the two of us in here (+ Sirius)

Arcturus, how have you been?!
How did you get here…?
I just needed you (+ Arcturus)


Stage 11-18

Shame on you
You found me like this (+ Alpheratz)

Thank you for believing me (+ Vega)
What were you doing

I’ll be with Alpheratz (+ Alpheratz)
I’m in!
Vega, hang in there (+ Vega)

I met Arcturus
Nothing went wrong
Sirius is a bit…

I’m not giving up on anyone
It’s too hard right now
Why should I choose?


Stage 11-20

Vega was worried, too (+ Vega)
Pollux would have been unjust (+ Pollux)
Stop fighting~

Pollux, please help me (+ Pollux)
I guess I should be careful
But I’m just curious


Stage 11-23

Places Vega’s hand on my forehead (+ Vega)
Check my temperature

It’s fortunate that Pollux is here (+ Pollux)
But it’s scary
What could happen?

The North is where Vega grew up, right (+ Vega)
What’s famous in the North?
The North… Is it cold?

I promised to meet with Arcturus
Do you think Spica’s okay
It’s going to be noisy


Chapter 10 | Table of Contents | Chapter 12


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