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[Helix Waltz] Dance Sequences Walkthrough

Omg finally done! Dance images can also be found in Info > Dance at your home screen (I only realised after at least 90 screenshots… ha… haha… Q^Q) Anyway these dance sequences/patterns, with contrast tuned up, are for reference since Info can’t be accessed in balls. Continue reading

[Helix Waltz – Dress Up Drama] Table of Contents

Yes, it’s another beautiful game with dress-up elements °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Dive into the complicated city-state of Finsel with Magda as she helps her adopted family regain its former glory through information trading! GooglePlay. iTunes. List of contributors for character guides. Join the fan Discord server here!

Note: You can ctrl+F/command+F/find in page certain keywords when searching for what you want in a page. Continue reading

[Romantic Diary] Zodiac Sets

Zodiac sets are sold in Timed Event > 12 Zodiac Signs > Redeem. Currency used for redemption is Star Shards. They’re 15% off in their respective months. All items in Zodiac sets are 5*.

This guide is to aid those who wish to aim for certain sets because each set has different costs and attributes/types. Included images of sets I’ve gotten so you can see the coloured version instead of the monotone preview in the game.

Will update as I obtain more sets. Will update cost after 15% as the months go by.

My Invitation Code: 141076755 Continue reading

[Romantic Diary] FAQ

There’s been a lot of similar questions asked over these months so I hope this FAQ will help and clear some things up. Also, I’d like to thank people who’ve been very kindly taking their time to contribute.

I suggest reading the comments in the specific pages you may have questions for, if my guides are not comprehensive enough. Some of the community may have the answers to your questions. Continue reading