Romantic Diary: Pure Love Guide

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A mobile game by NGames. The game is free, but you can make in-app purchases. It has otome game and dress up elements, with minigames and side activities like baking. There are 6 dateable characters.

The base game seems to be created by the same developers as Dress Up Diary so some things may overlap.


17 thoughts on “Romantic Diary: Pure Love Guide

  1. Hey ! I love your blog btw
    Can someone help me ? So how do i unlock event clothes in (make clothes) section ? Like i missed an event but found it in make clothes but locked
    So how can i unlock ?
    Thanks for any help !


    • It’s been a long time so I don’t really recall exactly but I believe they will naturally be unlocked during game play as the story chapters are cleared.


  2. Hello, do you know how many invitation code we can invite?
    or we just can invite only one invitation code?
    because i already invite one and cann’t invite anymore
    thanks 😀


    • You can only use one invitation code but more than one person can use your invitation code.

      In other words, only one person can ‘invite’ you but you can ‘invite’ many people.


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