[Romantic Diary] Elvin

Note that the amount of affection you get might vary depending on what romantic level you’re reached with each character and so on.

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Kudos to the following for contributing: Machi, Rivanae, Zeilena, tsubasa_nalgae, Emily W.

Luca  |  Table of Contents  |  Reinhard

As a heterophobia patient, he seems a sunshine boy full of energy and distances himself from the girls who have a crush on him.

Message Status
Mood 50 – Er… Do you want to play basketball?
Mood 90 – How about going out to play with someone?
Mood 100 – Keep vigorous in everything!

Gift Dialogue

Hmm~/( / /・/ ω /・/ /)/ Thank you for your company these days… This is a gift.

Basic Info
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 41724
Height: 176
Race: Human
Personality: Warm
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Compatible: Leo, Sagittarius
Opposing: Cancer, Capricorn

The Feeling of Sweating
Milk Flavor
A Straightforward Woman
Spice Up
The Sense of Speed

The Bitter Taste
Grumbling Person


Date sequence
Restaurant -> Library -> Amusement Park — 41 affection at mood 100


Gifts (+affection)
Fashion Magazine: 1
Jazzy Tie: 1
Kungfu Doll: 1
Shell Bell: 1
Advanced Honey: 2
Elven Sword: 3
Fine Music Box: 3
Horn Comb: 3
Large Rice Ball: 3
Magic Spice: 3
Postcard: 3
Sport Wristband: 3
Antique Jade: 4
Colorful Parrot: 5
Coupon: 5
Crystal Statue: 5
Elven Tree Seed: 5
Food Reception Ticket: 5
Instant Noodles: 5
Mexican Sauce: 5
Redwood Bracelet: 5
Snuff Bottle: 5
Souffle: 5
Violin: 5
Baseball Mitts: 10
Fashionable Skateboard: 10
Almond Cookie: 19
Caramel Custard: 19
Matcha Muffin: 20
French Toast: 29
Coconut Custard: 54
Yogurt Pudding: 58
Strawberry Pudding: 67


Events w/o Questions

Work: Cafe – Cat
“Meet Elvin in the cafe shop.”
mood +5, affection +0, artistic +5

Work: Cafe
“Elvin, are you helping us?”
mood +5, affection +0, spirit +5

Work: Cafe – Manager’s Work
“Alas, I met Elvin while I was working.”
mood +5, affection +0, int +5

Work: Restaurant – Homework
“What is Elvin doing alone in the restaurant?”
mood -10, affection +0, orig +5/spirit +5

Study: Design – Animation
mood +0, affection +0, spirit +10

Fancy Cleaning Skill
“Elvin, I’m coming to return a favor.”
mood +10, affection +0, art +10

Study: Library
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
mood +0, affection +26


One-Question Events

Cafe: Gynophobia
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Because we are friends. (mood +0, affection +32)
Because I look like a boy. (mood +0, affection +15)
Because I am different than other girls (mood +0, affection +0)

Work: Cafe
“People are talking about him again.”
Hehe, we do look like a couple in a way.
You misunderstood me. He’s not my boyfriend…
Um… Even if he brings me lunch it doesn’t mean we are a couple. (mood +5, spirit +?)

Work : ??
“Alas, I met Elvin while I was working.”
You will overcome it.
I’m sure you will get better.
I will do my best to help you. (mood +10, affection +6)

Work: Ointment
“Elvin, are you helping us?”
Elvin, are you carrying a magic ox with you?
Sorry to let you apply the ointment for me again…
Thank you…Elvin. I will be careful next time. (mood +10, affection +4, artistic +5)

Work: Yusetta’s Studio – Basketball clothing
“Elvin? Did you come to design clothes?”
I don’t have the right to decide the price. (mood +0, affection +3, spirit +5)
I need to ask Yusetta. (mood +0, affection +4, spirit +5)
Let me bargain for you. (mood +0, affection +6, spirit +5)

Study: Classroom
Does this work?
This idea is great!
This sounds good! (mood +10, affection +2, spirit +10)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Paw pendant
Book pendant
Basketball pendant (mood +0, affection +30)

Amusement Park
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
It’s mine! Let’s ride it for free!
I can’t break a rule. I have to pay for it. (mood +0, affection +30)
Elvin, we don’t need to pay for it.

Haunted House
OK, let’s go!
I am not afraid of that!
As long as you are with me, I will go… (mood +0, affection +32)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
The Goddess’ Dream (mood +0, affection +0)
The Revelation of Amar (mood +0, affection +32)
The Elven Record (mood +0, affection +15)

Amusement Park
You should make the decision.
Well, OK. (mood +0, affection +30)
I can’t make decisions. (mood +0, affection +0)

Restaurant: Thief
“Met Elvin in the restaurant!”
The panic Elvin looks cute too
I know, Elvin. Just relax. (mood +5, affection +4, artistic +5)
Looks like your gynophobia is getting worse…

Trivia: Aoi’s Birthday
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Which of the following is not the correct ingredient for cakes?
A. Eggs. (mood +0, affection +26)
B. Cake flour. (mood +0, affection +26)
C. Bread flour. (mood +0, affection +26)
D. Sugar. (mood +0, affection +26)

Trivia: Air Gun
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Do you know what the original form of the air gun is?
A: Slingshot (mood +0, affection +26)
B: Rifle (mood +0, affection +26)
C: Tympany (mood +0, affection +26)
D: Spear (mood +0, affection +26)

Trivia: Cafe
“I met Elvin when I was working in the coffee shop.”
However, which type of coffee are most useful?
A. Costarica Coffee (mood +10, affection +0)
B. Cappucino
C. Americano
D. Espresso

Trivia: Restaurant
“Elvin, what should I do?”
Do you know the meaning of Lily of the Valley?
A. Prediction
B. Purity (mood +10, affection +0)
C. Happiness
D. Strong

Trivia: Warrior Lady
“Elvin, are you helping us?”
By the way, which of the following does not belong to the category of berry?
A. Pumpkin (mood +10, affection +0, spirit +5)
B. Tomato
C. Eggplant
D. Chilli


Multiple-Question Events

*I’ll just put the mood counts for these.
+5 -> +5 mood, +24 or so affection
+0 -> +0 mood, +12 or so affection
-3 -> -3 mood, +0 affection.

Library (Vintage)
“Could you come with me today?”
Everything correct: Artistic +8, Int +8

I also want to go to the library. (+0)
I will see what you will do. (+5)
It won’t happen this next time. (-3)

Dating… (+0)
Walking around (-3)
Sightseeing (+5)

Only if we can sit together! (+5)
We need in a hurry. (+0)
Hurry up!! (-3)

I feel like I’m a little… (-3)
It’s nice of you. (+0)
Elvin… (+5)


Surprise (Street)
“Don’t forget the date today. I’ll wait for you.”
Everything correct: Int +16

Elvin is dilatory too. (-3)
Me too… (+5)
The rest is on you. (+0)

I see (+0)
Take me (+5)
Your meal is getting cold. (-3)

Let’s go quickly! (+5)
Let’s go! (-3)
Let’s see the carefully selected performance! (+0)

It cannot be decided by me (+5)
I don’t know. (-3)
The god of the forest will help us to decide. (+0)


Divination House (Casual)
“I miss you. Could you go out?”
Let’s go to the divination house! (+5)
Haha ~ (+0)
It’s ok. You’ll get used to it. (-3)

Though it is strange, this is the only way. (+0)
I feel like it is not reliable. (-3)
Let’s go to the cafe. (+5)

Is only the coffee good (+5)
Have more (-3)
It’s really good. (+0)

You laugh at me again~! (+0)
It’s boring! (-3)
I’ll use all of your money! (+5)


Theatre: Platonic Love (Artistic)
“We’ll miss the opening ceremony if we don’t go now.”
Everything correct: Charm +16

Thank you. (+0)
I also want to give you something. (+5)

Just a joke. Calm down (+0)
This is a punishment to you. (+5)
Haha, you’re tricked. (-3)

I lost my balance. (+0)
I’m sorry. I touched you again. (-3)
What a profound lesson. (+5)

I’m sorry that let you worry about me (+0)
I promise I won’t happen again. (+5)


Park (Fresh)
“It’s fine today. Let’s go and enjoy flowers.”
Everything correct: Artistic +8, Spirit +8

It’s nice of you. Your coat makes me really warm. (+5)
Aren’t you cold? (-3)
You’re really nice. (+0)

Elvin, you hurt me! (+0)
I won’t get hurt as long as you accompany me. (+5)
Elvin, you’re not afraid of girls now. (-3)

I was quick. Give me five. (+5)
Hahaha, it’s easy to win. (+0)
Sorry, I ignored your feelings… (-3)

It was all about you. (+5)
Love, constellation and learning. (+0)
It’s not convenient to tell you now. (-3)


Beach (Pretty)
“I’ll trouble you today, too!”
Everything correct: Skip a Beat – Resting Under the Tree CG, Spirit +8, Orig +8
Have a rest. Taste my snacks. (+0)
Have a rest and have a drink. (-3)
Have a rest! Let me make a coconut milk jelly for you. (+5)

I can’t always yibanyiyan~ (+5)
I also want to cheer up~ (-3)
I will always keep a good mood~ (+0)

I played. (-3)
Of course I played! (+0)
Don’t look down on me! (+5)

Working out Elvin is very attractive. (+5)
Seems Elvin loves sports. (+0)
No wonder Elvin is so strong. (-3)



Other CG Events
*those that require clues to be unlocked. Obtains CG if you get every (+5). First playthrough is free after unlock. Subsequent playthroughs, if you didn’t obtain the CG, requires Love Stone(s).

First Met – Homey Experience (Cute/Lovely)
I’ll show you what I get. (+5)
Is there no other things you can do? (-3)
It would be perfect if you change the time. (+0)

So I’m old? (-3)
I can pretend that I didn’t hear that. (+5)
It makes me (+0)

I’d better stay here. (-3)
Things seems more tensive there! (+0)
Then come back soon. (+5)

Let’s start soon! (-3)
Let me check it again. (+5)
Just a second. (+0)


Skip a Beat – The Reason of Skipping a Beat
Let’s get there first. (+0)
I’m excited too! (+5)
You are just like a kid. (-3)

Let me think it over. (+5)
Isn’t it good to make you happy? (-3)
There’s no difference. (+0)

Be quick. (+5)
Is Elvin sick? (-3)
What a bad timing. (+0)

It doesn’t fit you… (-3)
Is it fun? (+0)
This sounds nice. (+5)


Skip a Beat – In Your Arms
Life is important after all. (+0)
The best thing is you were not hurt. (+5)
I didn’t know what to do at that time. (-3)

I got it. (+0)
Alright. I will support you! (+5)
After all, for the basketball shoes. (-3)

How can I match them? (+0)
Elvin, don’t brush me off. (-3)
Come on, Elvin. (+5)

Perhaps I can keep going on. (+0)
It should be fine, right? (-3)
No worries. I want to continue. (+5)


Skip a Beat – Healing Relationship
You’ve prepared your favorite dessert. You can’t run this time! (+5)
Brace yourself. You will overcome difficulties! (-3)
Come on! Since we have come, just stay and enjoy it. (+0)

Because it is thrilling. (-3)
To bring couple’s relationship to a new level. (+5)
To make people feel more closer. (+0)

I’m so embarrassed. Hiccup! (+5)
Hiccup! This is not the right time to say it! (-3)
Hiccup! It is some kind of comfort? (+0)

I have no idea…Hiccup! (-3)
Take a…Deep…Hiccup!…Breath (+5)
Try to…hold my breath…Hiccup! (+0)


Soul Mate – A “Surprise” Kiss (Gothic)
Who do you like? (+0)
This is not an excuse. (-3)
You are not honest! (+5)

He’s just uncomfortable. (+5)
He is ok. (+0)
he is just a little nervous. (-3)

I feed you to eat desserts. (+0)
You feed me to eat desserts. (+5)
We eat desserts together. (-3)

Leave it to me! (-3)
Do you want me to take the initiative? (+0)
Act just like a man! (+5)

Luca  |  Table of Contents  |  Reinhard

29 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Elvin

  1. “Elvin is very attractive most of the time”

    And then he asked a question about a guitar.

    Do you know which country is the origin of guitar?

    A. Britain
    B. Italy
    C. Spain Mood+5 Affection up +0
    D. Germany

    Reward: Charm has been leveled up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. on this part :

    [Amusement Park
    You should make the decision.
    Well, OK.
    I can’t make decisions. (+0 mood, affection +0)]

    i try the “well, OK” answer and i got mood +0, affection +30


  3. Special event : Cafe
    “Something happened when youu are on a date with elvin! Tackle it now.”
    Elvin : I am sorry .. I know that was rude.. But.

    It’s just a psychological illnes. You will overcome it
    Dont worry i will help you
    That was fine

    (I couldnt really remember what the options were, i will fix it when i got it again 🙂 )


  4. Special event : Store
    “Something happened when youu are on a date with elvin! Tackle it now.”
    Elvin : I will buy you a kitty pendant
    You : well then i wil buy…

    Paw pendant
    Book pendant
    Basketball pendant (mood +0, affection +30)


  5. Special Event: Amusement Park
    “Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
    Elvin: It looks like we can ride the ferris wheel for free.

    It’s mine! Let’s ride it for free!
    I can’t break a rule. I have to pay for it. (+30)
    Elvin, we don’t need to pay for it.

    Another contribution 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I was clicking away but I got this event where Elvin and I will play basket ball and the choices where these (sorry forgot the correct wordings and whatnot because I was in a hurry, didn’t see that it was a new event):

    Let’s both go for offense to score more points.
    Ok, I’ll defend. (This is what I chose and it gave me affection +13 or 14, I think).
    We should both defend.



  7. Hey! Your walkthroughs have been very helpful and I was wondering if you know the best date places to get highest affection points to Elvin. Thanks! :3


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