[Romantic Diary] Elvin

Note that the amount of affection you get might vary depending on what romantic level you’re reached with each character and so on.

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Kudos to the following for contributing: Machi, Rivanae, Zeilena, tsubasa_nalgae, Emily W.

Luca  |  Table of Contents  |  Reinhard

As a heterophobia patient, he seems a sunshine boy full of energy and distances himself from the girls who have a crush on him.

Message Status
Mood 50 – Er… Do you want to play basketball?
Mood 90 – How about going out to play with someone?
Mood 100 – Keep vigorous in everything!

Gift Dialogue

Hmm~/( / /・/ ω /・/ /)/ Thank you for your company these days… This is a gift.

Basic Info
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 41724
Height: 176
Race: Human
Personality: Warm
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Compatible: Leo, Sagittarius
Opposing: Cancer, Capricorn

The Feeling of Sweating
Milk Flavor
A Straightforward Woman
Spice Up
The Sense of Speed

The Bitter Taste
Grumbling Person


Date sequence
Restaurant -> Library -> Amusement Park — 41 affection at mood 100


Gifts (+affection)
Fashion Magazine: 1
Jazzy Tie: 1
Kungfu Doll: 1
Shell Bell: 1
Advanced Honey: 2
Elven Sword: 3
Fine Music Box: 3
Horn Comb: 3
Large Rice Ball: 3
Magic Spice: 3
Postcard: 3
Sport Wristband: 3
Antique Jade: 4
Colorful Parrot: 5
Coupon: 5
Crystal Statue: 5
Elven Tree Seed: 5
Food Reception Ticket: 5
Instant Noodles: 5
Mexican Sauce: 5
Redwood Bracelet: 5
Snuff Bottle: 5
Souffle: 5
Violin: 5
Baseball Mitts: 10
Fashionable Skateboard: 10
Almond Cookie: 19
Caramel Custard: 19
Matcha Muffin: 20
French Toast: 29
Coconut Custard: 54
Yogurt Pudding: 58
Strawberry Pudding: 67


Events w/o Questions

Work: Cafe – Cat
“Meet Elvin in the cafe shop.”
mood +5, affection +0, artistic +5

Work: Cafe
“Elvin, are you helping us?”
mood +5, affection +0, spirit +5

Work: Cafe – Manager’s Work
“Alas, I met Elvin while I was working.”
mood +5, affection +0, int +5

Work: Restaurant – Homework
“What is Elvin doing alone in the restaurant?”
mood -10, affection +0, orig +5/spirit +5

Study: Design – Animation
mood +0, affection +0, spirit +10

Fancy Cleaning Skill
“Elvin, I’m coming to return a favor.”
mood +10, affection +0, art +10

Study: Library
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
mood +0, affection +26


One-Question Events

Cafe: Gynophobia
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Because we are friends. (mood +0, affection +32)
Because I look like a boy. (mood +0, affection +15)
Because I am different than other girls (mood +0, affection +0)

Work: Cafe
“People are talking about him again.”
Hehe, we do look like a couple in a way.
You misunderstood me. He’s not my boyfriend…
Um… Even if he brings me lunch it doesn’t mean we are a couple. (mood +5, spirit +?)

Work : ??
“Alas, I met Elvin while I was working.”
You will overcome it.
I’m sure you will get better.
I will do my best to help you. (mood +10, affection +6)

Work: Ointment
“Elvin, are you helping us?”
Elvin, are you carrying a magic ox with you?
Sorry to let you apply the ointment for me again…
Thank you…Elvin. I will be careful next time. (mood +10, affection +4, artistic +5)

Work: Yusetta’s Studio – Basketball clothing
“Elvin? Did you come to design clothes?”
I don’t have the right to decide the price. (mood +0, affection +3, spirit +5)
I need to ask Yusetta. (mood +0, affection +4, spirit +5)
Let me bargain for you. (mood +0, affection +6, spirit +5)

Study: Classroom
Does this work?
This idea is great!
This sounds good! (mood +10, affection +2, spirit +10)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Paw pendant
Book pendant
Basketball pendant (mood +0, affection +30)

Amusement Park
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
It’s mine! Let’s ride it for free!
I can’t break a rule. I have to pay for it. (mood +0, affection +30)
Elvin, we don’t need to pay for it.

Haunted House
OK, let’s go!
I am not afraid of that!
As long as you are with me, I will go… (mood +0, affection +32)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
The Goddess’ Dream (mood +0, affection +0)
The Revelation of Amar (mood +0, affection +32)
The Elven Record (mood +0, affection +15)

Amusement Park
You should make the decision.
Well, OK. (mood +0, affection +30)
I can’t make decisions. (mood +0, affection +0)

Restaurant: Thief
“Met Elvin in the restaurant!”
The panic Elvin looks cute too
I know, Elvin. Just relax. (mood +5, affection +4, artistic +5)
Looks like your gynophobia is getting worse…

Trivia: Aoi’s Birthday
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Which of the following is not the correct ingredient for cakes?
A. Eggs. (mood +0, affection +26)
B. Cake flour. (mood +0, affection +26)
C. Bread flour. (mood +0, affection +26)
D. Sugar. (mood +0, affection +26)

Trivia: Air Gun
“Something happened when you are on a date with Elvin! Tackle it now.”
Do you know what the original form of the air gun is?
A: Slingshot (mood +0, affection +26)
B: Rifle (mood +0, affection +26)
C: Tympany (mood +0, affection +26)
D: Spear (mood +0, affection +26)

Trivia: Cafe
“I met Elvin when I was working in the coffee shop.”
However, which type of coffee are most useful?
A. Costarica Coffee (mood +10, affection +0)
B. Cappucino
C. Americano
D. Espresso

Trivia: Restaurant
“Elvin, what should I do?”
Do you know the meaning of Lily of the Valley?
A. Prediction
B. Purity (mood +10, affection +0)
C. Happiness
D. Strong

Trivia: Warrior Lady
“Elvin, are you helping us?”
By the way, which of the following does not belong to the category of berry?
A. Pumpkin (mood +10, affection +0, spirit +5)
B. Tomato
C. Eggplant
D. Chilli


Multiple-Question Events

*I’ll just put the mood counts for these.
+5 -> +5 mood, +24 or so affection
+0 -> +0 mood, +12 or so affection
-3 -> -3 mood, +0 affection.

Library (Vintage)
“Could you come with me today?”
Everything correct: Artistic +8, Int +8

I also want to go to the library. (+0)
I will see what you will do. (+5)
It won’t happen this next time. (-3)

Dating… (+0)
Walking around (-3)
Sightseeing (+5)

Only if we can sit together! (+5)
We need in a hurry. (+0)
Hurry up!! (-3)

I feel like I’m a little… (-3)
It’s nice of you. (+0)
Elvin… (+5)


Surprise (Street)
“Don’t forget the date today. I’ll wait for you.”
Everything correct: Int +16

Elvin is dilatory too. (-3)
Me too… (+5)
The rest is on you. (+0)

I see (+0)
Take me (+5)
Your meal is getting cold. (-3)

Let’s go quickly! (+5)
Let’s go! (-3)
Let’s see the carefully selected performance! (+0)

It cannot be decided by me (+5)
I don’t know. (-3)
The god of the forest will help us to decide. (+0)


Divination House (Casual)
“I miss you. Could you go out?”
Let’s go to the divination house! (+5)
Haha ~ (+0)
It’s ok. You’ll get used to it. (-3)

Though it is strange, this is the only way. (+0)
I feel like it is not reliable. (-3)
Let’s go to the cafe. (+5)

Is only the coffee good (+5)
Have more (-3)
It’s really good. (+0)

You laugh at me again~! (+0)
It’s boring! (-3)
I’ll use all of your money! (+5)


Theatre: Platonic Love (Artistic)
“We’ll miss the opening ceremony if we don’t go now.”
Everything correct: Charm +16

Thank you. (+0)
I also want to give you something. (+5)

Just a joke. Calm down (+0)
This is a punishment to you. (+5)
Haha, you’re tricked. (-3)

I lost my balance. (+0)
I’m sorry. I touched you again. (-3)
What a profound lesson. (+5)

I’m sorry that let you worry about me (+0)
I promise I won’t happen again. (+5)


Park (Fresh)
“It’s fine today. Let’s go and enjoy flowers.”
Everything correct: Artistic +8, Spirit +8

It’s nice of you. Your coat makes me really warm. (+5)
Aren’t you cold? (-3)
You’re really nice. (+0)

Elvin, you hurt me! (+0)
I won’t get hurt as long as you accompany me. (+5)
Elvin, you’re not afraid of girls now. (-3)

I was quick. Give me five. (+5)
Hahaha, it’s easy to win. (+0)
Sorry, I ignored your feelings… (-3)

It was all about you. (+5)
Love, constellation and learning. (+0)
It’s not convenient to tell you now. (-3)


Beach (Pretty)
“I’ll trouble you today, too!”
Everything correct: Skip a Beat – Resting Under the Tree CG, Spirit +8, Orig +8
Have a rest. Taste my snacks. (+0)
Have a rest and have a drink. (-3)
Have a rest! Let me make a coconut milk jelly for you. (+5)

I can’t always yibanyiyan~ (+5)
I also want to cheer up~ (-3)
I will always keep a good mood~ (+0)

I played. (-3)
Of course I played! (+0)
Don’t look down on me! (+5)

Working out Elvin is very attractive. (+5)
Seems Elvin loves sports. (+0)
No wonder Elvin is so strong. (-3)



Other CG Events
*those that require clues to be unlocked. Obtains CG if you get every (+5). First playthrough is free after unlock. Subsequent playthroughs, if you didn’t obtain the CG, requires Love Stone(s).

First Met – Homey Experience (Cute/Lovely)
I’ll show you what I get. (+5)
Is there no other things you can do? (-3)
It would be perfect if you change the time. (+0)

So I’m old? (-3)
I can pretend that I didn’t hear that. (+5)
It makes me (+0)

I’d better stay here. (-3)
Things seems more tensive there! (+0)
Then come back soon. (+5)

Let’s start soon! (-3)
Let me check it again. (+5)
Just a second. (+0)


Skip a Beat – The Reason of Skipping a Beat
Let’s get there first. (+0)
I’m excited too! (+5)
You are just like a kid. (-3)

Let me think it over. (+5)
Isn’t it good to make you happy? (-3)
There’s no difference. (+0)

Be quick. (+5)
Is Elvin sick? (-3)
What a bad timing. (+0)

It doesn’t fit you… (-3)
Is it fun? (+0)
This sounds nice. (+5)


Skip a Beat – In Your Arms
Life is important after all. (+0)
The best thing is you were not hurt. (+5)
I didn’t know what to do at that time. (-3)

I got it. (+0)
Alright. I will support you! (+5)
After all, for the basketball shoes. (-3)

How can I match them? (+0)
Elvin, don’t brush me off. (-3)
Come on, Elvin. (+5)

Perhaps I can keep going on. (+0)
It should be fine, right? (-3)
No worries. I want to continue. (+5)


Skip a Beat – Healing Relationship
You’ve prepared your favorite dessert. You can’t run this time! (+5)
Brace yourself. You will overcome difficulties! (-3)
Come on! Since we have come, just stay and enjoy it. (+0)

Because it is thrilling. (-3)
To bring couple’s relationship to a new level. (+5)
To make people feel more closer. (+0)

I’m so embarrassed. Hiccup! (+5)
Hiccup! This is not the right time to say it! (-3)
Hiccup! It is some kind of comfort? (+0)

I have no idea…Hiccup! (-3)
Take a…Deep…Hiccup!…Breath (+5)
Try to…hold my breath…Hiccup! (+0)


Soul Mate – A “Surprise” Kiss (Gothic)
Who do you like? (+0)
This is not an excuse. (-3)
You are not honest! (+5)

He’s just uncomfortable. (+5)
He is ok. (+0)
he is just a little nervous. (-3)

I feed you to eat desserts. (+0)
You feed me to eat desserts. (+5)
We eat desserts together. (-3)

Leave it to me! (-3)
Do you want me to take the initiative? (+0)
Act just like a man! (+5)

Luca  |  Table of Contents  |  Reinhard

29 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Elvin

  1. From what I have observed to get CGs u have to get all the things that increase his affections, including the clothing(+8). But what catagoryies(trendy, modern, casual, etc.)does street and artist style go under?


    • Stuff like Street, Artist, Leisure are kinda like sub-styles… most clothings have them. You can see it in the bottom right corner of the window that pops up when you tap and hold a clothing item during dress up. Unfortunately, you can’t sort them by using search as of yet.


  2. Do u know how to get the first cg of Elvin where it says go to the dating map to date
    Its the one in the library where catches ur fall


  3. “You met Elvin while at work!” -Restaurant

    Isn’t it good to work with me? (MOOD-10 AFFECTION+6)
    You don’t want to approach girls? (I don’t have the result for this one but I bet it’s mood -10 affection+4)
    You can make money by doing a job! (MOOD-10 AFFECTION+2)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “There is no end to explore for the art”

    -I didn’t think Elvin was interested in fashion design!
    -Thank you, with your help I will do it well.[Mood+10, Affection+3, Art+10]
    -Really? Thank you, Elvin!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL. Elvin was talking about a party where boys must wear dresses.

    Elvin: Ah! Don’t say that. I am going to take it off!


    -Elvin, you are so beautiful [I think this one gave me lower affection but NOT -3 mood]
    -Don’t take it off. I have to take a photo for you
    -Elvin, you look pretty in women’s wear [Mood+0 Affection+30]

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Elvin: I hope I can see that day…


    -Trust yourself!
    -Trust the scientist!
    -Trust me, that day will come! [Mood+0 Affection+30]

    Liked by 1 person


    Which is the best site for fishing?

    A.Stagnant water
    B.Are– (I didn’t see it clearly. It was blocked off.)
    C. Stream
    D. Flat water [Mood+0 AFFECTION+24]

    Liked by 1 person

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