[Zombie High] V1 Choice Compendium

Color-coded list of the direct consequences of each choice. See walkthrough  for V1 here.

(~) = no immediate effect
(*) = branching point

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Pistol in exchange for crowbar
Hand over pistol (~)
Refuse (bullet -1)
Try to juice her for it (bullet +1, gives mum pistol)

Keep talking to Chase normally (Best Friends Forever! achievement)
Suggest you move to another car (Terrible Friend achievement, humanity-1, popularity -1)
Disengage from conversation (humanity -1)

Go Exploring (*)
Go to Orientation (*)

Save Tatum
Run away! (humanity -1, Cowardly Retreat achievement)
Go get help (popularity -1)
Save Tatum! (humanity +1) (*)

Use crowbar (infection +1, humanity +1)
Try to pull Tatum away (infection +3, humanity +1)

Mock the performance (Joker! achievement, popularity +1)
Stay silent (~)

First period corridor monitor
Mock anyone who volunteers (humanity -1)
Go to study hall (*)
Volunteer for duty (popularity -1, Butt Kisser achievement) (*)

Jenna’s nail color
It’s awesome! (popularity +1)
Cool, but check our mine! (popularity -1)
I don’t know. (~)

Undead janitor
Use the mop (infection +1, bullet +1, popularity +1)
Go for the gun (infection +3, popularity +1) (*)
Sacrifice Jenna and run (humanity -1, popularity -1)

Jenna: Are you hurt?
Yeah (Super Honest achievement, infection -2, popularity -1)
No way (~)

Follow orders
Brag about your skills (~)(*)

Swallow your pride (bullets +3)

Leave the post to test your skills
No thanks (popularity -1) (*)
Okay (bullets +5) (*)

Approaching undead
Shoot him (bullet -1, humanity -3)

Warn Val (~)
Eye scan him yourself (infection +2)

Cheerleader: Just skip me. Please?
Skip her (popularity +1, Breaking Bad achievement)
Scan her (humanity +1, popularity -1) (*)

Val putting a show
Confront Val (humanity +1)
Let it slide (~)

Blue-eyed boy
Do nothing (~)
Say ‘Wow, you are gorgeous!’ (Awk! Awk! Awkward. achievement, popularity -1)
Introduce yourself (popularity +1)

Get information about boy from Nurse G
Pay her the bullet (bullet -1, obtains info)
Tell her no thanks (~) (*)

Cheerleaders in restroom
Look for another restroom (~) (*)
Apologize for interrupting (popularity +1)
Sneak into the nearest stall (listens in to convo)

Toilet dilemma
Use the wastebasket (popularity -4)
Use the boys’ restroom (popularity -1)
Go back to girls’ restroom (~)

Dissect a brain
Ask for a pass (*)
Bring on the dissection! (*)

Angelina: Did you get your invite to Dana Blair’s after party yet?
Yes (popularity +1, humanity -1)
No (popularity +1)

Tommy: Never seen you before?
Tell Tommy you just moved to Zeta sector (popularity +1, humanity -1)
Tell Tommy the truth (humanity +1)

Tommy: Who will cut?
Say ‘Whatever you want.’ (~)

Let Tommy do the cutting (~)
Do the cutting yourself (eventually bullet +1) (*) 

Answer question
Raise your hand (A Clever Move! achievement, bullet +1, popularity +1)
Let Tommy answer the question (humanity +1) (*)

Answer question II
Raise your hand (bullet +1, popularity +1)
Play dumb for Tommy’s sake (~)

Veggie lady in danger
Wait for a Bagger to handle it (~)
Come to her rescue (humanity +1) (*)

Use tray (popularity +1, bullet +1)
Go for knife (infection +4, popularity +1)
Pull her off (infection +3, popularity +1)
Use crowbar (Bagger arrives before you can actually use it)

Help Dillon
Come to Dillon’s rescue (humanity +1) (bullet +1 too if you helped w/ cafeteria incident, and goes to checkpoint after that) (*)
Ignore the fight (humanity -1)

Rambo kid’s extortion
Talk him out of it (popularity +1)
Hand over a bullet (bullet -1)
Kick him below the belt (Groin Pains achievement)



Tatum’s jealousy
Egg her on (Troublemaker achievement) (*)
Set her straight (humanity +1) (*)

Bullet donation drive
Don’t take any bullets (~)
Take one bullet (bullet +1, humanity -1)
Take two bullets (bullets +2, humanity -1)

Dillon’s being teased
Defend Dillion (popularity -2, humanity +1)
Leave it alone (~)

Unflattering photo of Dana
Snap the photo (Breaking Bad achievement)
Leave Dana alone (humanity +1, popularity +1)

Grace: Do you have bullets?
Yes (*)
No (*)

Pistol (1 bullet) (bullet -1, popularity +1)
Rifle (2 bullets) (bullets -2, popularity +2)
Crossbow (2 bullets) (bullets -2, popularity +3)
Grenade (4 bullets) (bullets -4, popularity +1)
Flamethrower (5 bullets) (bullets -3, popularity +3)

Grace: Play in game?
Nope (Goes to game with Chase and co)
Okay (*)

Help Dana (with Val)
Run! (*)
Help Dana yourself (humanity +2) (*)

Witness Dr. Franklin bringing in Dana
Stay hidden (sees what Dr. Franklin does to Dana)
Reveal yourself (infection +30, death)
Sneak out (Sneaky achievement)

No bullets
Go do cardio (~) (*)
Hang with the royalty girls (popularity +1) (*)

Sit with Royalty girls
Okay (humanity -1, popularity +3) (*)
No thanks (humanity +1) (*)

Angelina: So? You coming or not?
‘I dunno… I have more questions’ (popularity -1, taken hostage) (*)
Yes (*)
No (popularity -1, taken hostage) (*)

Sit with Tommy
Politely refuse (humanity +1)
Go alone (humanity -1)
Accept on condition of inclusion (humanity +1)

Help Dana (with Tommy)
Wait for Val to shoot (~)
Try to help (humanity +1) (*)

Try to help
Shoot for the head (infection +2, popularity +1)
Shoot for the torso (popularity +1)
Use gun as a club (infection +3, popularity +1)
Use your pistol (1 bullet)




Pauly: So? You in?
Yes (*)
No (popularity -1, taken hostage) (*)

Prove yourself, get a weapon
Break into the supply room (Caught. THE END: dismissed from school)
Show them Opal (popularity +1) (*)
Show them crowbar (*)

Confide in Tommy
Tell of your suspicions (popularity +1)
Keep quiet (~)

Tommy: Beta Sector. You’re coming, right?
Yes (*)
No (taken hostage) (*)

Save Jamie
Use Opal (humanity +1, bullet -1)
Warn Jamie (humanity +1, infection +2)
Let Jamie die (humanity -3, infection +20, death)

Incoming undead horde
Start shooting (bullets 3) (bullets -3, popularity +1, infection +1)
Hold and look around (infection +2)
Run! (infection +3, popularity -1)

In the chaos
Support others with flashlight (infection +4)
Pick up the rifle (infection +3, popularity +1, humanity +1)
Cover Jamie (Crushing move! achievement, bullets -2, infection +1, popularity +1, humanity +1)

For Dana
Give Dana the locket (humanity +1, infection +1, popularity +1)
Use the crowbar (~)
Put a bullet in her head (bullet -1, popularity -1)


Other Achievements
Completed Zombie High V1
Highest rank for Zombie High v1
Moving on up!
Nine lives
At Death’s door

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One thought on “[Zombie High] V1 Choice Compendium

  1. I have some notes for book 6…

    Lol, what are you talking about?(+1 cool)
    Ha, what a nerd! (+2 cool)
    Stop looking up at my butt!(~)

    Ask Tommy to avert his eyes(~)
    Flirt (-1 cool)
    Just take off your shirt(~)

    Wink at him (+1 cool)
    'You heard the man'(+1 cool)
    Turn your head(~)

    Life will be good, Mr. Fernando (+1 cool)
    Leave your shirt off (-1 cool)
    Nice pecks (+1 cool)

    Go along for now (+20 infect)
    Shove him back (+10 infect)
    Tell him 'no thanks' (+10 infect -3 Life)
    //Become a Zombie//

    Eat the medic (-2 cool -2 humanity +6 Life)
    Talk to Tommy (+1 humanity)
    Call your dad (+1 cool)

    Put up your hands(~)
    Push through them(-3 Life)
    Start a feast!(-3 humanity +3 life)

    Make a sarcastic remark (+1 cool)
    Go along without comment (~)

    Ask what he'll do (~)
    Just go up the stairs (~)

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