[Zombie High] V2 Choice Compendium

Color-coded list of the direct consequences of each choice. See walkthrough for V2 here.

(~) = no immediate effect
(*) = branching point

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Tell him the truth (~)
Let someone else explain (humanity -1, cool -1)
Throw a hissy fit (Whiner achievement, cool +1)

Grab the gun (death)
Use your crowbars (bullets +2, cool +2)
Shut the door (humanity -1)

Sry about Dana (humanity +1)
U looked cute 2day (cool +1)
What’s up with tabletop file? (~)

(bullets +2, mum gives bullets)

Reply to Tatum
Just sigh and shrug (~)
Tell Tatum that’s not cool (humanity +1)
Yes, the school is better for it (humanity -1)

Biology class
Pay attention to the lecture (Quick Study achievement, bullet +1)
Flirt with Tommy (cool +1)
Strategize about Dr. Franklin (~)

Dance with Chase
Yes (humanity +1) (*)
No (~)
Dodge the question (humanity -1) (*)

Should Kristin ask Tommy to the dance?
Be encouraging (humanity +1)
Rub her nose in it (cool +1)
Stay out of it (cool -1)

Should Kristin ask Tommy to the dance?
Let her down easy (cool +1, humanity +1)
Rub it in (cool +1, humanity -1)

Tell her to go for it (humanity -1)
Stay out of it (cool -1)

Dance like Tommy (humanity +1, cool +1)
Conventional dance (~)
Make something up (cool -2)

Intelligent undead
Kill them (humanity -1) (*)
Confront them (humanity +1) (*)

Gun (bullet -1)
Crowbar (infection +1)

Chase hostage
Take the shot (bullets 1) (bullet -1, cool +2)
Do not shoot (infection +2)

Guitar (cool +2)
Bass (bullets +2)
Keytar (~)

Wave her away (~)
Sign it with words of wisdom (cool +1)
Insult her (cool +1, humanity -1)

VM at concert
Shoot him with your gun (bullet -1, cool -1)
Use your electroshock keytar/drill guitar/bazooka bass on him (cool +1) (bullet -1 if bazooka bass)
Continue playing (cool -2)
Make a run for it (cool -3)

Gloria: Do you have a minute to talk?
Ignore her (~)
Stop and talk (cool +1)

Gloria: Come with me and perform a song?
No thanks (~)
Sure (cool +1)

Gloria: You dating Heidi Vanbloomers is just a rumour?
‘Actually, it is true. She loves me.’ (cool +2, humanity -1)
‘Obviously, just a rumor.’ (~)
‘I do not kiss-and-tell!’ (cool +1)

Complimentary gift basket
Bullets (bullets +2)
Antidote (infection -1)
Makeover (cool +2)

Secret’s out in the air
Let it slide (~)
Throw a fit (cool -2)
Threaten her (cool -1)

Reveal yourself (bullet +1, cool +1)
Keep your mask on (~)

In the closet
Untie the woman (humanity +1, infection +3 later)
Not yet (~)

Noisy woman
Knock her out (humanity -1) (*)
Pin her down (*)
Convince her to be quiet (doesn’t work, Val hits her, infection +3) (*)

In the closet II
Stay hidden (infection +3) (*)
Attack with guns (*)
Attack with crowbars (infection +1)
Impersonate Toxifarians (cool +2, Impersonator achievement) (*)

Use gun (bullets 1) (bullet -1, cool +1)
Use crowbar (infection +2)
Take mask off (infection +3, cool -1)

Attack with guns
Shoot, but pace yourself (bullets 1) (bullet -1)
Open up (bullets 2) (bullets -2, cool +1)
Swing your crowbar (infection +1)
Run (cool -2, infection +3)

Attacker incoming
Shoot him (bullets 1) (bullet -1, cool +2)
Let Tommy handle it (~)




Help Emma
Save Emma with your gun (bullet -1, cool -1, Emma dies)
Save Emma with your crowbar (bullets +2, humanity +1, infection +1, Emma saved)
Take Chase and run (humanity -1)

Talking VM
Let Tommy kill him (dies from booby-traps)
Let him talk (humanity +1)

Benji’s doughnuts
Tell everyone to not eat them (cool -1)
Just eat the doughnuts (~)

Advice from man in alley
Ignore him (~)
Give him a bullet (bullet -1, useless ‘advice’)
Shoot him (bullets 1) (bullet -1, humanity -2)

Act normal and hope for the best (cool -1)
Tell her your parents work there (cool -2)
Have Benji cause a distraction (~)

Find the surface
Try to sweet-talk her (caught, ends)
Bribe her with a bullet (bullet -1, gains info)
Ask Ricardo instead (*)
Ask Beverly instead (caught, ends)

Ricardo’s info
Give him the bullets (bullets -2)
Try to sweet-talk Gina instead (caught, ends)

Benji’s badge
Ask him to show it to you (*)
Snatch it out of his pocket (cool +1, infection +1) (*)
Who cares? Go to the garden! (~)

Benji’s badge II
Snatch it out of his pocket (*)
Who cares? Go to the garden! (~)

Holly’s badge
Shoot him (infection +1)
Hit him with crowbar
Go with the flow for now (~)

Photos of the surface
Start taking photos (cool -1)
Ask to take photos (Manners matter! achievement)
Take photos discretely (cool +3, humanity -1)



Cover Benji and Sebastian
Start shooting (bullets 3) (bullets-3, infection +1)
Use Crowbar (infection +3)

Gun (bullet -1, cool +1)
Wooden stake (infection +2)
Hedge shears (infection +1)
Crowbar (infection +1)
Pesticide (immobilizes for a short while)

Sebastian twisted his foot
Help him downstairs (humanity +1, infection +1)
Leave him (humanity -1)
Bring him back upstairs (humanity -1, cool -1)

VMs behind the door
Let the VMs in and run (humanity -3)
Warn the guards about the VMs (cool +1)
Smile and quickly move on (caught, ends)

Kenny and Delia’s car
Get in (Sucka! achievement)
No thanks (cool +2) (*)

Incoming muscled men
Go willingly (*)
Use your gun (bullet -1, cool +2)
Use your crowbar (infection +2)
Use your spray (cool +1, infection +1)

Kenny: What happened to Benji?
Tell the truth (~)
Lie (infection +1)
Refuse to answer (infection +2)

Bob: Where’s the real Toxifarian?
They’re dead (cool -1, infection +1)
They’re alive and safe (~)
I don’t know (infection +2)

Tell him who you are (infection +1)
Offer to be the new Toxifarians (cool +2)
Offer to be his Zeta Sector spy (humanity -1)

Gloria: What was going through your mind in that moment?
I don’t remember (cool +1)
I was scared (cool -1)
Let me tell what really happened… (cool -2, humanity +1)


Other achievements
Completed Zombie High V2
Highest rank for Zombie High v2
Crushed it!

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