[Zombie High] V1 Walkthrough

See the choice compendium for V1 here.

V1 Ranks

600+ – Kid A all the way
450+ – Pretty cool for bait
300+ – Not a complete slut
150+ – Dirtbag rat
< 150 – GROSS fecto freak!

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Hand over pistol
Try to juice her for it (bullet +1)

Keep talking to Chase normally (Best Friends Forever! achievement)
Suggest you move to another car
Disengage from conversation

Go Exploring
Go to Orientation

Mock the performance (Joker! achievement, popularity +1)
Stay silent

Mock anyone who volunteers
Go to study hall
Volunteer for duty (popularity -1, Butt Kisser achievement)

Brag about your skills
Swallow your pride

No thanks
Okay (bullets +5)

Skip her (popularity +1, Breaking Bad achievement)
Scan her

Do nothing
Say ‘Wow, you are gorgeous!’
Introduce yourself (popularity +1)

Pay her the bullet (bullet -1)
Tell her no thanks

Ask for a pass
Bring on the dissection!

Tell Tommy you just moved to Zeta sector
Tell Tommy the truth (humanity +1)

Say ‘Whatever you want.’
Let Tommy do the cutting
Do the cutting yourself (eventually bullet +1)

Raise your hand
Let Tommy answer the question (humanity +1)

Raise your hand (bullet +1, popularity +1)
Play dumb for Tommy’s sake

Wait for a Bagger to handle it
Come to her rescue (humanity +1)

Use tray (popularity +1, bullet +1)
Go for knife
Pull her off
Use crowbar

Come to Dillon’s rescue (humanity +1, bullet +1)
Ignore the fight



Egg her on
Set her straight (humanity +1)

Defend Dillion
Leave it alone

Snap the photo
Leave Dana alone (humanity +1, popularity +1)


Pistol (1 bullet)
Rifle (2 bullets)
Crossbow (2 bullets) (bullets -2, popularity +3)
Grenade (4 bullets)
Flamethrower (5 bullets)


Help Dana yourself (humanity +2)

Shoot for the head
Shoot for the torso (popularity +1)
Use gun as a club
Use your pistol (1 bullet)


Tell of your suspicions
(popularity +1)
Keep quiet


Start shooting (bullets 3) (bullets -3, popularity +1, infection +1)
Hold and look around

Support others with flashlight
Pick up the rifle
Cover Jamie (Crushing move! achievement, bullets -2, infection +1, popularity +1, humanity +1)

Give Dana the locket (humanity +1, infection +1, popularity +1)
Use the crowbar
Put a bullet in her head

Ends with Infect: 3, Pop: 13, Ammo: 4, Humanity: 10

Score: 660 (bonus +100 if deaths 0, =760)
Untouchable! Achievement
Completed Zombie High V1 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High v1 Achievement

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