[JJ Jones] Walkthrough


600+ – Awesome ghost hunter!
400+ – Good ghost hunter
200+ – Ghost hunter
100+ – Sort of a ghost hunter
< 100 – Kid with a yo-yo.

Choice Compendium | Table of Contents

Follow the strange voice (cool +1)
Turn and run

Pause the movie (cool +1)
Ignore Maria
Ask Maria to wait

Play it cool. You’re almost eleven! (cool +1)
Search for the eyes

Check this out (cool +1)
Grab him!
Keep on sleeping

Try to spin it with your mind (power -1, cool +1)
Not now

Yes, tell her. (cool +1)
Keep it a secret.

Blow them out with your mind (power -1, cool +1)
Blow them out with your breath

Hug him
Don’t hug him (cool +1)

Go for your weapons (~)
Talk to Gramps

Use telekinesis (power -1, cool +1)
Run through Gramps

Use the Zapper
Use the Yo-yo (cool +1)
Talk to Gramps

Politely ask Maria to leave (cool -1)
Let Maria stay (cool +1)

Tell her to please cut you some slack (cool +1)
Don’t say anything

Let Maria use her powers
Use your powers to move them
Tell her to wait (cool +2)

Walk right in
Check it out a little more (cool +2)
Forget this, you are going home

Pretend to call the police (cool +1)
Have Maria use her powers

Use the zapper (cool +1)
Use the yo-yo

Switch to using your yo-yo (cool +1)
Keep using the zapper

Have Maria heal you
Tell her to heal herself (cool +1)

Charge and swing!
Use your telekinesis
Try to remember the cat’s name

Tiger (cool +2)

Use telekinesis
Ask Maria (power -1, cool +1)

Zap the tiger (cool +2)
Ask Maria what to do

‘We’re laughing at you.’
‘At a knock-knock joke.’ (cool +1)

Ends with Life: 8, Cool: 26, Power: 6

Score: 780 (+100 if 0 deaths, =880)
Completed Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones
Highest rank for Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones

Choice Compendium | Table of Contents


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