[Zombie High] V3 Choice Compendium

Color-coded list of the direct consequences of each choice. See walkthrough for V3 here.

(~) = no immediate effect
(*) = branching point

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Make up a reason to eye scan now (~)
Eye scan them tonight (cool -2)
Search their bedroom later (cool -1)

Meet Sven
Just be polite (*)
Compliment him (cool +1)
Play it cool (~)

Sven: You are zee pretty Kid A Tommy told me about?
‘Yup, that’s me.’ (cool +1)
‘Tommy said I am pretty? Awww!’ (cool +2)
Say nothing and blush (~)

Confront Kristin
Talk to the girls (cool -1) (*)
Ask to speak to Kristin alone (*)
Leave for now (cool -3)

Speak to Kristin alone
Give up Kid A (cool -4)
Bribe her with bullets (humanity -1, cool +1)
Appeal to her good side (cool -1) (*)
Threaten her with physical harm (humanity -1, cool +3)

Speak to Kristin alone II
Give up Kid A (cool -4)
Bribe her with bullets (humanity -1, cool +1)
Threaten her with physical harm (humanity -1, cool +3)

Lunchtime, Sven
Polite, but a little aloof (~)
Prompt him to do the talking (cool +2)
Flirt (cool +2, humanity -1, Flirt! achievement)

With Sven in Physics
Say ‘Bell is about to ring, ladies.’ (cool -1)
Leave them to it (~)
Put your hand on Sven’s arm (cool -1, humanity -1)

Suspicious Josh
Shoot eye scanner from recycle bin (Strategist achievement) (*)
Make up reason for scanning him (infection +3, infection +2) (*)
Just question him (*)

Josh: There’s something I need to tell you about Tommy.
Go with him (infection +4, infection +2)

Decline and head for class (infection +1, infection +2)
Pull Opal on him (~, infection +2)  

Josh: There’s something I need to tell you about Tommy.
Go with him (infection +4, infection +2)
Decline and head for class (infection +1, infection +2)

Fighting Josh
Try to use Opal (infection +3, cool +2)
Be defensive (infection +3, cool +1)
Offensive hand-to-hand (infection +6, cool +1, Got medieval on ’em! achievement)

(infection -3)

HFVM on the loose
Tell them about HFVMs (cool -2)
Excuse yourself and go find Val (~)

Best Sarah bait
Chase (humanity +1, cool -1)
Tommy (cool +1)
Sven (cool +2)

Hide behind trashcans
Just you (cool +1)
You and Val (~)
You and Tommy (cool +2)

Sven and Sarah
Call out her name (infection +1) (*)
Pull her off (infection +3, cool +1) (*)
Close in with crowbar (cool +2)
Shoot her (cool -1)
Let things take their course (cool -3)

Go for Opal (cool -1, infection +1)
Use crowbar (infection +3, cool +2)
Try to evade (cool +1)

Pull out Opal (cool -2)
Hit her with the crowbar (cool -3)
Talk your way past her (~)

Franklin’s office
Try to get a keycard from Miles (*)
Ask Sven to break in (cool -2)
Do the office visit trick (~)

Get card from Miles
Use your feminine charm (cool +1, cool -3) (*)
Bribe him (cool -3) (*)
Bash into him to pickpocket (cool +2)

Franklin’s office II
Ask Sven to break in (cool -2)
Visit office and distract the Dr. (~)

Franklin’s house
Knock on the pod (*)
Stake out the place (cool +1) (*)
Use the lock override (cool -2)

For tutoring (*)
Thank him for Toxifarian referral (cool -1)
To weed the garden (cool -1)

Mrs Franklin: Do your friends and family know you’re here?
Yes, our parents know (cool +2, Nice deduction achievement) (*)

Mrs. Franklin and Sven
Check on them now (cool +1) (*)
Wait (cool -1) (*)

Save Sven
Use Opal (cool +2)
Use Crowbar (humanity +1, infection +3)
Pull her off (humanity +2, infection +5)


People at the door
Ignore them (~, cool -1)
Impersonate Mrs. Franklin’s voice (cool +2)
Talk to them (~, cool -1)

Secret passage
Take the lead (humanity +2, infection +4)
Make someone else do it (humanity -1)
Take a minute to consider this (*)

Check for traps
Use the flour (cool +1)
Throw the blanket (cool +2)
Wasting time! You go down (humanity +2, infection +4)

In the passage
Try to assist Sven (cool -1)
Watch the surveillance monitors (cool +2)
Help do a final sweep (~)

Franklin’s back
Go up and look for a back door (cool -1)
Go up and close the hatch (cool +1) (*)
Ambush him (~)
Go get him! (cool -2)

Franklin’s back II
Set up an ambush (~)
Search for a way out (cool +2)

‘Let’s go, then.’ (cool -1)
‘Let’s talk here and quickly.’ (*)
‘Sorry, not now.’ (cool -1)

Kristin asking about Sarah
Tell her the truth (cool -1)
Sorry, you don’t know (~)

Best guess for fecto
Chase (~)
Val (cool +3)
Sven (~)
Tommy (~)
None of them (~)

Course of action
Talk to your parents (cool +1, humanity +1) (*)
Talk to Dr. Franklin (*)
Watch and wait (~)

Course of action II
Talk to Dr. Franklin (*)
Watch and wait (~)

Talk to Dr. Franklin
Bluff him (infection +20)
Pretend to be a HFVM (cool +3)


Chase in boiler room
Pull gun ‘Freeze, Chase.’ (cool -1)
Shoot him (infection +20)
Tackle him (cool -1)
Take no action yet (~)

Shoot her (infection +4)
Make a deal (infection +3)
Blubber and cry (infection +2)

Val II
Wait here and cover the hallway (infection +2)
Go back to the cages (~)
Try to track Val (infection +4)

Take the shot (infection +1)
Wait (infection +3)

Val IV
Cook the grenade (infection +3)
Surrender and hide the grenade (cool +3)
Blitz (grenade and then close in) (infection +5)

Hug Sven (cool +1)
Hug Tommy (cool +2)
No time for this! (~)

Other achievements
Completed Zombie High V3
Highest rank for Zombie High v3

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