[Romantic Diary] List of Gifts

What the title says. Will continue to fill in any missing gifts.

My Invitation Code: 141076755

Obtaining Gifts
Baking @ Kitchen of Love (make with ingredients)
Credit Mall @ Game Lobby (buy with points)
Gift Box (random)
Mystic Shop (buy with diamonds)
Star Forest (by chance)
Study & Job (by chance)


Kitchen of Love
Almond Cookie (2 Butter, 2 Icing Sugar, 2 Eggs, 2 Flour, 1 Almond Flake)
Caramel Custard (2 Milk, 2 White Sugar, 2 Vanilla Extract, 2 Eggs, 1 Caramel Syrup)
Coconut Custard (1 Milk, 2 White Sugar, 3 Coconut Milk, 3 Corn Starch, 3 Gelatin)
French Toast (1 Egg, 2 Milk, 2 Icing Sugar, 2 White Bread, 2 Rosemary)
Matcha Muffin (3 Eggs, 2 White Sugar, 2 Milk, 1 Muffin Powder, 2 Matcha, 1 Butter)
Strawberry Pudding (4 Strawberries, 4 Milk, 2 Whipping Cream, 4 White Sugar, 2 Gelatin)
Souffle (1 Egg, 1 Butter, 1 Milk, 1 Flour, 1 Icing Sugar)
Yogurt Pudding (1 Cream Cheese, 1 Yogurt, 2 Gelatin, 2 Strawberries, 1 Icing Sugar)

Baseball Mitts
Colorful Parrot
Crystal Statue
Elven Sword
Elven Tree Seed
Fashionable Skateboard
Jazzy Tie
Redwood Bracelet
Red Lacquer Box
Snuff Bottle

Advanced Belt
Advanced Honey
Ancient Amber
Ancient Bowl
Antique Jade
Black Tie
Colorful Hairband
Cosmetic Box
Cute Toy
Elf Tale
Fashion Magazine
Fine Music Box
Food Reception Ticket
Fresh Milk
Fuzzy Painting
Horn Comb
Instant Noodles
Kung Fu Doll
Large Rice Ball
Magic Spice
Maiden Diary
Maiden Pendant
Mexican Sauce
Miniature Pot
Noble Sword
Refreshing Snack
Shell Bell
Soft Cushion
Sport Wristband
Strange Paint
Tableware Set
Tactic Book
Vintage Teaware
Wooden Sculpture


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