[Zombie High] V4 Walkthrough

See the choice compendium for V4 here.

V4 Ranks

1000+ – Beautiful angel of destruction!
700+ – Kicker of zee buttocks
500+ – Pretty cool survivor
300+ – Kinda ditzy, but alive
<300 – Voted most likely to die

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Try to push your way to the front
Try to take control of the crowd (cool +2)
Run for the loading dock

Start killing them (cool +2)
Delay and survey the situation
Look for your dad

Continue fighting (humanity +2, infect +1)

Attack with guns
Attack with crowbars (cool +2, infect +1)

Attack HFVMs from behind (humanity +2, life -2)
Join Zeta troops

Shout to everyone
Talk to commanding officer
Talk to sniper (cool +2)

Go for the rifle (life -2, cool +3, humanity +1)

(life +1)

Join the crowd
Climb to the surface
Guard the hole (humanity +3, infection +2 later)

Use the car
Use the bike
Stay on foot

(life -1)

Go into the bank
Punch through using guns (cool +2)
Punch through using crowbars

Shoot him
Duck back
Put up your hands

(life +1)

Try to escape
Do as he says

Tell them who you are
Make up a name and background




Argue the moral case for aid
Suggest the benefit for her (cool +1, Diplomat achievement)
Say you will leave

Attack with crowbar
Negotiate for safety
Go along with it for now

Squeeze through
Remove some shards first (cool +1)

Attack with crowbar
Hurry past it
Ask Lady Vegas to kill it

Long hatchet
Large sledgehammer

Run in for a gun
Keep going

Try to use the mirrors
Do a restroom ambush (life -1)
Throw the hatchet now

(life -1)

Shoot VM with Opal
Use hatchet (cool +1)
Let Tommy take care of it

Urge him to stay here (cool +2)
Follow close behind him
Guard his flank

‘I wonder who last touched that?’
Flirt using the Barbie car (cool +2)
Talk about playing Santa

(life +6, infection -4)

Kiss him
Roll over on top of him
‘You smell good too’ (cool +3)
Now is not the time for this

A secondary safety
A booby trap
A tracking device (cool +2)
A type of ammunition




Give him more time
Urge him to ditch the Uzi

Ball pool (cool +1)
Between stuffed animals
Giant dollhouse

Take the shot (cool +3)

Go into Starbucks (infect +2, cool +3)
Get in the truck

Throw yourself into his arms
Whisper ‘it’s dead’

Confront the men
Steal rowboat

Use your hatchet
Draw Opal
Try to knock him out
Talk to him

Tie her up
Try to use her

Make a deal (cool +1)
Keep her scared

Kill her (humanity +1)
Throw her back in
Untie her and try to save her

Sneak using anchor chain
Have Olivia help (cool +1)

The bunker sector system
Mountains (cool +1)

Let her go
Tie her up and leave her
Force her to come with

Sneak up with hatchet
Shoot the guard
Pretend to be maintenance (cool +1)

Question him

Leave him
Cut him loose

Get tough with a few threats
Reason with him

Start chatting with them (cool +1)
Use your hatchet on them
Keep walking

Say transporting prisoner
Say he is free (cool +1)


The Chosen (cool +1)
Reps from the bunkers
Reps from another surface tribe
The truth

Rick (a.k.a. The Father)
Juliet (Rick’s first wife) (cool +2)
Lavender (Rick’s redheaded wife)

Tackle her
Attack her with hatchet
Shoot her
Yell at her

Go for the headshot (cool +2)
Close in with hatchet

Rick and his speedboat
Tommy and the sailboat

Shoot him
‘Bow to your father!’
‘We’re going to find Getaway’

The zoo
House on shore

Insist that you explore yourself (humanity +2, infection +3, life +4 later)
Let Ava explore


Ends with Life:9, Infect: 5, Cool: 43, Humanity: 12

Score: 1600
Completed Zombie High V4 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High v4 Achievement

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 |  Table of Contents  |  Next Volume


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