[Zombie High] V4 Choice Compendium

Color-coded list of the direct consequences of each choice. See walkthrough for V4 here.

(~) = no immediate effect
(*) = branching point

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Get out of school

Try to push your way to the front (life -1)
Try to take control of the crowd (cool +2)
Run for the loading dock (cool -1)

VMs dropping in
Start killing them (cool +2)
Delay and survey the situation (~)
Look for your dad (cool -1)

More VMs dropping in
Retreat (Wise retreat achievement)
Continue fighting (humanity +2, infect +1)

Straggler VMs incoming
Attack with guns (infect +1)
Attack with crowbars (cool +2, infect +1)
Retreat (cool -1) (*)

Straggler VMs incoming II
Attack with guns (infect +1)
Attack with crowbars (cool +2, infect +1)

HFVMs incoming
Attack HFVMs from behind (humanity +2, life -2)
Join Zeta troops (~)

Communicate in chaos
Shout to everyone (~)
Talk to commanding officer (life -1)
Talk to sniper (cool +2)

Traitor & antler-helmeted HFVMs
Run (life -20, humanity -2)
Go for the rifle (life -2, cool +3, humanity +1)
Charge! (humanity +1, cool +2, life -4, Suicidal tendencies achievement)

(life +1)

Explosions in Subway
Join the crowd (infection +2 later)
Climb to the surface (cool +1)
Guard the hole (humanity +3, infection +2 later)

At the surface
Use the car (infection +1, cool -1)
Use the bike (infection +1)
Stay on foot (~)

(life -1)

Wave of VMs
Go into the bank (cool -1) (*)
Punch through using guns (cool +2)
Punch through using crowbars (life -1, infect +1)

Wave of VMs II
Punch through using guns (cool +2)
Punch through using crowbars (life -1, infect +1)

Young man spotted
Shoot him (life -3)
Duck back (~)
Put up your hands (life -1)

(life +1)

Throw down your weapons
Negotiate (*)
Try to escape (life -100)
Do as he says (~)

Throw down your weapons II
Make a run for it (life -100)

Do as he says (~)

Who are you
Tell them who you are (infection +100 later)
Make up a name and background (~)



Argue the moral case for aid (infect +1, life -1, humanity +1)
Suggest the benefit for her (cool +1, Diplomat achievement)
Say you will leave (life -1, infection +1)

Lady Vegas
Attack with crowbar (infect +20)
Negotiate for safety (life -1, infect +2)
Go along with it for now (~)

Glass door
Squeeze through (life -1)
Remove some shards first (cool +1)

VM waking from hibernation
Attack with crowbar (~)
Hurry past it (infect +1)
Ask Lady Vegas to kill it (infect +1)

Long hatchet (~)
Large sledgehammer (infection +3)
Chainsaw (cool -1, infect +3)

Uncle Sam’s Sporting Goods
Run in for a gun (infection +3)
Keep going (~)

Take Lady Vegas down
Try to use the mirrors (life -1, infect +3, Should have worked achievement)
Do a restroom ambush (life -1)
Throw the hatchet now (infect +3)

(life -1)

Shoot VM with Opal (cool -1)
Use hatchet (cool +1)
Let Tommy take care of it (~)

Big Fun Toys
Urge him to stay here (cool +2)
Follow close behind him (~)
Guard his flank (humanity +1, infect +1)

The need to talk
‘I wonder who last touched that?’ (cool -1, cool +1 later)
Flirt using the Barbie car (cool +2)
Talk about playing Santa (cool +1)

(life +6, infection -4)

Kiss him (cool +2, Clumsy Lover achievement)
Roll over on top of him (cool +1)
‘You smell good too’ (cool +3)
Now is not the time for this (~)

Flashing red light in Uzi
A secondary safety (~)
A booby trap (~)
A tracking device (cool +2)
A type of ammunition (~)




Give him more time (cool -1)
Urge him to ditch the Uzi (*)

Dr. Franklin
Take the shot (infect +4, cool +2)
Wait (cool +1, infect +5)

Hide bait
Ball pool (cool +1) (*)
Between stuffed animals (*)
Giant dollhouse (*)

Dr. Franklin (Ball pool)
Take the shot (cool +3)
Wait (infect +2)

Dr. Franklin (Between stuffed animals)
Take the shot (life -1, infect +2, cool +2)
Wait (life -1, infect +3, cool +1)

Dr. Franklin (Giant dollhouse)
Take the shot (infect +4, cool +2)
Wait (cool +1, infect +5)

Go into Starbucks (infection +2, cool +3)
Get in the truck (*)
Charge! (life -1, cool +2, infect +1)

Shoot out the back window (infect +1, life -1, cool +2 later)
Mess with the truck more (life -1, cool +2)

Throw yourself into his arms (cool -1)
Whisper ‘it’s dead’ (~)

Confront the men (life -20)
Steal rowboat (~)

Use your hatchet (humanity -2)
Draw Opal (life -2)
Try to knock him out (life -1)
Talk to him (life -2, humanity +1)

Tie her up (life -2)
Try to use her (*)

Try to use her
Make a deal (cool +1)
Keep her scared (life -2)

Jeannie Stark
Kill her (humanity +1)
Throw her back in (humanity -1) (*)
Untie her and try to save her (infection +1)

Jeannie Stark II
Kill her and throw her back (humanity +1)
Untie her and try to save her (infection +1)

Get on board
Sneak using anchor chain (life -100)
Have Olivia help (cool +1)

Place of origin
The bunker sector system (life -2)
Mountains (cool +1)

Let her go (life -100)
Tie her up and leave her (~)
Force her to come with (life -1)

Sneak up with hatchet (life -2, humanity -1)
Shoot the guard (humanity -1)
Pretend to be maintenance (cool +1) (*)

Flirt (life -1)
Question him (~)

Cultist perv
Leave him (humanity -1)
Cut him loose (~)

Get tough with a few threats (life -1)
Reason with him (~)

Incoming couple
Start chatting with them (cool +1) (*)
Use your hatchet on them (humanity -2, cool -2)
Keep walking (*)

Rick exposed
Attack (humanity -2, cool -2)
Say transporting prisoner (cool -1)
Say he is free (cool +1)



The Chosen (cool +1) (*)
Reps from the bunkers (cool -1) (*)
Reps from another surface tribe (~) (*)
The truth (infection +3, life -1)

Observe for danger
Rick (a.k.a. The Father) (infection +3 later)
Juliet (Rick’s first wife) (cool +2) (*)
Lavender (Rick’s redheaded wife) (infection +3 later)
Ava (infection +3 later)

Morse code
Tackle her (infection +3)
Attack her with hatchet (infection +1)
Shoot her (life -1, cool -1)
Yell at her (~)

Ava taken away
Go for the headshot (cool +2)
Close in with hatchet (humanity +1, infection +1, life -2)
Wait (~)

Rick and his speedboat (~)
Tommy and the sailboat (life -100 later)

Shoot him (humanity -2)
‘Bow to your father!’ (cool -1)
‘We’re going to find Getaway’ (~)

Spend the night
The zoo (*)
House on shore (life +4 later, life -6 later)
Wreck (*)

The zoo
Retreat back to Rick (infection +2, life +4 later, life -6 later)
Attack (infection +3, life +4 later, life -6 later)

Insist that you explore yourself (humanity +2, infection +3, life +4 later)
Let Ava explore (*)

Skeletal VMs
Jump out (infection +2, life +4 later)
Push away from the ship  (life +4 later)


Other achievements
Completed Zombie High V4
Highest rank for Zombie High v4

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