[Romantic Diary] Chapter 11 Solutions

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Chapter 10 (Gloria Palace)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 12 (xxx)

Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 1. Yusetta’s Studio
Gentle Blouse & Skirt: Gentle&Quiet (Note: Dresses work.)
Score: 83460^*  – Gentle&Quiet 5+*
Hair: Perilla Yoshino Sakura
Dress: Perilla Dream Sakura
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Perilla Japanese Style
Socks: Perilla Asakusa
Shoes: Perilla Edo
Bag: Perilla Bamboo
Headwear: Perilla Locust Tree
Earring: Green Bud
Necklace: Perilla Platycodon
Face: Green Mirror
Bracelet: Garden Maiden Sweet (Alt: Emerald Pearl)
Ring: Blue Vow (Alt: Colorful Ring)
Waist: –
Effects: –
Others: Hera Love Light


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 3. In-patient Department
Leisure Warm Dress: Casual, Simple
Score: 54877^  – Casual 5*, Simple 5+*
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Summer Notebook
Bottom: Torn Denim Shorts
Coat: Chiffon Jersey
Socks: Meow
Shoes: Grey
Bag: –
Headwear: Flower&Butterfly
Earring: –
Necklace: –
Face: –
Bracelet: Silver Bracelet
Ring: –
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia
Effects: –
Others: –


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 8. Dream Pavilion
Formal Wear: Mature
Score: 86730^*  – Mature 5+*
Hair: Garden Maiden Shine (Alt: Major General Splendor)
Dress: –
Top: Major General Feat
Bottom: Major General Command
Coat: Office New Youth (*) (Alt: Major General Power)
Socks: Garden Maiden Dream (Alt: Devil Lady Dark Star, Maria Forgiveness)
Shoes: Major General Justice
Bag: Garden Maiden Guard (Alt: Nail Suitcase, Maria Praise)
Headwear: Major General Glory
Earring: Hibiscus Aroma (Alt: Blue Nocturne Chain)
Necklace: Blue Nocturne Diamond (Alt: Maria Prayer)
Face: Maria Boon
Bracelet: Garden Maiden Sweet (Alt: Maria Chastity)
Ring: Blue Vow
Waist: Major General Discipline
Effects: Saint Lily Emerald
Others: Hera Love Light


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 11. Orchid Lake
As the first
Psychic Wear: Vintage
Score: 74923^*  – Vintage 5+*
Hair: 8-Pedal Sakura
Dress: Fallen Snow
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Crane Feather
Socks: Grass Mute (Alt: Pink Clog Socks)
Shoes: Lunar Month Sink (Alt: Persephone Kiss)
Bag: Bead Fan (Alt: Flower Fan)
Headwear: Priestess Soul  (✪ – Psychic)
Earring: Phoenix Wood Fringe (Alt: Pearl Earbobs)
Necklace: Priestess Spirit  (✪ – Psychic)
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Tassel Jade
Effects: Lunar Month Moon
Others: Cone Sachet (Alt: White Feather Arrow)


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 18. Buildings on Mountain
Key Item
Gardener Style: Casual, Simple
Score: 47885^  – Casual 5+*, Simple 4*
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Garden Floristry Early Summer (✪)
Bottom: Garden Floristry Dream (✪)
Coat: Sweetheart Breeze (Alt: Chiffon Jersey)
Socks: Pitch Ramos (Alt: Bunny Knee Socks)
Shoes: Garden Floristry Moist (✪)
Bag: Garden Floristry Rain (✪)
Headwear: Strawberry Essence (Alt: Garden Floristry Blue Sky)
Earring: –
Necklace: –
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Ring: –
Waist: Meow Garden Curious
Effects: –
Others: Sweetheart Sun


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 19. Plateau
Ladylike Costume: Pretty
Score: 65550^  – Pretty 5+*
Hair: Night Blue Witch (✪)
Dress: Idolum Crystal (✪)
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Rainbow Bubble Gauze
Socks: Aries Dream
Shoes: Sakura Rain
Bag: Autumn Moon Seek
Headwear: Star Warlock (✪)
Earring: Autumn Moon Meteor
Necklace: Rainbow Bubble Dream
Face: Meow Garden Caprice
Bracelet: Dream Flower Appeal
Ring: –
Waist: Meow Garden Curious
Effects: Squirrel Deciduous Forest
Others: Autumn Maple Harvest


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 20. Rosefinch Barriers
Profound Sadness
Cute Modern Dress: Pretty, Pure 
Score: 79719^  – Pretty 5+*, Pure 5*
Hair: Autumn Maple Gingko (Alt: Dancing Butterfly)
Dress: Candy Rain
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Autumn Maple Dew
Socks: Autumn Maple Frost (Alt: Singer Right and Wrong)
Shoes: Sakura Rain (Alt: Singer Joy)
Bag: Autumn Maple Pick (Alt: Flower Rain Butterfly)
Headwear: Singer Design
Earring: Sunshine Ear Stud
Necklace: Rainbow Bubble Dream
Face: Meow Garden Caprice
Bracelet: Rainbow Bubble Pure (Alt: Bear Bracelet)
Ring: Emerald Ring
Waist: –
Effects: Squirrel’s Deciduous Forest
Others: Autumn Maple Harvest


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 22. Kibi House
Fallen Fetter
Elegant Hanfu: Vintage, Gorgeous
Score: 55635^  – Vintage 5+*, Gorgeous 5*
Hair: Iris Fairy Waves
Dress: Iris Fairy Seduction (✪ – Hanfu)
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Snowland
Socks: Night Walk Phantom
Shoes: Iris Fairy Rain (✪ – Hanfu)
Bag: Royal Guard Protection (Alt: Bead Fan, Prayer Wheel)
Headwear: Iris Fairy Fragrant (✪ – Hanfu)
Earring: Phoenix Wood Fringe
Necklace: Hermes’ Joy
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Colorful Weave
Effects: Lunar Month Moon
Others: –


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 24. Kozaki Road
Need Help
Modest Trouser: Simple
Score: 53940^  – Simple
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Pitch Glory
Bottom: Cool Summer (✪)
Coat: Cardigan
Socks: Bunny Knee Socks
Shoes: Devil Lady Walk
Bag: Verdant/Record Bag
Headwear: Flower&Butterfly
Earring: Green Pearls
Necklace: Pitch UEFA (Alt: Bowknot)
Face: –
Bracelet: Industrial Fantasy/Silver Bracelet
Ring: Black Gentleman
Waist: –
Effects: Pitch Star
Others: Summer Dream


Chapter 10 (Gloria Palace)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 12 (xxx)

27 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Chapter 11 Solutions

  1. missyangel

    Hello thanks for the updates,can u pls help me with city 11, chapter 6?
    I donot know why I keep getting 4 stars.. 😦

    Thanks in advance again!


    1. nakimushi Post author

      Some of these are time-limited items. Silver Bracelet and Industrial Fantasy are from Elven Toy. Items that give the highest score I know of are used in the above solutions but many of them can be replaced with other items so they don’t have to be followed exactly.


      1. Kitty Herrington

        I have all the items but the chiffon jersey and pitch ramos socks, but I can only get 4 stars… I’m playing dress up diary an not romantic so maybe the chiffon jersey is called something else but I’m not sure. I’ve tried other items to no avail. Are those two items required to get 5 stars? >.<


  2. happy

    hello do you know where did you get garden floristry hair and shoes from? for stage 11-18 >,<
    i have top, bottom, and bag but i dont have the other two :/


  3. Skye

    May I ask the 5-star solution for chapter 11-6 (Rest)?
    I’ve done the three required clothes but can’t seem to get more than three stars…


        1. nakimushi Post author

          Sure thing. You need to buy and tailor some stuff.

          Hair: Dancing Butterfly
          Dress: Pink Rose (✪)
          Top: –
          Bottom: –
          Coat: –
          Socks: Singer Right and Wrong
          Shoes: Moon Prayer (✪)
          Bag: Singer Friend
          Headwear: Beloved Princess (✪)
          Earring: Green Bud
          Necklace: –
          Face: –
          Bracelet: Singer Palm
          Ring: Colorful Ring
          Waist: –
          Effects: –
          Others: Snow Plume



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