[Zombie High] V6 Walkthrough

V6 Ranks
900+ – Beautiful, wonderful monster!
600+ – Heroic fecto
400+ – Pretty cool for a fecto
200+ – Hated by most, but not all
<200 – Gross fecto

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‘Lol, what are you talking about?’
(cool +1)
‘Ha, what a nerd!’
‘Stop looking up at my butt!’

Ask Tommy to avert his eyes
Flirt with Tommy
Just take off your shirt (cool +1)

(Life +3)

Wink at him
‘You heard the man.’ (cool +1)
Turn your head

‘Life will be good, Mr. Fernando’ (cool +1)
‘Leave your shirt off’
‘Nice pecks’

Go along for now
Shove him back (infection +10, Become a Zombie Achievement)
Tell him ‘No thanks.’

Eat the medic
Talk to Tommy
Call your dad (cool +1)

Put up your hands
Push through them
Start a feast!

Make a sarcastic remark (cool +1)
Go along without comment

Ask what he’ll do
Just go up the stairs

You are happy to be alive
Use some humor (cool +1)
Thank Gloria for her intro

‘They can wait for my book.’ (cool +2)
‘Truth is stranger than fiction.’
‘I’ll tell the story from the start.’
‘Can we get on with this?’

‘We mustn’t tarnish their memory.’ (humanity +1)
‘We will root them out.’
‘Let’s focus on retaking the surface.’

Destroy him
Keep him captive (cool +1, humanity +1)
Make a deal with him


‘You have time to take a poll?’ (cool +1)
‘I changed my mind.’
‘I still don’t agree.’

Shoot him
Not yet

Play it cool
Tell her this is nonsense (cool +2)

Run through the audience (life -2)
Run to the back curtain

Sprint forward
Dive behind the crowd

Slow down and talk to him
Pour on the speed!
Run another direction

Just got back from the surface
Taking care of the wounded
You were in a skit

Chow down

Call your mom
Call your dad
Call Tommy
Don’t call anyone yet (cool +1)

Toxifarian apartment
The alleyway
Sven’s house

Try to eat them (life +1)
Leave them

Play a joke
Call out to him

Hug him
Keep your distance (humanity +1)

Find Ava (cool +2)
Find your mom and dad
Find out why you were infected

‘I meant sexy.’ (cool +1)
‘I meant intelligent.’
‘I meant you look delicious.’

Climb now

Eat the body
Leave it




Talk to a soldier
Go to the sound of battle (humanity +1)
Look for a way out

Start shooting
Rush forward with knife
Charge the breach
Climb onto the wall (cool +2)

Defend the top of the wall (cool +2, life -2)
Go on the offensive
Attempt to repair the breach

Go on the offensive
Attempt to repair the breach

Work to raise the net
Throw debris into the opening (cool +1)

Sneak up behind
Get closer and hail them
Set up an ambush

Out scouting the area
Got separated from your party
Hunting the undead (cool +1)

Question them (cool +1)
Accept their story for now
Get in closer for a sniff

Be upfront about it

‘I’ll take care of it.’ (cool +1)
‘Yeah, come along.’

Tell the women to climb (cool +2, humanity +1)
Go for the gate


Ends with life: 5, infect: 10, cool: 27, humanity: 11

Score: 1140
Completed Zombie High V6 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High V6 Achievement

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