[Zombie High] V5 Walkthrough

See the choice compendium for V5 here.

V5 Ranks

1000+ – Beautiful angel of destruction!
700+ – Kicker of zee buttocks
500+ – Pretty cool survivor
300+ – Kinda ditzy, but alive
<300 – Voted most likely to die

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Back up Rick
Say it’s a game (cool +1)
Say some are trying to hurt her

Pry front doors open (~)
Try to tell them you’re here
Attempt a human ladder

Go in now (~)
Fight zombies in street

‘Let’s do this.’ (infection +2, cool +2, I’m an adventurer dammit! achievement)
‘Ava is better for the job’

Take them down! (life -3, cool +1)

Free weights (cool +2)
Weight machines
Forget weights, do cardio

Spot him (cool +1, Suave achievement)
Let him be

Kiss him (cool +2)
Tell him he’s cute
Tease him

Help Tommy pull
Jump in with your hatchet
Shoot her (cool +1)

Hand him your backpack
Don’t hand him your backpack (humanity +1)

Just you (humanity +1, cool +1)
You and Tommy

Cut him loose (~)
Leave him tied

Tell him he needs to die
Tell him to try to survive (~)

Shoot him
Concentrate on climbing
Talk and climb (~)

Go look for Sven’s hacking gear
Try to guess Franklin’s password (cool +2)
Try to track Kenny at Space Needle

Rachel and Franklin anniversary (cool +2)
Franklin’s birthday
Number of his classroom
First four fibonacci numbers

TV studio
Basketball stadium (cool +2)
Car lot

Run and hide
Attack with hand weapons (cool +1)
Attack with guns

Act like meatbags
Snipe him with rifle
Send Ava to kill him

Drive the truck
Tell Rick to drive (~)

Use a scout, we can track them (cool +1)
Go in together

You (humanity +1)

Rick (cool +2)

Turn back (humanity +2, infect +4)
Keep running

(life +1, infect -1)




Tommy kick down door
Shoot lock with rifle
Wait in ambush
Knock (cool +1)

The HFVM man
The HFVM woman (cool +1, life -1)

Shoot at his head again
Shoot at his rifle (cool +1)
Take cover

Fire over the couch
Drop and roll (~)

Shoot through the bar
Use the blowtorch (cool +3, life -3)

Take more shots
Leave now (~)

Kick the VM
Switch to Opal
Jump (~)

Hide under truck (cool +2)
Run for cover
Stay where you are

Wait (~)

Keep them in sight
Wait for a little bit (cool +1)

Just kiss him (cool +2)
Not now

Shoot him
Hatchet him (cool +1)
Retreat back to the entrance

Tommy sneak up
Distraction ruse
Food delivery ruse (cool +3, infect +2)

Shoot the lock
Tommy kick the door
Look for a key (cool +1)

Dive back into hallway
Shoot him (~)

His head and face
His body
His legs (cool +2, life -2 later)

Cut him down
Shoot him (~)
Leave him

Use explosives (~)
Go in back-to-back

Shoot him in the face (cool +2)
Shoot for his shoulder
Act like you’re afraid

Tend to your own wounds
Ask Tommy to do it (life +2, infect -2, cool +1)

Quick sweep with guns (cool +1, infect +1)
Use hand weapons
Try to get Ava to do it

Run for the tree bridge
Run for the lake
Run for the tennis courts (cool +2)




Use the C-4 on fuel tanks
Attack with guns
Talk to them (cool +2)

Signal to fire
Say they are dead (~)

Shoot him
Convince others he’s a fecto
Talk to him privately (~)

Your friends are watching
You have the Underworlder’s trust (~)
You have Ava’s trust

Help him eat GG
Tell him ‘no’ (infection +2 later)

Talk to Ava (cool +1, cool +4 later)
Threaten Captain Jack
Go along to the ship


Ends with Life:4, Infect: 8, Cool: 52, Humanity: 5

Score: 1630
Completed Zombie High V5 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High V5 Achievement

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