Zombie High


V1 – Walkthrough
V1 – Choice Compendium
V2 – Walkthrough
V2 – Choice Compendium
V3 – Walkthrough
V3 – Choice Compendium
V4 – Walkthrough
V4 – Choice Compendium
V5 – Walkthrough
V5 – Choice Compendium
V6 – Walkthrough
V7 – Walkthrough
V8 – Walkthrough
V9 – Walkthrough
V10 – Walkthrough



GooglePlay (free ver), GooglePlay (paid ver w/o ads)

A series of choose-your-own-adventure novels by Delight Games, set in zombie apocalypse times. Story is told from the viewpoint of a high school freshman, Jane Valentine. Your choices affect the ending you get.

Volume 1 and 2 by Erin Foster Hartley
Volumes 3 to 10 by Sam Landstrom


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