[Deep Space Huntress] Walkthrough

600+ – Smokin’ mind, smokin’ bod!
400+ – Formidable bounty hunter!
200+ – Huntress
100+ – Alive… Surprisingly
<100 – Wetter of the cat suit


Table of Contents


Head toward Vlaxis Seven (fuel -10)
Go get fuel
Check out distress call

I’ll pay you for the zontonium
I won’t rat you out.
Offer information (fuel +30, money -30, cool +1)

(fuel -10)

Return to Bad Little Kitty (cool +1)
Continue inside the freighter

‘Ok, let’s go.’ (cool +1)
‘No way, don’t need the hassle.’
‘Tell me more about the captain.’

‘Let’s inspect Sasha for Juicers.’
‘Can we lure the juicers away?’
(cool +1)
‘Ok, let’s go.’

‘Come on, there’s something!’ (cool +1)
‘Ok, forget it. Let’s get out of here.’

Program them to load each other (cool +1)
Just one loads the other

Get fuel from the freighter
Undock and get out of here

Undock and jetpack over (fuel +30, cool +1)
Just go

(fuel -15)

Look for ship with Rex and Sasha
Look for Q’Reel with Rex and Sasha
Look for Q’Reel on your own

Threaten Charthan
Give Charthan twenty credits (money -20, cool +2 later)

‘Yeah, they’re with me.’ (cool +1)
‘Never seen ’em in my life.’
‘I brought them to you as a present.’

Ask for money
Just go

‘You almost got me there!’
‘Fair enough, I’ll take it.’ (money +20)




Take a hovercab (10 credits) (money -10, cool +2)
Take hoverrail (5 credits)
Walk to the spaceport

Fire at Q’Reel
Run after Q’Reel
Talk to security

Use your lazegun
Knee him where it counts (cool +2, life -2)
Jump back

Buy fuel (25 credits)
Go now! (life +2, fuel -20)

Keep Vlaak talking (cool +2)
Dive into the atmosphere
Fire lazecannons at Vlaak

(life -1)

Run to the creek
Run away from Vlaak

Get closer to workers
Follow Vlaak

Approach workers
Follow Vlaak

Go to the camp (life +2)
Follow Vlaak

Tell Svetlana the truth
Lie to Svetlana (life +1, cool +1)

Sneak down to the huts
Wait and watch (cool +1)

Shoot Quinn Q’Reel
Run after Q’Reel (cool +2)

Draw your lazegun
Drop to the floor
Launch yourself backwards into him (cool +2)

Try to reason with Q’Reel (cool +2)
Run for the controls
Try to subdue Q’Reel

Attack Vlaak’s ship
Dive into Chicolini’s atmosphere
Stall for time (cool +2)

A high-powered lazerrifle
A plasma bomb
A rocket-powered distress beacon


Ends with Life: 12, Cool: 26, Money: 20, Fuel: 20

Score: 800
Completed Deep Space Huntress
Highest rank for Deep Space Huntress


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