[Zombie High] V8 Walkthrough

V8 Ranks
800+ – Beautiful, wonderful monster!
500+ – Heroic fecto
300+ – Pretty cool for a fecto
100+ – Hated by most, but not all
<100 – Gross fecto

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Ava (cool +2)

Help look for the key (cool +1)
Climb to the window
Look for another entrance

Clear the building yourself
Ask Ava for her opinion (cool +1, humanity +1)
Clear the building together

Get fuel for the generator
Get food and water (cool +1)

Head to the grocery store
Look for supplies somewhere else (humanity -1)

Fix the generator
Turn off lights
Gather supplies
Move equipment
Security check (cool +2)

Scavenge for fuel
Amuse Ava (cool +1)
Work with Sven

Play board games
Take her outside




(humanity +1)

Go alone
Go with Meow

‘Nope, I don’t.’
‘It’s called Moosalicious.’
‘It’s called Mr. Moose’s Revenge.’ (cool +1)

Go with Ava for fuel and supplies (cool +1, humanity +1 later)
Help hotties find instruments
Help Sven to look for data

Continue searching
Clear the building of fectos (cool +1, humanity +1)
Move on to get fuel

(humanity -1)

Take the cure now (life -6, infection -10, life +3 later)

‘Sorry, I’m with Tommy.’ (humanity +1)
‘Agreed! Do you know of one?’ (cool +1)
‘Come here then.’ (cool +1, humanity -1, You Cad! Achievement)




Go for supplies
Go to perimeter
Take it slow and do a test (cool +1)

Go for supplies
Go to perimeter

Take Sven
Go alone (cool +1)

Impersonate a VM on the street
Use the sewer

Give him a peck on the cheek (humanity +1, cool +1)
Give him a real kiss
Just give a pat on the shoulder

Continue on as a VM
Enter the sewer (cool +1)

Continue on cautiously
Hurry along (humanity +1, life -3, cool +1 later)

Run for the tunnel
Dive under the water
Shine the light on yourself (cool +1)

You’re a scout (cool +1)
You’re his daughter
You’re older than you look

Allow the scan (cool +1)

Use the herd story
Show them the sewer map (cool +2)
That you need to report now

Give them a copy (cool +2)
Keep moving

Try to make the call here (cool +1)
Go back down to get it right
Travel on the surface(x


Ends with life: 1, infect: 0, humanity: 6, cool: 25

Score: 990
Completed Zombie High V8 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High V8 Achievement

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