[Zombie High] V9 Walkthrough

V9 Ranks
800+ – Beautiful, wonderful monster!
500+ – Heroic fecto
300+ – Pretty cool for a fecto
100+ – Hated by most, but not all
<100 – Gross fecto

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Run along the sidewalks
(cool +1, humanity +1)
Use the sewer

(life -3)

Take cover
Keep running (cool +1, humanity +1)
Use alleys

(life +2)

Confide in Sven (humanity +1, cool +1)
Accuse Sven
Investigate on your own

Confront Jugs
Question people
Stakeout the radio (cool +1)

Shoot her
Follow her
Continue the argument (cool +1)

(life +2)

Go for the car
Evacuate on foot
Inject everyone with the cure
Check your defenses (cool +1)

Shoot Bennett
Go for the hallway (cool +1, humanity +1)
Parlay with Bennett

Rush Bennett
Sit tight

Use the other stairway
Go after Bennett (cool +1)

Throw the cocktail now (cool +1, life -1)
Try to get a better shot

Use the car (cool +1)
Stay on foot




Stay in this configuration (cool +1)
Spread out

(life +1)

Stay with Dr. Marconi for now
Leave her for now (cool +1)

Go for the rifle
Distract the helicopter
Go after Ava (cool +2, life -1)

Blackberry bushes
Under the pickup truck

(life +1)

Escape with Ava
Hunt the soldiers
Stay put (cool +1)

Leave for the hotel
Stay for a while (cool +1)

A true story about Zeta High
A made-up story about ducks (cool +1)

Side eyes (cool +1, humanity +1)

(life +2)
(life +2)

Let her run
Carry her

Take out the VM climbing in
Join Headshot (cool +1)

Destroy Meow
Tackle Meow (humanity +1, cool +1, life -1)
Let Sven try his plan




(life +2)

Give Meow the cure
Say you’ll come back for her (cool +1)
Plan to destroy Meow

Give Meow the cure (humanity +1, life -3, humanity +1 later)
Plan to destroy Meow

Leave now (cool +1)
Wait till morning

Go through the fiery ruins (cool +2, life -2 later)
Try Sven’s sheet idea

Go for the nearby sewer manhole
Use the alley to get further away

Let Marconi set up an ambush
You set up an ambush (humanity +1)
You and Marconi set up an ambush
Stick together (~)

Shoot him (life -1 later)
Tell him to freeze

(life +1)

Use Ava as a shield
Douse the lights (cool +1, life -1 later)

Set up an ambush for Bennett
Ask Marconi to swim for the dinghy
Ask Headshot to signal (cool +2)


Ends with life: 6, humanity: 9, cool: 27

Score: 1080
Completed Zombie High V9 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High V9 Achievement

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