[Detective’s Choice] V1 Walkthrough

V1 Ranks
600+ – Cool cat, loved by the skirts
300+ – Good noggin, nice keister
100+ – On the level PI
1+ – Sucker sleuth
<1 – Daisy punk

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Volume 1: Jack Jericho and the Bloody Burlesque Show by William Miller

Let your eyes do the talking (cool +1)
Play it cool
Act the gentleman

Ask for a generous fee (money +100)
Ask for a mid-range fee
Take it easy on her


Lock the door
Out the window
Try to pay half ($50)

(money -5)

Try to talk your way in
Look for another entrance
Pay the man ($5)

Knock and bluff your way in (cool +1)
Knock and ask for Sissy
Climb into the club

Order a scotch on the rocks ($2)
Order a beer ($1) (money -1)
Bribe him for information ($10)

The truth (cool +2)
That you are a customer
Looking for someone like you (cool +1, Flirt! Achievement)

Run to Sissy (cool +4)
Tackle Mr. Vulture

Run him down
Follow from a distance

(money -10)

Try the door
Try to use a window
Kick the door in (life -1)

Say you’re a cop
‘Your worst nightmare!’
Say The Ghost of Christmas Past (cool +2, Joker! Achievement)

Bounce up and down
Go for weapon with feet (life -2, rage +2, cool +1)
Swing and try to pull off hook

(cool +3)

Go under the fence
Go over the fence

Go in guns blazing
Play the diplomat (Note: choose this, then ‘Just give ’em 30 more days’ for Diplomat Achievement)
Try a distraction

Gun him down
Sneak up with bolt cutters
Distract him (rage +1, cool +2)

Abandon Jeffrey
Keep wheeling him out (cool +2, life -3, Humanitarian Achievement)

Join her in the shower (You Cad! Achievement)
Try to get some sleep (life +3)

(money +50)
(money -10)

Threaten to break Zoltar (cool +1, Bully achievement)
Have Sissy ask to enter
Look for Pasha

Use your gun
Hand to hand fighting (offensive)
Stay on the defensive (life -1)

Give Pasha a memory
Negotiate (cool +1)

(cool -3)

Demand he give it back
Give him a good beating
Live with it (cool +1)




Hall of Mirrors
House of Horrors
Wax Museum

For the Timid
For the Brave (cool +1, I’m an adventurer, dammit! Achievement)

Explore the ground floor
Explore upstairs
Explore the basement

Talk to her
Tackle her (cool +2)
Shoot her

Greet your visitor at gun point
Play it cool (cool +1)
Go in through the window

Bluff your way inside (Impersonator Achievement)
Tell him the truth
Distract him

Lora Lust (Nice deduction Achievement)
Sissy Tease

Kick the door down (cool +1)
Break a window
Try the back door

Kick and shoot
Kick and run (cool +1)
Kick and control door




Quiet and stealthy
Kick ass and take names
Look for another entrance

Shoot him
Use fallen door as a barricade

Try to use the bell (life -2, cool +2)
Jump down from the roof

Try talking to her (cool +1)
Put a bullet in her

Keep her talking (rage +1)
Shoot her
Look the other way

Ends with life: 4, cool: 27, rage: 4, money: 124

Score: 894 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Crushed it! Achievement
Untouchable! Achievement

Completed Detective’s Choice V1 Achievement
Highest rank for Detective’s Choice V1 Achievement

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