[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers – Team 7 & Sannin

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Alright, give everything for your dream today!
Surely you will become a great Hokage! (✓) In any case!
No wonder he’s the man who wants to become the pirate king! Huh? Are you kidding me?

Uh…I’m hungry…moshimushi.wordpress.com
I’ve brought a super healthy veggie bento! Oh, go ahead and eat it. I’m not that hungry anyway.
Let’s eat it together! I’ll take you to Teuchi’s for ramen! (✓) Very good! My favourite ramen!

How could Jiraiya be so lustful and yet so powerful?
Collecting materials is a very important exercise too. Really now, collecting material is another form of training. I’ll go too!
He must have put in a lot of effort too. (✓) I must secretly train after school! I can’t relax!

I may be a genin right now, but I will train hard and become the Hokage!
Come on, Naruto. I believe you could do it. (✓) Haha! Let’s work together!
Let’s upgrade to Chunin first. One step at a time! What’s the matter with you! Who doesn’t understand general principles!

Why is Sasuke so stubborn?
Sasuke…has his problems. (✓) He’s never told us.
Maybe he wants only more power. It is so…But this is the meaning of being a ninja?

Why does Hinata blush every time she sees me?
Can it be that you’re imagining things? Hey! Nobody talks like that!
Well, maybe she likes you? (✓) How could it be so? Don’t make fun of me, hahahaha.

What does Nine-Tails really think of me?
Maybe he things that you’re too weak. How about if you tried to become stronger? (✓) Oh! He will listen to me when I’m stronger.
He only wants to use you. Yes… maybe you’re right.



What’s up?moshimushi.wordpress.com
I’ve learned new tricks. (✓) Humph! I’ll show you what I have!
Look! Let’s have some fun! Boring, rather than wasting time here, I should go train.

I still don’t get it. Why would Itachi do that kind of thing.
Didn’t you want to avenge him? Why do you think too much? Right, the only way is to kill him.
I don’t get it either, but, there must be something about it. (✓) What terrible secrets must still haven’t come out…

I will have my revenge on that guy!
I understand you! How would someone who grew up in a honey pot ever understand!
I don’t get it, but I support you! (✓) Oh…thanks…

In my eyes, Orochimaru is nothing more than a mere clown.
What enviable power. (✓) You want to try it?
But, Orochimaru gave you the power you need. I’m just using him. That’s all.

Why does Naruto keep on bugging me?!
Maybe he only wanted to comply with Sakura’s agreement. It would be a better use of time to think about how to become stronger.
Because he can’t let go of the bond between you. (✓) Bonding? How boring…

How can I become stronger?
Don’t forget your goals. (✓) Itachi? How could I ever forget.
Train hard like Lee. Tsk… if you want to learn, then go learn from him!

When I was young,my father used to compare me with that person.
Itachi Uchiha? It is rumored that he was considered a prodigy. Don’t ever mention his name!
He may not see your hard work, but you are clear enough about your effort. (✓) I know… but this level is way not enough.



It feels so good to heal people with healing jutsu.
In my opinion, your healing ninjutsu still has room for improvement. Yes, but I can’t be too satisfied.
Sakura has a good heart. (✓) You make me shy when you say that…

Naruto always develops just when we are not careful.
If Naruto can do it, you can do it too. (✓) I hope so…
He’s always making an effort secretly. And you? I’m…well, maybe maybe I haven’t put in enough effort yet.

Why is Ino always against me…
Because you are rivals in love. I won’t let her have Sasuke!
This is how girls are. Just use mutual understanding. (✓) Really? Maybe she thinks I’m always against her.

I don’t want to be protected anymore.
It shows that you’ve grown, Sakura. (✓) Great! I’m glad to hear that from you
Then you must become stronger in order to make it. I know this kind of thing!

How can I get Sasuke’s heart back…
It’s no use. He’s already made up his mind. Just give up. Shut up! Be quiet!
Try to be real with him. Then maybe you will succeed. (✓) Well, but we must find him first.

I want to become a ninja like Tsunade too.
If you train hard, you’ll make it. You’re not a stupid girl. (✓) Haha, I think so too!
It would never be possible with the chest. Shut up!

I’ve always been looking at the shadow of their backs. Now it’s time for them to see the shadow of my back!
Just work harder. Youll become irreplaceable. (✓) Yes, don’t lose!
Do you think youll be stronger than Naruto and Sasuke? No matter what. If you don’t try, you’ll be left behind.



Oh, I lost my way again on the path of life today.
Kakashi Sensei, you need to have a sense of time! Yikes, it’s because a black cat was in my way…
Everybody gets lost. We’re all probably lost. (✓) (Kakashi didn’t say anything, just patted your shoulders.)

Haha, I can see Make-out Paradise again!
Oh! Oh! That’s Jiraiya’s masterspiece! (✓) Yes, Jiraiya’s books are really tops!
Such books will be detrimental to your health… I’m a grown man. Don’t worry about me, hahaha.

The Lightning Blade uses too much chakras. I have to make it right!
It’s only the Lightning Blade. It’s nothing compared to the Fourth Kage’s Rasengan! Young man, try the Konoha Taijutsu Mystery Skill–Thousand Years of Death!
Wow! Your Lightning Blade skill can split the lightnings! (✓) It’s not that serious, haha!

A person who doesn’t care about friends is rubbish. What do you think?
Comrades are a ninja’s most valuable asset and where our bond lies. (✓) It looks like you already understand the origin of a ninja’s strength! Not bad!
Friends are tools only. They can be disposed anytime! You’re not ninja material. Go back to school and learn from the start!

Guy hasn’t played with me for a while now.
Could it be that Kakashi is lonely? Nonsense, it’s only strange because you haven’t seen him.
I guess he’s scared he’ll be beaten by Kakashi Sensei. (✓) Haha, I guess you’re right!

Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, don’t forget you are a team.
Yes, Kakashi Sensei. (✓) Don’t ever lose your friends.
Yes, I know. Alright. Later you would understand the importance of the bonds between you and your friends.

Letting electrostatic focus on the palm, causing one strike kill, is the essence of Lightning Cutter.
I heard that Lightning Blade can cut lightning into halves. (✓) You flatter me, I am not that awesome.
But I’ve never seen it kill many people at once… True. Because people who witness this stance are dead.moshimushi.wordpress.com



What happened? Did you remember something from the past? (✓) So, oh well.
You look so stupid when youre thinking! So, that is to say…um.

So,today’s weather is a little dry.
What a dry weather, those trees must be thirsty (✓) Yes, it would be nice if we could help Konoha.
Im hard-working too! If you’re thirsty, then go drink some water.

So, do not mistreat plants!
Its only plants… So, plants are life forms too! Love them!
Yes, protecting the environment is a good thing! (✓) So, that is to say, if everybody were like you then,…

So, are my eyes really weird?
So much spirit, great! (✓) So, it’s not weird?
Hahaha, thats true. So that means (deflated demeanor)

So, Kakashi sensei…
Did Kakashi offend you? So, Kakashi is much smarter than you.
Are you thinking about Kakashi sensei and the past? (✓) So, oh well…

So, I have a nice side, and a bad side.
Your terrifying side is too dreadful! So, you want to feel it?
Nice in some ways and strict in others. This a powerful kind of ability. (✓) So, what do you like about me?(A hard to detect smile)




Come on, I’ll take you to the bathhouse!
The bathhouse again? (✓) Haha, I always need more material!
I won’t go. I know exactly what you want to do. You don’t have a future!

If I should never come back from this mission…
No, you will come back alive! (✓) Haha, I hope so. The only way is to try!
Then let’s not go anymore. Should we let someone else go? I must go. That’s my duty.

I trust the people of this world,that one day there will be no diversion,and will be trustworthiness among one another.
Idealism is beautiful, but reality is cruel. Even with harsher condition , it wouldn’t stop anyone from moving forward with trustworthiness. This point is more than enough .
That day is worth waiting for. (✓) Go on young man, this is a noble dream!

Why has my hair gone all white? The girls think I’m a grandpa.
You are a grandpa, okay? Nobody is assuming. Little stinker! I’m only over 50!
That’s your style! (✓) Yes! I’m a guy who can make crying little babies stop crying, hahaha!

What are the talents of a ninja. Do you know?
A ninja is someone who can has unlimited patience. (✓) Good, it’s good that you know.
Must have mastered a lot of ninjutsu! You’re just like that guy, but I beg to differ.

Come on, want to go for a drink?
I’m not 18 yet. I can’t go. Tsk, you’ve really spoiled the fun.
I’m in! Let’s drink, Jiraiya! (✓) Wait…you’re not a grown-up yet, are you?!

Tell you what, I’m Gamamaru.
What kind of sage are you! You’re a total lecher! No, I’m a really dirty man! Haha!
Yes, it’s Jiraiya, one of the three Sannin! (✓) You can do it if you’re industrious. Don’t give up, hahaha!moshimushi.wordpress.com



Get Sasuke to get a new container. Hahaha!
One step at a time. Practice patience in everything. (✓) Ah, I’ve waited for this day a long time.
Maybe it won’t be as good as you imagine. Hum, Sasuke can’t runaway!

The life of the body is too short and too unpredictable.
Everything has an end. Nothing is eternal. Oh really… You’re like my staircase to immortality…
Yes, only a spirit can live forever! (✓) Haha, become a part of me! Let’s be forever!

To achieve my goals, no matter how dark the forces, I will use them if I must.
Hate is a terrible force. Can I control them? (✓) Confront your heart and you’ll get an even stronger power.
You’re wrong! Hate is the root of all the evil in this world! Total idiot! People who haven’t experienced it would never understand the meaning of hate!

I need to get more and more ninjutsu! All of it!
No, I won’t let you have it your way! Watch out or I’ll turn you into my test subject…
You’ve done so many experiments. It will definitely work. (✓) Exactly, I’m waiting for that day to come.

Tears mean nothing to me. Since I was selected by god, then I will give up everything to find the truth!
Relatives, friends, loved ones are all more important than truth! Idiot, I don’t have any of this, but I have truth!
Yes, Orochimaru, everything in this world is structured according to the truth. (✓) Come merge with me and look for the truth. Let’s become the truth…

Life doesn’t have any meaning to begin with, but as long as we live, interesting things happen.
Orochimaru, I admire you, but I like girls. (✓) Haha, you don’t understand the meaning of this sentence.
It’s better to die than continue living. You won’t have any more worries after you die. You should atone to those people who want to be dead while alive. Go die! Wind Shield Breakthrough!

Come with me. I’ll take you to witness the power of truth.
Will it really give me inexhaustible strength? (✓) Yes, everything…I’ll give you everything…
No, I won’t go with you. You don’t want power?moshimushi.wordpress.com



Things with form will eventually fade away… But those will always be present in my memory and heart, I will always remember those who are gone.
Tsunade sama, don’t you think that they left because of you? Whuuuuu!! *weeping*
Did Tsunade sama have someone important in her life before? (✓) Yes, they live in my memory and heart.

Is being strong a man’s responsibility? Nawaki is like that, Dan is like that, so is Jiraiya…
Actions speak louder than words, that is their path of ninja. (✓) I thought of Naruto, that idiot.
Maybe they think that weeping is a women’s thing Boom!! *you go flying pretty far*

This is the village that grandpa fought so much to protect! I will be like him and protect everyone in this village!
Go for it Tsunade sama, we believe in you! (✓) Thank you for trusting me!
But even the strong ones such as the First Hokage leave us. Living and aging is the nature of humanity

As a medical ninja, you have to keep yourself alive so that you can help your allies.
Do I need to battle if I am a medical ninja? A coward like is not worthy to become a ninja.
You will be able to go over your limits if you are capable of using a Reserve Seal. (✓) That’s right!

Jiraiya, you are so dumb.
If that is so, why didn’t you try to stop him? (✓) Because he is just like Sarutobi sensei, always thinking about the well-being of the village.
Tsunade sama gambled and won! Shouldn’t Tsunade sama be happy about it? I don’t need this kind of victory.

The future of Konoha is in your hands.
But protecting the village should be Lord Hokage’s responsibility, right? Because he is just like Sarutobi sensei, always thinking about the well-being of the village.
Tsunade sama, we will not let you down. (✓) Cheer up! Try to work hard just like Naruto!


Table of Contents


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