[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers – Akatsuki

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Do you know what is true art?moshimushi.wordpress.com
Music, drawing, etc. all count as art. Oh! You don’t get it!
Of course! Art is a blast! (✓) Right!

Let’s create a more beautiful work of art!
Watch out, so you don’t hurt yourself. I’ve decided a long time ago that I will sacrifice my life for the sake of art.
The Kibaku Nendo is ready! Let’s start! (✓) Ready! Here we go!

Do you dare to throw Nendo Locusts on old Onoki?
Should you pay a little more respect to the Tsuchikage! Wow!
It must be fun! Hahaha! (✓) Come on! Let’s go now!

Sasori’s existence is a blasphemy to the word art! Hum!
How would he understand the beauty of explosions! (✓) It’s rare to find someone who appreciates art!
Puppets are also a type of art. There’s only one kind of art in this world! The explosion! Yes!

I’m already ready to sacrifice my life for my ultimate art!
I have your back! (✓) I will let you see the most spetacular moment!
Life is the most vital! How can you compare art with life? There’s nothing more I have to say to you! Humph!

Look at my new Nendo clones! They not only seize enemies, but can also self-implode!
Tremendous! Explode one for me to see! (✓) No problem!
Naruto’s temptation jutsu and Kage’s puppets couple together is strong! What do you know!

One day I’m going to have everybody experience the art of explosions!
It sounds pretty dreadful. Yes! You coward!
Your dream will come true someday! (✓) Coming Soon! Yes!



Don’t make me wait too long.
Yes, Ill be back soon. No delays! (✓) Now it’s right. Go go go!
What are you worried about? Theres nothing that needs worrying right now. Waiting is the thing I dislike the most.

Is this the puppet you want to change?
Yes!I think I could trust it to you. (✓) Of course. I will make it into an even more powerful battle puppet.
Yes, dont make it more complicated than it is… Hum, the more complicated an institution, the more powerful it is!

My goal is to exceed Monzaemon in puppet jutsu!
How could it be. Hes the father of the puppets… Puppet is the only thing in my life. There’s nothing impossible.
You can already control the puppets! (✓) But the power of a single puppet is far inferior to that of Chiyo.

Lasting beauty is an art.moshimushi.wordpress.com
Deidaras explosion is art too! What artistic value does something written in water have!
Yes, puppets wont ever disappear. (✓) This is the reason why I made the other lives into puppets.

Human puppets are the summit of the puppet world.
Powerful indeed!They could even use the ninjutsu they learned before their lifetime! (✓) Only people who has seen it really knows how horriift it is.
For this, are you going to go on a killing spree then? I’m trying to give them everlasting life.

All excellent ninjas could be made into puppets.
Are the ninja resources very important to the puppets? (✓) Of course!
If you use this as the basis for murder, its completely unreasonable. Should I make you into a puppet now.

Completely change a human being…
So youre going to make your family into puppets?Its really too cruel! This is the only way I can make them stay with me forever.
You still have puppet parents who will accompany you. (✓) But I can’t give them affection.



I won’t partner up with other people.
Yes, you don’t need to be controlled. (✓) This is the only way to get more money.
Arent there others in the group who are more powerful? No, Hidan’s Eternal Life is the perfect match for me.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Can’t we have a higher value wanted mission?
The more gold the more powerful the enemy. Are you sure we can take those money? Do you want to disparage me?
Its the same concept of murder, why such a big difference in price? (✓) Yes, I don’t like to keep on running outside.

Hidan, can’t he be quieter when killing someone?
Relatively speaking, I prefer silent killers. (✓) That’s right.
Hes born that way. What can you do. I’ve really had enough.

The people who are who are the same as me have just about all died.
Are you a little lonely? (✓) How much?
Youre almost there too. Why don’t I send you on your way?

It’s about time the heart reserves are replenished.
Youre this afraid of death? Be careful when you’re talking, or I will take your heart out.
Want to become stronger again? (✓) Hope, it would be nice if I could get a good quality heart.moshimushi.wordpress.com

The Akatsuki’s account book is almost red. Maybe they need to accept more wanted missions.
We didnt think youd be so thoughtful. (✓) Well, I don’t feel safe without money.
Whats the hurt with a little less money? How would you understand the importance of money?

Money is about the only thing that can be believed.
Where are the other Akatsukis? Who knows when they will turn back on me.
Yes, anyone can betray you, but money wont. (✓) It is so.

Why should I be cruelly treated when I sacrificed my life for the village?
Theres nothing to complain for failing a mission, is there? No, I can’t understand.
You can’t trust anyone in the world of ninjas. (✓) People are so base, unlike money.



Nagato and Yahiko’s will will not extinguish!
Um, lets chase their dreams together. (✓) Thank you.
Can human will really be transmitted? Of course you can!

Only when it’s raining do I feel safe.moshimushi.wordpress.com
Because rain can wash away sin. (✓) The entire world will be cleansed.
Doesnt the village of Hidden Rain always rain? That’s only Nagato’s sensory jutsu. That’s all.

In a world without light, flowers only wither.
Only darkness is the resting place of hate and pain. That’s only an excuse you made up.
But no matter what time, the light of dawn will shine upon darkness! (✓) Maybe it’s because we don’t want to wait.

Yahiko’s death reveals the true color of the nation.
However, political battles are cruel. We won’t show any mercy to thos who bully.
The acts of big nations are the source of the pain for smaller nations. (✓) We will refuse any nation’s charity, we will make the world suffer.

Jiraiya sensei is the person we admire the most.
Right, hes a respectable mentor. (✓) Yes
Actually, he has a lascivious side too. This is not really important.

I hope the next time I see you a flower of hope will blossom from your heart.
But nothing is predictable. All flowers wither one day. Are you going to give up your dream and hope?
Dreams will never wither. (✓) No wonder he’s trusted by Nagato.

I am God’s angel of Hidden Rain Village
Though paper wings are beautiful, does this count as an angel? Ignorant fools, you have to witness God’s power.Shikigami Dance!
The leader of the Hidden Rain indeed, looking so extraordinary. (✓) God will guide us to the light.

The Akatsuki is the most heartwarming home.
The Akatsuki is a cold blooded group. Nonsense! No matter when, the Akatsuki is my home!
But, all the Akatsuki has brought to the other ninja villages is pain and iciness (✓) This is the only path to peace.moshimushi.wordpress.com



Where did the previous generation go to?
Relax, he should be coming back really quickly. (✓) Perfect.
Your previous generation is already finished off. Ha! Previous generation, don’t die on me!

I need the Tailed Beasts to make the Project “Tsuki no Me” become real
Capturing Tailed Beasts is really not easy (✓) Yes, but I trust I will complete this plan.
You would kill all Jinchuriki without a second thought in order to achieve your plans? Sacrificing a small part for the greater good is essential 

Project “Tsuki no Me” will certainly put an end to all wars.
You are clearly just trying to find an excuse for your actions. You would never understand.
Your thoughts seem good… (✓) When it becomes reality, you will know a perfect world.

Can you guess who I am?
I just need to destroy that mask to know who you are. Tskk, this person really is something else…
Madara Uchiha? (✓) BINGO! You are correct!

You cannot defeat me! You cannot defeat me! Yo, yo, yo!
Come on, come on out! Do you think you can do it? Woops! Someone got angry, scary!
Did you really think I was not aware of your Space-Time Ninjutsu? (✓) Woops! I was found out!

You are now thinking about your past? (✓) Hm… She was the most precious person to me.
It seems like something is troubling you?…



Kakuzu is so annoying, I must carry the corpses after every mission
Just kill him! Before that, let me sacrifice you to Lord Jashin!
You are partners, you must understand each other. (✓) We are the strongest zombie team!

Kakuzu is a really cold guy.
That’s right, he can only see money in front of him I will need him when I’m hurt.
Kakuzu is always cold to everyone (✓) But I am his partner.

That kid! I will teach him a lesson till he pleads.
Don’t spare his life when you see him next time! (✓) That is for sure, I will destroy him slowly!
That is no ordinary kid, be careful. Are you doubting my capabilities?

Wait! We must pray before the battle.
Alright, we’ll wait ’til you finish praying. (✓) Yes, this phase is necessary!
So annoying, so slow.

Are you willing to give up your life for Lord Jashin?
I do! (✓) You are a true believer.
Who wants to believe in such a religion? That is a blasphemy towards Lord Jashin! Die!

Those who don’t know others’ pain will be punished by God.
You are that God? You monster!
That’s right! They deserve to die. (✓) Be prepared to be punished!moshimushi.wordpress.com


The strongest eat the weak! That is the law of this world.
I will become stronger! (✓) Humph, you cannot say those things so easily.
You think you are allowed to bully the weak ones? Even if I don’t eat him, he will still be eaten by other sharks.

I remember Itachi saying: “Only when one faces death will one realize what person he is.”
Kisame must surely be a bad guy You are right about it, kid.
I feel that Kisame is a good guy who cares about his juniors (✓) Are you being serious, kid?

Can anyone explain me the meaning of a partner?
Only the weak need a partner. If a person alone can do it, then why are there also Team Missions?
A partner is someone who will always have your back? (✓) The problem is that I had to kill all my partners and similar to prove myself to the Hidden Mist.

Samehada is a really greedy partner.
Sometimes he looks adorable too. (✓) It will be blatant if you say it that way.
Isn’t Samehada greedy enough to get your Chakra? For the sake of Chakra, sometimes, even masters are denied it.

Have you experienced killing your own teammates?
You must have other unexplainable reasons too. (✓) To prevent unreliable people from leaking information.
You are a truly cruel ninja! Shark’s blood thirst will only show up at this moment!

Might Guy is really frustrating.
He is also considered an honorable opponent. (✓) My memory is just not that good
Is it because you have always lost to him? One day, let him be food for sharks.

Remember kid, attacking your own teammates will not give you a good ending!
Does a vicious person such as you also have regrets? You think too much, kid.
Is Kisame remembering something of the past? (✓) Just an unbearable memory only


Pain – Ningendomoshimushi.wordpress.com

Youre really cool. (✓) …(The corners of the mouth rise upward)
You look so weird. Go away!

Dont even think about taking my body. …(Contempt)
I want to learn some spirit drawing techniques too. (✓) …(The corners of the mouth rise upward)

Konoha really makes people uncomfortable.
You dont make people comfortable.
Youll get used to it eventually. (✓) ……


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