[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers – Non-Konoha

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To make sure Lord Orochimaru’s ambitions come true, I offered my whole life.
Of course it will become true. (✓) You surely understand me.
Were you brainwashed? What do you understand?

I am the sole survivor of the Kaguya Clan.
What is the meaning of life? Keep yourself alive is the only way to make sure you will encounter meaningful things.
You will certainly find your true meaning in life. (✓) That is exactly what Lord Orochimaru taught me.

Everyone’s life has a purpose, you find that purpose and you will find a way to use all your talents for a good cause
You have already found your purpose in life. (✓) Yes, I don’t mind becoming a vessel for Lord Orochimaru.
No, I can’t understand.

I don’t know about Jugo’s situation recently, I can’t help but worry…
He went on a rampage again. He will learn to control himself.
Of course hes good. (✓) Yes, I believe so too.

My Kekkai Genkai allows me to control my bone cells at will.
Thats disgusting. Yes.
What an amazing ability! (✓) Everything for Lord Orochimaru.

Lord Orochimaru is the person I respect the most.
He was the one who rescued you, correct? (✓) Yes.
What has that perv got of good? You could not understand.




Finally I can sleep right…
Why couldn’t you sleep before? (✓) I’m afraid Shukaku has applied his slumber jutsu on me.
Such dark circles. You finally know to get some sleep. You don’t understand the pain of not being able to sleep.

It’s as if Kankuro and Temari are really afraid of me…
Try to talk with them more. (✓) Alright, I’ll try.
Could it be that they are concerned about you? Clearly you’re brother and sister. There’s no need…

What does father really think of me?
That kind of dad could be disposed!
He must have his own issues. (✓) Even though he’s my dad, I know very little about him.

Naruto, you will become the Hokage!
Him? He’s not even a match for Shikamaru. Don’t underestimate Naruto. He’s an excellent ninja.
Is he your best friend? (✓) Naturally, I wouldn’t be here without him.

What does “Jinchuriki” really mean…
Is it not because of power and strength? (✓) Yes, you must control this power well, so that you can defend the village.
It means not having any friends. I thought so too until I met Naruto…

I have to carry this gourd with me everywhere. What a pain.
You think you’re a gourd? What is that? Is it strong?
Your best weapon is inside, isn’t it? (✓) Yes, this sand need to be filled with chakras ahead of time.moshimushi.wordpress.com



How much time does it take to comb every day?
Why do you have four braids? (✓) The wind is too strong in the Land of Sand. The two braids won’t keep.
Ugh, what ugly-looking haircut! This is for adapting to the local conditions, stupid!

I have to carry this fan everywhere. It’s so heavy!
How are you going to use ninjutsu without a fan? There’s no such thing. Only a fan could produce something more intense!
Can you show it to me? What good is a three-star fan? (✓) With this fan, I can increase the strength of my wind attribute ninjutsu.

Shikamaru has a good brain…
Haha, is there also a little bit of admiration besides envy? (✓) Yes, he’s the type of guy I like.
Tell him if you like him! You…stop blabbering nonsense!

Gaara doesn’t save me any worries at all.
You should be glad he didn’t kill you. I really want to take out your tongue!
As his big sister, help him a little more. (✓) Yes, I hope he grows up soon.

Apparently I really miss Konoha’s chestnuts.
Konoha’s chestnuts are fuller than those of the Land of Wind. (✓) Yes, exactly! Tastes like heaven!
Do you really miss the chestnuts? What do you mean!

It would be so nice if Kamaitachi can carry on forever like the other summons.
Pets can be real exhausting if they’re always around. You really have no clue.
Yes, it’s real great to have the company of summons. (✓) Yes, it can get quite lonely sometimes.



Careful not to catch a crow!moshimushi.wordpress.com
This is the crow thats been following you for the longest time. It looks great. (✓) You have taste.
This puppet… looks so ugly… What do you know? Puppets don’t score a success by their appearances.

Collecting puppets is such a happy event!
It doesnt seem like youve collected anything new recently. Well, don’t be so impatient
Its always so much fun to do what you love! (✓) Yes, puppets are truly my fav.

For puppet masters, poisoning and puppets are both important.
As ninja, the more attacks the better. (✓) Of course, the poison carrying puppet can pose greater threat to the enemy.
I think, puppets themselves are more important than poisoning. Yes, these are necessary qualities of an excellent puppet.

In the past, Temari and I have always tried to hide from Gaara…
Everybody fears the jinchuriki. It’s normal to hide from it. Even though…
You guys are always hiding from him. Poor Gaara! (✓) Yes…now that we think about it, we really haven’t done everything we could have…

I won’t let Gaara be taken away under my watch!
Gaara is very powerful, but you dont have to worry. (✓) There are a lot of powerful ninjas. Be careful.
Gaaras personality is too unpredictable. Do you have any suggestions for my brother?

I don’t want to givev up everything to pursue power like Sasori.
But we have to admit Sasori is indeed very powerful. If that’s what you think, then I don’t know.
Being a competent puppet master is more than enough. It doesnt what others think. (✓) That’s right, every puppet master has a path of his own.





The path of a missing nin can only be spend in darkness.
Why did you fail to assassinate Mizukage? Hum, it’s only for the time being.
We have to finish walking the path we chose for ourselves. (✓) The path of danger can end anywhere.

A weakling can only become prey.
I will try harder to make myself more powerful! (✓) Your path is still very long.
Prey only needs to preserve their lives. You’re too naive!

Youre not only treating him as a tool, are you? This is definitely what I used to think…
Is he an important companion of yours? (✓) Yes, this is also the most loyal and most powerful companion.

This beheading blade has the blood of countless people.
I heard its possible regenerate even after the blade breaks. (✓) This is one of the reasons why it became one of the seven greatest swords.
You are bloody violent. If you rose out of the pile of the dead then you wouldn’t talk like this either.

When will the village of Hidden Mist have peace…
There are too many missing nins in Hidden Mist. Its hard to quiet down. It looks like that day will never come for me.
Its improved a lot after the Fifth Mizukage entered the stage. (✓) I hope I can get rid of those cruel cultivation rules.

Naruto has grown into an outstanding ninja.
Yes, hes the hero in everybodys heart. (✓) Little imp. Doesn’t disappoint me.
How is it?Are you ashamed? When I was his age I was already rolling in the pile of dead.



From what I see, it’s very hard to become a ninja who can let go of everything.
Dont ninjas just need to complete missions successfully? You don’t seem to understand the meaning of ninja.
People arent vegetables. Who could be so cruel? (✓) The person who gives up a relationship is only a tool.

People become strong when they wan to protect very important things.
Youre absolutely right. I want to be as powerful as you too. (✓) Thank you for your recognition.
But from what I see, youre only Zabuzas tool. It seems like I’ve been in my head to much…

I want to realize Zabuza sensei’s dream. For this, I can become a real ninja.
So when are you going to start living for yourself then? (✓) Zabuza sensei is everything to me.
So youre going to commit crimes with him? Then what, it’s only for Zabuza’s sake.

Without dreams, unneeded by anybody, then there is only pain.
It looks like you have no existence value. So, you think the same.
You need to become stronger. Look at Naruto now. (✓) Hes grown up a lot compared to before.

Zabuza sensei is actually a warm person…
Thats called gentle? You don’t understand him.
Really? I can see you really like him. (✓) Yes, only because he needs me.

If possible, I wan to go to the same place as Zabuza.
Do you know. Zabuza actually cares a lot about you. (✓) Thanks.
Why do I feel like Zabuza doesnt want to be together with you. I’ve thought too much.


Hanzo Salamandermoshimushi.wordpress.com




Killer Bee

Come to my concert! Yo! ♪
Alright, I love rap! (✓) You, won’t, be, disappointed!Yo!
I prefer music thats more expressive of ones emotions… You don’t understand the art of rap.Idiot!

Super, this is my lovely partner!Yeah!♪
Looks so fierce… If only I’m still here, then there’s nothing to fear!
You guys look so compatible together! (✓) Good relationships have companied me from young to old!

Jinchuriki should be united!Yo!♪
But everybody fights for themselves and dont want to work together. People are not united. I’m unhappy!
People with similar experiences must be able to understand each other! (✓) This is our story! 

Aren’t my eyeglasses the coolest!Yo!♪
Such ugly eyeglasses! You don’t understand appreciations!Idiot!
So cool, I want one too! Yo! (✓) It makes me happy! Yeah!

Men should talk with their fists!Yo!♪
Then lets give it a try! (✓) I like straightforward people!Yo!♪ 
But Im not a man… My bad. Sorry, sorry!

Naruto and I are good friends!Yeah!♪
Naruto and I are good friends too! (✓) Then you and I are good friends!♪
How come Ive never heard Naruto speak of you… Knowing the truth is saddening!moshimushi.wordpress.com


Yugito Niimoshimushi.wordpress.com

My Tailed Beast’s name is Matatabi.
Scary! Matatobi? It’s Matatabi, not Matatobi!
It looks amazing, it really matches with you. (✓) Thanks.

When you become a Jinchuriki, you never know whn you will explode.
Thus, many villagers never allow their Tailed Beasts to come out. Scary!
Cultivate yourself, thus, you will never be controlled by the Tailed Beast! (✓) That is indeed the best way.

When your body becomes a Jinchuriki, the hardest is separating yourself from a Tailed Beast.
Jinchuriki and Tailed Beast can become friends, right? (✓) Really? Let me have a try.
Would you die? Yes, Indeed.

I want to meet other Jinchuriki so much!…
Because only Jinchuriki can understand other Jinchuriki, right? (✓) Yes.
When you see each other, please do not start another Great Ninja War, ok? Yes!..

Matatabi’s body is composed by blue flames.
These weapons should not ever been brought to this world.
How beautiful. (✓) Thanks.



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