[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers – Team 8 & 10

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I’ve lost again to that Neji… 
Just give your best! (✓) Yes, I’ll try!
He’s a real talent. It won’t be a shame if you lose against him. Even if that were true, I won’t give up.

Training with Kiba and Shino is hard.
You must be tired, still have to fight with your comrades. If you aren’t serious, it won’t work.
Kiba and Shino are reliable teammates, aren’t they? (✓) Well, they take good care of me, so I can’t let them down.

I don’t really want to take baths with other girls.
Actually, you don’t need to be so shy. (✓) Not so, Sakura and the others keep on staring when I’m bathing…
It’s worth it to keep a good figure, haha. Don’t, don’t say that…

It’s hard to knit scarves…
And I thought Hinata would be good at such things! Yes, but I won’t give up.
You’re so thoughtful. Did you knit it for a boy? (✓) Hahaha, not at all!

I’ve got a new mission.
It looks really difficult. Are you gonna be okay? (✓) Even if it were difficult, I won’t give up. This is my ninja way!
You’re so shy. Would you go into hiding if you meet an enemy? No, it won’t happen… I’ll give everything to defend my friends…

I won’t have to hide in Naruto’s shadow anymore!
I don’t think Naruto would be that easy to catch. Yes, I know, but I will make it.
You can do it! You’ll catch him! (✓) Thank you! I’ll give everything I have!

I hope Naruto would look at me…
Youve been working so hard. Itll make him really glad! (✓) Yes, thank you…
If you dont talk to him how would he notice you? Uh… this… that… (red face)



We’ve had a contract with the insects ever since we were born.
So gross. Don’t come near me!!! ……
Doesn’t it feel rotten to be stuck inside the body of an insect? (✓) This is our jutsu. I’ll tell you about it next time.

Kankuro is a formidable opponent.
Yes, his puppet jutsu is powerful indeed. (✓) In the end we became good friends.
Like draws like. One uses insects, the other uses poison. ……

I don’t like being disregarded…
We actually care a lot about you. You are very important to us! (✓) Really?…Thank you… 
With your looks like this its hard for others not to look past you. ……

My insect sensory ability has finally become helpful to people.
I thought these insects were just for scaring people. You don’t understand the power of insects.
Even though insects are tiny, their power is still limitless! (✓) This is not the only thing insects are capable of.

I really miss when Hane was still alive.
He want to the Akatsuki because of you. Yes…don’t know if he’s doing well or not…
Even when he was with Root, hes still working for himself! (✓) Of course. He’s the best!

I feel like I barely exist. Nobody cares about me.
Maybe youve been too quiet. Speak up!!! (✓) Thank you for your suggestion. I will try to talk to them.
See how much youre wearing, and with those shades, whos going to talk to you? This is what our race is like.



Akamaru, let’s try again!
Wow! Youre really great! (✓) Of course!
Looks so stupid. Why don’t you say it again!moshimushi.wordpress.com

What’s this taste… You are [name] right?
This is all you can do? I won’t let you talk like this!
Yes, yes, your sense of smell is getting better and better! (✓) We need to persist in practice, right, Akamaru?

I should become a Hokage. I should!
Everybodys dream is to become the Hokage. (✓) Yes, this is everybody’s dream.
Naruto is more outstanding than you. You cant. Whatever…

Do you know who my brother is?
That dog Akamaru has only you as his brother. You don’t understand. Akamaru alone can defeat you.
Of course its Akamaru. (✓) Yes, my brother.

If I become the Hokage, I will make a Love Your Dog day!
Thats certain. Dogs are our most loyal companions! (✓) You have taste!
Boring. Dont push your own interests unto others. One who doesn’t understand never understands.

My love for Akamaru is deeper than my feelings for anyone else!
I dont understand at all. I hate dogs the most. Huh, an ignoramus.
You guys are perfect together! (✓) Yes, Akamaru, let’s try again!



Genjutsu is sometimes even more powerful than ninjutsu.
Really?! I want to learn genjutsu too! (✓) Of course, let’s start with breaking through genjutsu.
There something about genjutsu that feels a bit off… That’s because you don’t understand Genjutsu.

Talent matters a lot if you want to become trained in genjutsu.
But it looks so hard… It’s okay. Not everyone suits using genjutsu.
Im still pretty confident about my talent! (✓) Then let me test your potential!

Kiba, Hinata and Shino have all grown into outstanding ninjas
You must be so proud! (✓) Um, they are all my best students!
Im really nothing compared to Naruto and Sasuke! They are not the same. Everyone has a path.

People cant revive after they die. Save your grief now! Who comforts people like you…
Kurenai sensei needs to be strong. Hes watching over us from heaven! (✓) That’s right. I need to pull together and take care of our child!

Uchiha’s genjutsu makes people shudder from fear.
This is someone elses hekkei genkai. Its right its scary! I only learned that there’s no limit to one’s abilities after fighting Itachi.
The Sharingans genjutsu cant deal with Kurenai? (✓) Accurately speaking it’s the Kaleidoscope, isn’t it…

Shikamaru will become the best teacher for this child
He will pass on the will of fire to the next generation! (✓) Yes, I trust Asuma’s choice.
Its too much trouble to be a teacher. He hates trouble! You don’t understand Shikamaru…




Chess, again, ugh, so much trouble…
Is it possible you just finished playing with Asuma? Yes, you’re always so serious. Seriously…
Then let’s just lie down and look at the sky. (✓) Ooh, this is much better than playing chess!

Choji wants to take me out for grill again.
He can do more than just eat. (✓) Sucks, but still reliable at the most critical moment!
Watch out you’ll become a pig like him! Shh! Don’t let him overhear.

We’ve got to practice the same jutsu over and over again every day…
Would you teach me Shadow Imitation Jutsu too? Just give up. You’ll never learn.
I want be as good at ninjutsu as you! (✓) Secret jutsu training is super hard…

Don’t interrupt me when I’m thinking…
It would be nice I could be as smart as you. (✓) It can be cumbersome to think of too many answers…
Do you need to keep this pose? Shh…

Why do you only come to me when you have problems…
I want to people to bother me more. Then why don’t you try…
Who told you to be an expert strategist? (✓) Just go find my dad and everything would be good…

Women are a nuisance…
Yes, women are impossible to fathom. (✓) Not even I can understand what they think.
Are you talking about Temari? You talk too much!

Sasuke’s failure to get back the mission made me think for a long time…
Then use your actions to make yourself stronger. (✓) Now this is more like it!
You dont have to blame yourself. Your opponent is Orochimarus underling. Failure is quite normal. Failure is failure. Do you need to use these pointless excuses.

Finally, this mission is over…
Could you possibly have failed? Dumb jinxer! How could my team lose?
Is it hard being captain? (✓) Even if it’s exhausting, I won’t put my comrades in danger.

Do you know the meaning of risks?
Its about defending the dream and future of Konoha. (✓) This is also the will of Asuma sensei. We’re his inheritors!
Protect whats most important to you. Only the self cannot be called responsibility.

As captain, I have the burden to pick up the responsibility of risks of life and mission failures.
Is this too much for you? As Chunin, I know what I shuld do.
We trust you. (✓) Okay. Mission starting!moshimushi.wordpress.com



I’m not a fat pig or anything. I’m just curvaceous!
Yay, curviness! (✓) Yay, curviness!
Even though thats whats said, still go easy on food. Whatever, I don’t want that…

When I finish my training, shall we go have grill?
Sorry, Im on a diet… So sad, then I can only go date someone else…
Oh, oh, grill after training is the most delicious! (✓) Isn’t it right. See, you get it!

My father has said before, one day I will meet a friend who likes my qualities.
Most people only see the appearance… They don’t understand appreciation!
Yes, everybody loves someone as nice as you. (✓) Hehe, really!?

Can I really continue the legacy of a good dad…?
You need to be more confident, Choji! (✓) My dad told me the same thing. Good luck!
You need to be stronger in order to carry on the family business, don’t you? Yes, first I have to become a ninja who can take charge of things!

The last piece of food is the essence of delicacies. I won’t let anyone else have it!
I think so too. The last is the best! (✓) Hehe, heroes think alike.
You wont give even to a friend? No…I won’t!

I’m always thinking, did I stop Shikamaru and Ino from achieving their best in life?
If you dont want to drag us down, then try to become stronger? Don’t use weakness as an excuse to give up!
How? The Ino-Shika-Cho cant do without you! (✓) It’s like the iron triangle. It’s no good to miss any element…



Even though my earrings look ordinary, they mean much more than that to me.
Is it for enhancing the bond between the Ino-Shika-Cho clans? (✓) That’s right.
Dont. Whats something someone gave you as a token of love? Nevermind, you won’t get it.

Don’t know how Sakura and Sasuke are getting along?
Sasukes personality is so cold. Must be hard to get along with. Yes.
No worries. Sakura likes Sasuke so much. It wont be a problem at all. (✓) Who…who’s going to worry about her! I’m worried about Sasuke!

Do you know who are the Ino-Shika-Cho group?
Yes…I think Ive heard others mention it before… It’s the main control Yamanaka clan. The main strategic Nara clan and main attack Akimichi clan!
Is it the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akamichi group? (✓) That’s right. It’s the bond between our three clans.

Speaking of Choji, it’s hard for him to thin down after capturing Sasuke. What’s making him eat like this!
Those with heavy damage will need more rejuvenation so that they can heal. (✓) Eating slowly is good for your health.
Image is indeed more important than anything. Please urge him to eat a little less. …You have not understood my meaning at all.

If I had learned medical jutsu, then I could be like Sakura and help out friends.
Yes, his power could be even greater than that of Sakuras! (✓) Yes!I think so too!
Compared to spending so much effort on medicine, it would be wiser to practice the mind transmission jutsu a few more times. Yes! I believe I can!

What do you think of my Heart Turn Body Technique?
It sounds really great! We can control others remotely! (✓) Yes!But when you’re controlling others, you lose control of yourself.It’s good we still have Shikamaru and Choji
Very powerful, yet still fails sometime, no? Why don’t you try it?

Do you think Sasuke will like my outfit?
He wont mind this kind of thing. Well, you’re just jealous!
It looks fantastic. Hell like it! (✓) Really? I’m going to find Sasuke now!moshimushi.wordpress.com



Shikamaru has gone on a mission. Come play chess with me.
Okay. I’ve always wanted to learn a few tricks from you. (✓) Haha.No problem.We can put out the chess pieces now!
Its hard to be free. I don’t want to think too much about this. Come then.Just one round.

What kind of flower should I buy for Kurenai after my patrol today?
How about we pick up a few wild flowers on the way home? No no no.Use some thought in preparing a gift for Kurenai.
Roses! The symbol of love! (✓) Alright.Let’s go to look around Ino’s flower shop.

I’ve been thinking recently, how can I make Flying Sparrow stronger?
Why dont we try injecting some chakras and see? (✓) Sure enough!The Flying Sparrow’s range has expanded!
It cant be that easy to improve ninjutsu. Only by continuously researching can you become stronger.

Choji is really a nice child…
Wont even take on battles with teammates. I think hes probably just too weak! You don’t get Choji at all!
If only kindness can be transferred into attack power, he would be so powerful! (✓) He really can! I believe him!

Father sacrificed his life for the sake of protecting his child. I’m proud of him.
Thats right! The will of fire carries on! (✓) Great! Great will!
Very great indeed. But would be anything after death. Aah.Oh, the young people of this age.

Shikamaru will become a fabulous ninja.
Hes so lazy. Whats he going to accomplish? No, he’s never vague about his missions.
Yes, indeed.No wonder its the core of Ino-Shika-Cho. (✓) That’s true.He’s got a lot of talent in his control of the war situation, tactical prowess, and control of ninjutsu.


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