[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers – Team Guy & Other Konoha

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I spend a lot of time every day to clean my tools. I’m tired.
You’re really great! Just Kunai and Shuriken are enough… (✓) They’re all my best buddies on the battlefield.
How much does this cost? You do not have to buy them all, but you can make them yourself.

I feel powerless in the presente of an opponent like Temari…
Her way of combat works against you, don’t think too much. Aargh, when you see her… fleeing is your only option…
Why don’t you try infusing Chakra in your tools? (✓) Yes! This could help tools penetrate through Temari’s fan!

Any attempt in today’s training must be spot on!
Everyshot a hit…that’s not very likely… Setting high expectations is the only way to stay motivated in training!
Come on! It takes not only precision but also power! (✓) Humph, my tools aren’t soft and weak!

Both Neji and Lee are really diligent.
Are they all reliable comrades? (✓) Yes, but I can’t just look up to them. I have to train harder too!
Can it be that you like them? Nonsense, they are merely my battle buddies.

It’s really simple to summon tools with scrolls.
You’re quite talented in space-time ninjutsu! (✓) I have to train hard and make use of my talent!
Can you summon food? I’m not a big foodie. Haven’t tried it yet…

It’s quite a convenient thing when bun head starts fighting.
But it’s very difficult to maintain, right? It is indeed so, but what can you do.
And it looks good too! (✓) Yes, it’s good-looking and practical!

I want to open a tool shop when I have money.
That must be best tool shop in Konoha. (✓) Yes, I hope so too!
What if business doesn’t run? Tools are for consumption. People will need to buy it, right?



I’m going to prove that I can still become a great ninja without knowing ninjutsu and genjutsu.
After all, relying on taijutsu only will have its limits. I will show you and break the limit!
Well put! Let’s go around Konoha 20 times in a handstand! (✓) Twenty isn’t enough! Fifty!

I love the tracksuit Guy Sensei gave me!
Oh, you have strange taste. That’s because you don’t know how to appreciate!
Yes…looks pretty spiffy. (✓) Haha, definitely!

Guy Sensei says I’m a genius of hardwork.
Then you must not disappoint Guy. (✓) Oh! Burning youth!
Because you’re not a genius, so you must make up for it with more effort. Work harder! I’m going to train now!

The lotus flowers of Konoha will blossom again!
Don’t get carried away by your successes and forget Guy Sensei’s teachings. Nah, I won’t give up on life that easily.
It would be even more dazzling the next time it blooms! (✓) The beast of Konoha won’t stop here! Never!

Why won’t Sakura glance my way more often…
That’s because you aren’t as strong as Sasuke. (✓) Sakura is waiting for me. Waiting for me to become stronger!
Your eyebrow are too thick. You’re scaring people. Thick eyebrows are handsome. You have no idea!

I’m going to surpass those geniuses. Neji, Sasuke, just you wait.
Geniuses aren’t unsurpassable. Your effort will pay off. (✓) Oh! Said and done! I’m going to train!
They wouldn’t stop to wait for you. So I have to train even harder than them. I will never give up.moshimushi.wordpress.com



Naruto has brighter eyes than me.
Because Naruto is not bothered by worldly judgments? (✓) Are you just like him?
Because Narutos eyes are blue as water in the pond? …You go away…

Hinata is also training very hard for Naruto.
In comparison to working and training hard, dating is what you should be really doing. Vulgar!!
Maybe this is the power of love. (✓) Yes, Naruto is a nice man.

Is our fate really fixed?moshimushi.wordpress.com
Yes, Naruto is still Naruto. Are you going to give up like this?
Submitting to ones fate is the sign of a coward! (✓) Then try transcend yourself!

Split family, inherited family, what’s the difference?
Even if its a split family, you have to be brave enough to be yourself! (✓) Maybe this is what my father was thinking.
The split family is made to serve the inherited family. If you keep thinking like that you will never breakthrough.

Even though I was born in the split family, I have to be not afraid of fighting with fate.
Give up. You cant change fate.
Thats right. If your dad knew this is what you think hes be very happy. (✓) My father is my role model forever.

I want to buy some gifts for Hinata, but I don’t know what to buy.
Give something girls will like. (✓) Hum, maybe we could go ask Sakura and the others.
For what youve done to her in the past, its no wonder she wouldnt talk to you. Shut up, Hinata isn’t like that.



Youngster, passionate blood, let your youth shine!
Guy sensei is always so spirited. Makes me envy! (✓) You need to keep on learning!
But Im not a passionate person… No problem, someday you’ll be passionate over heels too.

I’m Might Guy, the proud Blue Beast of Konoha.
Dark Blue?Any direction you look at it, its green… Guys don’t need to heed the details too much, hahaha.
Wow, looks so handsome! (✓) Of course!

Someone who doesn’t trust himself has no value.
So believing in yourself and working hard will amount to success? (✓) It’s true. Of course, you have to be very diligent.
Whats the connection between believing in oneself and working hard? Remember, you won’t become stronger by trying blindly.

I don’t want to lose to anybody–especially not Kakashi.
Remember that your opponent is copy ninja Kakashi! I’m Might Guy, the proud Blue Beast of Konoha.
You guys are a really good pair. (✓) No problem, someday I’ll show him!

Lee will shine someday.
A hardworking genius. Not many people could do that. (✓) It’s why I kept on training him.
In comparison with Tenten and Neji, you seem to care more about Lee. Oh…people are selfish…

Wear the trainers I made specially for training.
Oh…can we use a better looking one… Um, it seems like you still don’t understand the truth about youth.
Alright, put on your trainers and feel the power running in you! (✓) Haha, it seems like you have a lot of potential!moshimushi.wordpress.com



Do you know who my favorite student is?
Do I really need to answer? Of course its Naruto. (✓) Yes, this kid has got a mysterious power.
When you are a sensei, shouldnt you love all students equally?

I’m really proud, I’m waiting for the day our students will become the pillars of Konoha.
You really have students all over, right? (✓) Indeed, I can’t wait to see all of them fully grown up!
You speak like an old man. … …

Do you know how to deal with problematic kids?
Do you understand why students becomes problematic? (✓) That is only one of many ways of thinking about it…
Violence and problems can only dealt with violence. This way, they will certainly not try to be funny again. I didn’t expect you to become this violent.

Naruto got into trouble, again.
You should expel all troublemakers as early as possible. If all sensei were like you, Konoha would be without a future.
He just wants to attract everyones attention towards himself. (✓) Indeed, honestly speaking, he reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger.

My biggest desire is to see all students become healthy.
Even if you put your life on the line, your students would still not listen to you.
But you are a really good sensei. (✓) It’s ok, it’s ok!

I wish we could always maintain harmony.
If you are really like that, you should just lose your job.
Yes, harmony and peace are the dream of every person. (✓) Hum, hmm.



Hashirama Senju


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