[Naruto Online] Gift Bond Point Increases – Konoha & Sannin

Ninja Bond Chat Answers  |  Gift Bond Point Increases (Non-Konoha & Akatsuki)


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) Is it possible… this is the set Kakashi is always secretly reading…
Flower Bouquet (+15) Oh! I’m embarrassed.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) This is so cute! Sakura will definitely like it!
Ninja Tool Set (+15) I’m gonna use it right now!
Piggy Bank (+15) Hey! Thanks!
Ramen Coupon (+20) Wow! Wonderful! Teuchi’s Ramen Coupon!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Huh? This looks like the scroll I stole last time.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Wow! This is a terrific gift! I love it!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Oh! Look how classy it look!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Humph!
Flower Bouquet (+15) It’s better to use the time to train.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+0) Only women like these kind of stuff.
Ninja Tool Set (+20) Those days, my big brother also gave me a set like this…
Piggy Bank (+15) … Thanks!
Ramen Coupon (+15) Is this the ramen place that crane butt really likes?
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) With this, I’m going to become much stronger!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) This is nice. Thanks!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks! I really like it.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) Huh? Isn’t this the set that Kakashi’s always reading…
Flower Bouquet (+20) Wow! What beautiful flowers! Makes me so happy!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) Oh! I thought it was Akamaru!
Ninja Tool Set (+20) You’ve come at just the right time. I’ve spent a lot of tools recently in the missions.
Piggy Bank (+15) This piggy bank looks just like piggy.
Ramen Coupon (+15) Just came back from a mission, so hungry. Thanks!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Thanks! I will try my best!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks! I’ll take that and share it with Ino!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Wow! I really want to share it with Sasuke!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+20) Could this be… a personally signed copy of Make-out Paradise from Jiraiya!
Flower Bouquet (+10) Well, since this is a token of your regard, then I’ll take it.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) Looks just like Akamaru when he was little.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) Ooh! A pretty complete set of equipment, leaves nothing to be desired.
Piggy Bank (+15) All the money has been used to buy Make-out Paradise. I should start saving.
Ramen Coupon (+15) So, let’s go have ramen at Teuchi’s!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) The legendary mystery ninja scroll! Thanks!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Eating too much sweets is not good for your teeth. Oh well, they’re not gonna be whiter than Guy’s.
Sashimi Platter (+70) A top-grade sashimi platter? Not bad, not bad!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+20) This… This is it!
Flower Bouquet (+10) So… Do you have a crush on me?
Ninja Hound Puppet (+5) So… What’s so special about this doll?
Ninja Tool Set (+5) Kunai and whatever is not as useful as Wood Style Ninjutsu.
Piggy Bank (+0) My money won’t accumulate…
Ramen Coupon (+20) Finally I don’t have to pay it for myself.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I remember there are powerful Wood Style Ninjutsu recorded here!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Even though eating too much snacks is bad for your body, an occasional treat is okay.
Sashimi Platter (+70) High quality cuisine, I like it!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+20) It has great keepsake value. Are you also a true fan of mine?
Flower Bouquet (+15) Hahaha! I really didn’t think I’ll get flowers too!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) It’s pretty cute. You can use it in exchange for writing materials. (Flirting with girls)
Ninja Tool Set (+15) One more set of tools is one more layer of security.
Piggy Bank (+15) Very cute. But if you have money you should spend it!
Ramen Coupon (+15) It’s been a while since I’ve had ramen. Good excuse to see Teuchi.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Let me read it. Maybe I’ll find the same inspiration as in the “Biographies of the Root Ninjas II.”
Snack Gift Pack (+30) A real childhood memory!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Oh! It would be even better if I had a beauty with me!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Not everybody’s interested in this kind of thing.
Flower Bouquet (+5)
Ninja Hound Puppet (+5) Children’s toys.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) I can equip my guinea pigs now.
Piggy Bank (+15) Experiments are expensive…
Ramen Coupon (+20) I miss Konoha’s ramen, haven’t gone back in such a long time.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I plan to try this on my guinea pigs.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Not bad.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Great!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Bleh, reading…How tedious…
Flower Bouquet (+15) Oh, this is convenient. Just plug it in the water and that’s it.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) So cute. it’s better than a real dog because you don’t need to feed it or walk it.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) Thanks. I’m just too lazy to go to the store.
Piggy Bank (+20) I never know what to do with a whole bunch of change. A piggy bank would be a handy thing to have right now.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Do we still need to go to the restaurant? I don’t feel like going out…
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Even though training is tricky, but it’s also great to become stronger.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks! Let’s wait till Choji arrives, and then we shall it.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Not bad, fish without bones is much easier to eat.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+5) Huh? For me?
Flower Bouquet (+15) Thanks, I’m so happy.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+20) As cute as Akamaru when he was little.
Ninja Tool Set (+20) Such a complete set of tools. I’ll work hard to become stronger.
Piggy Bank (+10) Why do I crave grill when I see this…
Ramen Coupon (+20) Great! Let’s go eat now! (It would be even better if we had coupons for grill.)
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Great! I will practice hard so I can defend my friends!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Wow! BBQ-flavored potato chips! And chocolates and candies! Thanks!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Oh! This is so good! Give me five more servings!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) How could you give this kind of thing to me?!
Flower Bouquet (+20) Isn’t this a flower from our shop? No matter, I’m so happy I got flowers!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) Looks so much like Akamaru! So cute.
Ninja Tool Set (+10) A little more ninja tools can’t hurt!
Piggy Bank (+15) A Tuntun piggy bank! I will treasure it.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Teuchi’s Ramen is a hallmark of Konoha isn’t it?
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Okay! Let’s start training now!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks! Let me get Sakura to eat with us.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Premium sashimi platter! So happy!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) Ahah, you sure know quite a lot!
Flower Bouquet (+5) Hmmm…
Ninja Hound Puppet (+5) Yo! I thought it was Akamaru.
Ninja Tool Set (+20) You’re pretty sweet. Then, I’ll keep it.
Piggy Bank (+5) Thanks. It’s time to learn to save money.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Let’s grab some food together!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I have to get stronger so that I can protect the people who are important to me.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) I didn’t have this many different kinds of snacks to eat when I was little.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Choji really can eat. I haven’t had sashimi for a long time because of him!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) Huh? Did you get the wrong person?
Flower Bouquet (+15) It’s really pretty! let me go find a vase for it.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) So cute! Why doesn’t anyone make Princess Katsuyu plushes?
Ninja Tool Set (+20) No amount of tools is too much if you want to master space-time jutsu.
Piggy Bank (+15) I envy that Piggy can always stay by Tsunade’s side.
Ramen Coupon (+15) Come on! Let’s go eat!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Great! Let me try it!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Yes! Super! Let’s eat together!
Sashimi Platter (+70) So delicious! It reminds me of the fish I ate back when I was training in healing jutsu.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+5) Thanks, but I want to spend more time on training.
Flower Bouquet (+15) Thanks, but my heart is already taken. It belongs to Sakura.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) What do you think? Should I give Sakura a plush too?
Ninja Tool Set (+20) Alright! Then let’s begin with Shuriken throwing lessons!
Piggy Bank (+15) I want to save money to buy a new power suit for Guy.
Ramen Coupon (+15) Today’s training missions have all been completed! I reward myself a bowl of ramen!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Thanks! I will definitely train hard!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Jump rope 3000 times to get snakcs. If you can’t, then run around Konoha for 20 rounds!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks! Only with sufficient stamina can you do better in training!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) Who do you think I am… *glances at you*
Flower Bouquet (+15) Everyone already says I’m manly… Don’t give me things like this… *face turns red*
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) Maybe Hinata will like it…
Ninja Tool Set (+20) It broke when we were training before. Thanks!
Piggy Bank (+15) It’s about time to save some money to buy Hinata some gifts…
Ramen Coupon (+15) Maybe you can give it to Naruto…
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) The Legendary Secret Scrool? You actually had such an amazing gift left!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks… we can just give this to Hinata.
Sashimi Platter (+70) It looks so delicious.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+10) Hmm… we can give it to Kakashi.
Flower Bouquet (+10) Is this flower from the Yamanaka’s? Ahahah!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+10) It looks like… It won’t be too useful…
Ninja Tool Set (+20) This is most suitable for imps!
Piggy Bank (+10) Tsunade might like this.
Ramen Coupon (+10) It would be better if you could give me a few more so that I can treat little imps too!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Thanks. I will train according to what the scroll says!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thank you!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Oh oh oh! I haven’t had anything this luxurious for a long time!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Hey, it’s so embarrassing…
Flower Bouquet (+20) Ah! Thanks, I’m really happy…
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) So soft and fluffy, just like Akamaru when he was little.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) I will train hard!
Piggy Bank (+15) It’s so cute, just like Piggy!
Ramen Coupon (+15) Um… I want to go eat it with Naruto.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I will be better able to help Naruto after I learn this, yes?
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks… I want to share this with Naruto.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks! I really like it…


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) What is this?…
Flower Bouquet (+0) It’s been so long since I’ve been there. Should we eat together tonight? (Note: I guess this should’ve been Ramen Coupon dialogue lol)
Ninja Hound Puppet (+20) It looks so real. Looks just like Akamaru!
Ninja Tool Set (+5) I don’t need this. If you need to ask why, insects are my ninja tools.
Piggy Bank (+5) Insects would die if we put them inside…
Ramen Coupon (+15) -no dialogue-
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Can there be a powerful anti-insect Jutsu inside it?…
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Why is it not the image of a dog?
Flower Bouquet (+0) What is this?!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+20) Wow! Thanks. You get me the most!
Ninja Tool Set (+20) Become Stronger! Become Stronger! Akamaru, let’s work together!
Piggy Bank (+15) I would like him more if he weren’t a pig but a dog.
Ramen Coupon (+15) I’m famished!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I need more strength even if it only means beating Naruto!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Wow! This is really good. Thanks!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Is this really for me? Thanks, ahah!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Such a shame…
Flower Bouquet (+20) I…I already have someone I like… *face turns red*
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) Kiba will really like it as a gift.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) Thanks…
Piggy Bank (+15) I should save some money…
Ramen Coupon (+15) Thanks, let’s take him out for dinner tonight…
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I do need to become stronger to protect the people I love…
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Even though I’d grow fat if I eat too much, my heart tells me you want only the best for me!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Such top quality food should be shared!




Gift Shop

Flirt Paradise Complete Set (30k coins)
A trilogy signed by Jiraiya. Strongly recommended by Kakashi.

Flower Bouquet (30k coins)
A beautiful bouquet custom-ordered from Ino’s flower shop. Girls love it.

Ninja Hound Puppet (30k coins)
A plushy that looks a lot like a young Akamaru.

Ninja Tool Set (30k coins)
A ninja must-have tool set.

Piggy Bank (30k coins)
A cute piggy bank made to look like a piggy.

Ramen Coupon (30k coins)
A ramen coupon specially designed by Teuchi. Use this coupon to exchange for a large serving of ramen.

Mystery Ninja Scroll (10 coupon/gold)
They say if you adhere to the scroll in your training, then you can significantly improve your strength.

Snack Gift Pack (10 coupon/gold)
Packaged snack gift pack, includes BBQ-flavored potato chips, Chocolate and various candies.

Sashimi Platter (20 coupon/gold)
A full platter of sweet shrimp, salmon, arctic mussels, sashimi, etc.


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