[Naruto Online] Gift Bond Point Increases – Non-Konoha & Akatsuki

Ninja Bond Chat Answers  |  Gift Bond Point Increases (Konoha)


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) …What is this?
Flower Bouquet (+0)
Ninja Hound Puppet (+5) This is not alive.
Ninja Tool Set (+20) Thanks!
Piggy Bank (+5) Gold has no real value to me.
Ramen Coupon (+10) A bite never hurt anyone right?
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Lord Orochimaru will need this.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Boring!
Flower Bouquet (+0) I’m not interested in this.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+0) I’m not a kid anymore.
Ninja Tool Set (+0) Humph! Sand is my tool.
Piggy Bank (+0) I am the man who will become the Fifth Kazekage. How can I lack money?
Ramen Coupon (+20) Great! Let’s go eat tonight.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) This suits me.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Looks good.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Not bad, I really like it.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+10) Tsk! I thought it was the complete puppet collection.
Flower Bouquet (+10) You like flowers?
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) Maybe I can change him into a puppet…
Ninja Tool Set (+20) I can just use it on my new puppets.
Piggy Bank (+15) It takes a lot of material to make puppets. I need to start saving money.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Then let’s go eat. (Actually I would prefer Kabukicho’s tickets more…)
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Will training increase my control over the puppets? Thanks!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) -no dialogue-
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks, it looks delicious.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) If you dare to give me this agian, I’ll fan you with a three-star fan!
Flower Bouquet (+20) Hey, you’re really nice.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+20) I really like it.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) I wanted to get a new set. I’ll just take this one then.
Piggy Bank (+10) This piggy bank is not bad. Thanks!
Ramen Coupon (+15) I’ve always heard from Naruto great things about Konoha’s ramen. Let’s go try it.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Great! Let’s start training now!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) I really like it. Thank you!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks. I really like this one.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) …Boring to the extreme!
Flower Bouquet (+0) Go away!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+5) It doesn’t look like anything valuable.
Ninja Tool Set (+5) How could something amateur like this compare with the great Beheading Sword?
Piggy Bank (+20) Money… Humm… The more the better!
Ramen Coupon (+5) It doesn’t look like anything valuable.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) The battle should be more interesting after we become stronger, right?
Snack Gift Pack (+30) The food is quite fitting.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Hmmm… This is really delicious.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) …What is this?
Flower Bouquet (+20) Ahhh! So pretty! *face turns red*
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) This is really cute!
Ninja Tool Set (+15) With this, I’ll be much more of a support to Zabuza.
Piggy Bank (+15) I need to save more money, then Zabuza could take less dangerous missions.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Ramen! Let’s get Zabuza to come along!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) To better help Zabuza, will become stronger!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks, it looks delicious.
Sashimi Platter (+70) High quality cuisine! Zabuza will be delighted!


KILLER BEEmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) I don’t dislike animals,Yo!♪
Flower Bouquet (+0) I won’t look at these, idiot!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+10) I don’t dislike animals,Yo!♪
Ninja Tool Set (+20) I come from the Land of Lightning.♪
Piggy Bank (+10) I like ninja tools!♪
Ramen Coupon (+20) I don’t need this!
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) I will strengthen myself, scroll!♪
Snack Gift Pack (+30) I’m starting!♪
Sashimi Platter (+70) Delicious food, I like it♪!


YUGITO NIImoshimushi.wordpress.com
Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Leave me alone…
Flower Bouquet (+20) Ah! Is this for me?
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) How adorable!
Ninja Tool Set (+15) I really needed this
Piggy Bank (+5) I appreciate it, but I can’t make any use of it at the moment.
Ramen Coupon (+15) Is it from Naruto’s favorite shop?
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Wow, you are fantastic!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Thanks!!
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thanks!!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+20) I’ll take it. (As a man, how can I refuse?)
Flower Bouquet (+15) I’ll take it. (What’s this thing used for?)
Ninja Hound Puppet (+15) What if I stuff full the inside of the ninja dog with bombs…
Ninja Tool Set (+15) I’ll take it. (Even though I won’t actually need it.)
Piggy Bank (+15) I’ll take it. (Even though I think only Kakuzu would like this kind of thing.)
Ramen Coupon (+20) I’ll be going with Sasori in a bit.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) A ninja scroll that makes explosions more beautiful? Wonderful!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) It doesn’t look bad at all!
Sashimi Platter (+70) For the sake of the sashima, I’ll let you see my new bomb!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) I don’t need it.
Flower Bouquet (+5) I’ll take it.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+10) It could be broken apart to make puppet parts.
Ninja Tool Set (+20) We could use it to equip new puppets.
Piggy Bank (+10) It’s costly to make puppets.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Then, go eat some…
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Can i control more puppets after learning this skill?
Snack Gift Pack (+30) I’ll take it. You will need more energy to practice Chakra Control.
Sashimi Platter (+70) I’m starting. The more puppets you control, the more energy you will need.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) I’ll take it. (This is good for about 150.)
Flower Bouquet (+10) … (This is probably only good for 50.)
Ninja Hound Puppet (+10) Well. (This is probably only good for 50.)
Ninja Tool Set (+10) Well. (This is probably only good for 50.)
Piggy Bank (+20) It would be nice if this piggy bank were full.
Ramen Coupon (+10) Well. (This is probably only good for 50.)
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) So this is the legendary mystery ninja scroll!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Hey, just pay me cash next time.
Sashimi Platter (+70) It tastes pretty good. It could fetch some good cash, wouldn’t it?


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+15) This…Jiraiya sensei…
Flower Bouquet (+10) Real flowers are more tender than paper flowers.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+0) Play things can only be the obstruction to realizing our dreams.
Ninja Tool Set (+15) God has fallen. We can only rely on our own weapons.
Piggy Bank (+20) We need more money to make our dreams come true.
Ramen Coupon (+10) We can give it to Yahiko and Nagato.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) To realize our dream, I need to become much stronger.
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Hidden Rain doesn’t have this many kinds of snacks to eat.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Nice taste.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) Are you teasing with me, previous generation?
Flower Bouquet (+5) What are you looking at, you perv?!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+10) You scared the hell out of me!
Ninja Tool Set (+10) Very well but… How do you use it, previous generation?
Piggy Bank (+20) Money! Money!
Ramen Coupon (+10) I really want to go back and eat some… But…
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Wow!! Wow, you are fantastic!
Snack Gift Pack (+30) *Chewing!*
Sashimi Platter (+70) Thank you, previous generation!


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) What the hell?
Flower Bouquet (+20) This can be used in a ritual.
Ninja Hound Puppet (+0) Another dead thingy?
Ninja Tool Set (+0) Chie, do I really need this kind of thing?
Piggy Bank (+10) Kakuzu will be thrilled when I give him this!
Ramen Coupon (+15) I am so hungry right now.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30) Is there a Hidden Jutsu from Lord Jashin inside it?
Snack Gift Pack (+30) Having dessert once in a while is great too.
Sashimi Platter (+70) Eat in order to have enough energy for killings. Lord Jashin will be pleased.


Flirt Paradise Complete Set (+0) …
Flower Bouquet (+0) Get lost or I will kill you!
Ninja Hound Puppet (+0) Boring…
Ninja Tool Set (+20) Hehe, these are enough to destroy a whole village.
Piggy Bank (+5) These can only be used as decoration.
Ramen Coupon (+15) Thank you.
Mystery Ninja Scroll (+30)
Snack Gift Pack (+30)
Sashimi Platter (+70)



Gift Shop

Flirt Paradise Complete Set (30k coins)
A trilogy signed by Jiraiya. Strongly recommended by Kakashi.

Flower Bouquet (30k coins)
A beautiful bouquet custom-ordered from Ino’s flower shop. Girls love it.

Ninja Hound Puppet (30k coins)
A plushy that looks a lot like a young Akamaru.

Ninja Tool Set (30k coins)
A ninja must-have tool set.

Piggy Bank (30k coins)
A cute piggy bank made to look like a piggy.
Ramen Coupon (30k coins)
A ramen coupon specially designed by Teuchi. Use this coupon to exchange for a large serving of ramen

Mystery Ninja Scroll (10 coupon/gold)
They say if you adhere to the scroll in your training, then you can significantly improve your strength.
Snack Gift Pack (10 coupon/gold)
Packaged snack gift pack, includes BBQ-flavored potato chips, Chocolate and various candies.

Sashimi Platter (20 coupon/gold)
A full platter of sweet shrimp, salmon, arctic mussels, sashimi, etc.


6 thoughts on “[Naruto Online] Gift Bond Point Increases – Non-Konoha & Akatsuki

  1. Also, Yugito says the same thing when you give her the Snack Gift Pack as she does when you give her the Sashimi Platter: “Thanks!!”

    And with that, Yugito’s lines are all finished! I hope I was helpful.

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  2. For Yugito, she says “Wow, you are fantastic!” when you give her a Mystery Ninja Scroll, and “Thanks!!” when you give her the Sashimi Platter.

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