[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers ToC

List of the chat answers and dialogue. ‘Home’ is unlocked at level 18. Home > Garden Ninja > Select a character > Chat. Each correct answer adds 10 bond points. Guide updated.

Gift Bond Point Increases  |  Main ToC

Team 7 & Sannin
Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Yamato, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade

Team 8 & 10
Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Kurenai, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Asuma

Team Guy & Other Konoha
Tenten, Lee, Neji, Guy, Iruka

Kimimaro, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Zabuza, Haku, Killer Bee, Yugito Nii

Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu, Konan, Tobi, Hidan, Kisame, Pain – Ningendo


4 thoughts on “[Naruto Online] Ninja Bond Chat Answers ToC

  1. Orochimaru is in aere 51 im the fan orohimaru in the group/ hey! Lily umm oh lord orochimaru were is kabuto kun chaaaa! Why are in the akatsuki hideout orochimaru/ yeah follow me lily umm ok im comeing my lord / garaa has came in for hes baby mama opp got to go lily no lord snake sssss/ just say chaaa!?** ok lily/ garaa! Mohh umm hi lily seipai you look cute thx / is here umm werecis lord orohimaru dont no ok oh hes at the akatsuki hideout oh im going to him lilllllly lets go you to garaa umm ok noo i don’t want to come im staying with my senpai ok orohimaru yeah nooooow sucks lol yeah chaa! Bye guys this is oroc love you kabuto umm h* no i like lily x garaa ok im mad waaaaa
    Not now oh we can still cool this is a lot naruto in the chat room lol yeah hey it’s me naruuuuto wow how’s


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