[Jimi-Kare] Choice Breakdown Guide

Another game by SEEC! In Jimi Kare (lit. Plain BF) My Quiet Boyfriend, you play as Makoto who tries to change her timid and pessimistic childhood friend, Nao.
Jimi kare

There are 4 different endings depending on your choices or ‘routes’. This guide is for those who wish to make informed choices and therefore contains spoilers. (CGs aren’t included in this guide so as to to keep spoilers to a minimum) GooglePlay.

You can choose to be brought back to Lv.1 after each clear, so you can eventually read all endings.









Choose by yourself — Wild Nao
I’ll choose for you — Cute Nao

~ If you chose ‘Choose by yourself’

Turn down his idea — Prince Nao’s Ending
“Nao became cool and confident. Not only his looks but also his vibe became way cooler than before! The effort Nao made lead to all these great results!”



Comfort him — Arrogant Nao’s Ending
“Nao went in the wrong direction. I just wanted him to be more confident with himself… Why did he become like this…?! Where did the quiet Nao go?!”


~ If you chose ‘I’ll choose for you’


Apologize him — Dark side Nao’s Ending
“Nao got his dark side. I didn’t care how he felt as I was concentrating on making him cute… Nao must be hurt…”



Deny it — Princess Nao’s Ending
“Nao became so pretty. He even put on his makeup and became cute like a girl. As I expected, Nao is so cute. From now on, I have to keep protecting him!”

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