[My Pure Boyfriend] Motohide Sakuraba

My Pure Boyfriend: Romance You Choose (Kiss Me Cherry) by Genius.Inc. GooglePlay. Happy Ending walkthrough for Motohide Sakuraba, carefree otaku.

There are two endings: Happy and Good. Ruby options aren’t a must to unlock the Happy end, but it does help and you get to read special scenes (some are really cuteee). Unlocking the Happy end unlocks the Good end too, which you can select to read after the Happy end. On the other hand, rubies are required to unlock the Happy end if you got the Good end.

The options with (✓)s are what I selected to get the Happy end and what seemed like the best choices for me after some replays.



Episode 1

Be disgusted
Scold (✓)
Be sad

Talking to him is a waste of time
Are you going to marry a 2 dimensional character? (✓)
You’re not interested in real life?

Nonsense, that does not work on me. (✓)
What the hell?
Stop it, that’s disgusting.

… Shall we develop you into it? (*18 rubies*)
Of course not.

Something gorgeous
Something delicious
Something good (✓)


Episode 2

Take away his smartphone (✓)
Are you listening?!
We’re on a date, aren’t we…?

Look at the CDs
Look at the music magazine
Look at the vinyls (✓)

Aya-taso has pretty good taste.
Okay, this is where I come in!
Vintage clothing store isn’t that bad. (✓)

Let him be
Look at the display together (✓)
Let him choose

Tell me about the event with Aya-taso. (*20 rubies*)
Is “Under the Moon” worth playing?


Episode 3

… A pointing stick?!
Perfumes (✓)
Maybe some tea

Hide from him
Talk to him (✓)
Run from him

Don’t be scared! (✓)
Pretend it’s a coincidence
I have to make something up…

Sympathize with his way of thinking (*20 rubies*)
That’s how people are.

It’s a great hobby.
If you can control your hobby, that’ll become one of your advantages. (✓)
It’s better than not having any.


Episode 4

May I read it?
But it looked interesting. (✓)
Just show it to me.

Wow, impressive?
What’s your circle name? (✓)
What genre are you active in?

Wha- You finished already? (✓)
Oh, good morning.
… You hate to lose, don’t you.

You should become a pro.
Why couldn’t you come up with this from the start?
I want to read your mangas from now on. (✓)

Compliment him and look into his eyes (*22 rubies*)
“What’s wrong, Motohide?”


Episode 5

Imagine me with pigtails (✓)
Don’t be ridiculous
It’ll damage my hair

Hold it!
A-Another game!
I lost… Ugh… (✓)

What does Shion-sama like?
I want a light interior (✓)
Hmm, how about this?

The cool illustration
The cute yet cool illustration (✓)
The dirty illustration

This garden looks like it’ll appear in some anime or game (*23 rubies*)
Why not grab something to drink?


Episode 6

He’s my student
He’s my half brother
He’s my boyfriend (✓)

Which character is it this time?
Go on with it saying “And on the seashore with a straw hat” (✓)
White dress with pigtails?

Hey, were you listening?
Which one would you prefer, Motohide? (✓)
I’ll ask you on the next test.

It’s for your own sake.
It’s actually fun. (✓)
This is also a great opportunity.

Look into his eyes (*23 rubies*)
He should learn from us.


Episode 7

Those lines sound awfully familiar.
Don’t be mean
Everything is a life experience. (✓)

Can I take a look?
A-All of these…?
Which girl is your favorite? (✓)

Do you use it as a reference for your drawing? (✓)
Huh, is it fun?
You have way too many.

If you’re not needing it… (✓)
Next time.
You must!

Grab his arms (*23 rubies*)
“You’re causing trouble to the shop…!”


Episode 8

I wanted you to understand.
Let’s change subjects.
I’m also sorry. (✓)

Doesn’t this hairstyle resemble that main character? (✓)
How about something like, a wild touch?
Why don’t you get your hair permed?

Trust the hairdresser
Yes, believe in me. (✓)

“Very charming, Motohide. Hey, hot otaku!” (*23 rubies*)
“Look sharp!”

You are attractive
So let’s try harder
Have confidence (✓)


Episode 9

Maybe I’ll try the “3 color cake set”. (✓)
It’s probably safe to order the limited time special.
I’ll take the coffee pudding.

I’m going to faint to the principal’s taste
I’m going to faint to the principal’s taste
It was the ad that changed your life. (✓)

Do you really need to graduate?
Did you learn anything new? (✓)
I don’t know if you can graduate.

That’s like a heroine of boy’s mangas (✓)
That’s all man’s dream.
Look at your reality

So you’re not interested in 3 dimensional women like me? (*24 rubies*)
Please don’t get absorbed to the 3 dimensional world


Episode 10

I’m so selfish, no doubt.
How about if I was in his shoes? (✓)
I am the last person qualified for my job.

Call him over
Wave (✓)

Don’t do that anymore
You’re quite a dealer
Everyone counts on you (✓)

That depends on the situation
You’re right (✓)
I’m glad you remembered

The dating exercise were fun, Motohide. (*23 rubies*)
It’s for my own sake.
I was the worst instructor. (✓) or ruby choice


Episode 11

Why are you here…?
Are you a psychic? (✓)
You’re just like a hero.

I didn’t think you’ll refer to a trendy drama.
Not from a harem game? (✓)
Referring to trendy dramas aren’t the trend anymore.

You’re not so cool but thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for coming after me. (✓)

I didn’t push my values on you?
So it was something you wanted? (✓)?

Hold his hands (*26 rubies*)
“Then, don’t back down like a moment ago!”


Episode 12

Note: There’s no choice to be made in Episode 12, but highlight if you want spoiler/teaser on the endings. Do play till the end for CGs and sugary dialogue!

Happy Ending
It’s Motohide’s final date exercise and he brings player to a botanical garden. Throughout the exercise, player feels lonely, thinking this is the last. Near the end, Motohide reveals that the dating spots he brought player to that day were based on Ray-sama. He wanted the final date to be one that player will enjoy. He asks player to date him.

Good Ending
Motohide ends up as the top student of his class. As the honor student, he gives a speech during the graduation ceremony. The academy and its teacher changed him: “My instructor was the person who showed me the outside world and how to socialize with the others.” Player goes to Motohide’s classroom after the ceremony and sees him surrounded by other students, to her relief. He approaches her and reminds her of the prize she promised, which player forgot. He then requests to have her as his prize, to which player answers with embarrassment and punches.


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