[My Pure Boyfriend] Hiro Saeki

My Pure Boyfriend: Romance You Choose (Kiss Me Cherry) by Genius.Inc. GooglePlay. Happy Ending walkthrough for Hiro Saeki, multilingual, well-educated but narcissistic dealer.

There are two endings: Happy and Good. Ruby options aren’t a must to unlock the Happy end, but it does help and you get to read special scenes (some are really cuteee). Unlocking the Happy end unlocks the Good end too, which you can select to read after the Happy end. On the other hand, rubies are required to unlock the Happy end if you got the Good end.

The options with (✓)s are what I selected to get the Happy end and what seemed like the best choices for me after some replays.



“There is only one person who I want to be popular with.”

Episode 1

“Don’t talk nonsense”
Criticize him (✓) maybe this, if not nonsense

“Who’s the one that’s not grasping that concept?”
“That’s exactly why we’re teaching it at school.”
“Do you really think that?” (✓)

Reach for the mouse (✓)
Read the papers
Ask someone

“I’ll hate myself but I’ll take your offer…….”
“You are my student, I can’t make you catch a cold” (✓)
“It feels 10 degrees colder in here because of what you just said.”

Hold his face up by his chin (*18 rubies*)
Make fun of him


Episode 2

Leave him be (✓)
Deny it
Be annoyed

“Crawl and pick it up!”
“Pay the parking yourself”
“Sure. Let’s split it” (✓)

Chase him (✓)
Deduct points
Be upset

“What’s the meaning of asking that?” (✓)?
“I-I guess.”
“Whispering it into my ear doesn’t make it okay saying it.”

Talk to him (*21 rubies*)
Examine Hiro’s table manners


Episode 3

Ask him about the jellyfish (✓)
Say “It’s beautiful”
Criticize him

“About my past.”
“About this moment.” (✓)
“About my future.”

But follow him (*22 rubies*)
“I wanna go see the dolphin show…”

Varieties of cookies (✓)
Rice crackers
A baumkuchen

I raised both hands and did a high-five with Hiro (✓)
I lightly touched Hiro’s hand
I acted like we didn’t know each other


Episode 4

Clean the shelf (✓)
Get rid of things
Polish the character goods

Watch the anime that I recorded
Watch the news (✓)
Watch the informercial loved by housewives

“Do you know what ‘boorish’ means?” (✓)
“I’m just his acquaintance.”

“Be quick before my food gets cold.”
“You could’ve just texted me.”
“I’m assuming it’s a good one?” (✓)

Talk about yesterday (*20 rubies*)
“See you at our next session”


Episode 5

Tell him he’s wrong
Beat him (✓)
Be annoyed

“You bet!” (✓)
“That depends on our hardwork.”
“Results may vary.”

The restaurant (✓)
The escalator
The taxi

“Of course!”
“To be honest, not really”
“Maybe you can teach me?” (✓)

Hand him some gasoline money (*22 rubies*)
Look out the window


Episode 6

Take some tea (✓)
Take some black coffee
Ponder to eavesdrop

“He’s a unique student.” (✓)
“He’s an excellent student.”
“He’s an ordinary student.”

Answer the phone. (✓)
Ponder to hang up.
Pretend to not notice for eating.

“Nothing’s really unique about my voice.”
“I bet you just wanted to hear Japanese.”
“You sound sleepy.” (✓)

Stop him saying “Wait” (*24 rubies*)
Hang up


Episode 7

Show him my hand (✓)
Deduct points
Sulk up

Ask about Daijiro (✓)
Ask to see other photos
“He’s cute, unlike his owner”

“Do you want to have a family like Tanaka’s?” (✓)
“I’m surprised you’re close with your boss and their family”
“Don’t bother a family with a toddler.”

Say “Thank you” (*23 rubies*)
Look away

“Save those words for the person you truly care for.” (✓)
“Thanks, I’m flattered.”
“Grow into a better gentleman. We can talk then.”


Episode 8

Answer the questions (✓)
Let it slide
Ask back a question

“Thank you for bringing me here.”
“Are you jealous?” (✓)
“I haven’t fulfilled my true purpose though.”

“Don’t get cocky!” (✓)
Play dumb
Just smile

“I don’t know”
“I won’t go there for now……” (✓)
“Absolutely not!”

Provoke him [Make him jealous] (*22 rubies*)


Episode 9

Ask why (✓)
Perhaps he caught a fever because he acted out of his comfort zone
Be curious

“You’ve come a long way.” (✓)
“What a surprise.”
“Have you done it before?”

“What do you think?”
“It’s my job to train those men.”
“There’s something far more worse than being unattractive.” (✓)

Touch his cheek (*25 rubies*) “I’m drunk over you. You’re the only one I get drunk over.”
Show him a picture to check if he’s drunk

“I will leave it to the men.”
“I’ll call the taxi for you.”
“I’ll buy you some water.” (✓)


Episode 10

Take a deep breath
Look back at the past experience (✓)
Drink a water

I quickly backed off from him
I lightly hit him on his shoulder
I strongly held onto him (✓)

“Did you eat?” (✓)
“I’m worried for Daijiro.”
“Everyone was worried about you.”

“You’re making me blush……” (✓)
“Do you know what midnight love letters are?”
“Thank you, but……”

Gently hold the papers in my arms and smile at him (*26 rubies*)
Be shy


Episode 11

Put on some music (✓)
Put on the radio
Talk to him

Recommend some outfits (✓)
Recommend some health products
Recommend a collar that suits Hiro

“I actually like dogs.” (✓)
“Of course, he’s your important member of the family.”
“He’s the saviour of my student for preventing him from dying in starvation.”

“Go out to the beach, of course!” (✓)
“I want to refresh.”
“I don’t want to go overseas…..”

Pull his hand (*27 rubies*)
Let go of his hand


Episode 12

Note: There’s no choice to be made in Episode 12, but highlight if you want spoiler/teaser on the endings. Do play till the end for CGs and sugary dialogue!

Happy Ending
Player and Hiro are on the second part of their date. Player reflects that her she’s gotten over her breakup. Near the end of the date, Hiro comments that something is missing and that he wants to change their teacher-student relationship. “You’re……. mine!” They get a bit couple-sy to the player’s chagrin because they’re in a public area, however Hiro replies that this will keep other guys off her.

After the graduation ceremony, Hiro laments that it was boring. He wanted to cosplay. In their conversation, he slyly sneaks in an indirect marriage proposal to player. Hiro tells player that he realised he’s gotten to where he is now because of other people’s support. They go off to celebrate their graduations.

Good Ending
The dating part is the same as Happy Ending’s.

Principal Hashizuka gives a speech during graduation. Player comments that Hiro’s still far from being humble, though he’s changed a lot inwardly. Hashizuka hands the mic to player and gives her last words to the graduates. After which, Hiro steps up to speak as the student representative. He thanks them and talks about what the academy has taught him. “the most important thing is to be loved by the love of your life instead of being popular with multiple women.” Player notices that he’s reading from his report (*cough*super long love letter*cough*). He vows to make player the happiest woman. It ends with player going on a dog run with Hiro and Daijiro.


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