[Zombie High] V10 Walkthrough

V10 Ranks
1000+ – Ms. Valentine, Savior of Humanity!
600+ – Ass kicker of Satan’s minions
400+ – A hero of the New Age
200+ – A hero… Kinda
<200 – Alive, but soon to be forgotten

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‘Do you have a problem with that?’
‘Yes, Sir.’

You have returned Ava to him (cool +1, life -2 later)
You will help beat underworlders
You’re one of the chosen ones

Tell the truth
Shrug and defer to Dr. Marconi (cool +1)
Make up a lie

Try to get him alone (cool +1)
Bide your time

Continue the negotiation
Snatch the cane
Go for the revolver

Carry body out wrapped up
Leave the body (cool +2)
Carry body out cut up

Bra and panties
Steal clothes
Search the lower deck (cool +1, life +2)

Drag the body out (cool +1)
Exclaim in disbelief
Stay still

Say nothing
Attempt to take control

‘I am the Chosen One now!’
‘Take off your masks!’ (cool +1)




Kill them later (life -4)
Shoot them now
Recruit them

Dispose of the bodies
Address the Phoenix Tribe
Consolidate the weapons (cool +1)

Grab the pistol
Put up your hands

Take her as a hostage
Let her go
Stop her

Leave the room
Talk to them

Appeal to Ava
Offer a deal

Keep talking
Hug her (humanity +2)

Emphasize your value to them
Warn them about your friends
Talk to Headshot and Brozo (cool +1, Cult Leader Achievement)
Emphasize Ava being traumatized

Do this later (life +3)
Dig the lead out now

Make announcement via intercom
Gather the crew for a meeting
Weigh anchor immediately (cool +2)

Ask Dr. Marconi to intervene (cool +1)
Stay out of it

Open the armory
Just concentrate on escape

Run out to the deck (humanity +2, life -4)
Stay on the bridge

(life +1)




Go along with her plan for now
Try to stall for time
Tell her about the cure
Threaten to expose her

Lock him up for now
Strip-search Tommy (cool +1)
Trust him

Send him away from the bridge
Have Tommy change clothes
Leave it for now (cool +2)

‘Let’s take some time.’ (cool +1)
‘You should go on your own.’
‘You should surrender over the cure.’

The speedboat idea
The scuba idea (cool +1)

Outside the perimeter
Boathouse (cool +1)

(life +2)

Check on Sven yourself (cool +1, humanity +1)
Communicate to Headshot
Communicate to Tommy

Offer him your regulator (cool +2)
Untangle his regulator
Cut away at the net

Take out the helicopter
Cause a breach in the perimeter
Find Gloria (cool +1)

Stay where you are
Follow them now

Sven should help barricade
Sven should hack (cool +1)




Go for the Humvee
Try to talk to them (cool +1, humanity +1)

(life +2)

Keep her on track (cool +1)
Submit to the interview
Try to take a hostage
Demand to show the video

Go along with the scan (cool +1)
Say that you’re cured

Dive for cover
Rush Bennett (cool +1, life -3)
Use O’Boyle as a shield

Go for the switchblade (life -1)
Punch and gouge

Just use the handle (cool +2, life -1)
Figure out the blade

Sweep the soldier’s legs
Roll and take cover
Drop the knife and surrender (cool +2)

An evil and corrupt government
You have a cure (cool +2)
Remind him not to kill a hero

Keep talking (cool +1, humanity +1)
Go for Gloria’s pistol
Tackle the president




Nominate another leader
Stay in the Sector system
Listen to your council (cool +1)

Go see Tommy (humanity +1, Team Tommy Achievement)
Go see Sven (cool +1, Team Sven Achievement)


Ends with life: 2, cool: 37, humanity: 7
(cool -1, humanity +1 if you’re on Team Tommy)

Score: 1320
Completed Zombie High V10 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High V10 Achievement

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