[Medieval Cop – The True Monster] Walkthrough

The True Monster is the 2nd game of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). Kongregate. This walkthrough includes answers to questions.

Table of Contents

– Cayla’s House –

(+People: Ina Yale, Mina Yale, Dregg Moriss)
(+Evidence: Police Badge)
(+Location: Rightia Country)

Exit Dregg’s room

(+People: Cayla Yale, Tira Lawford)


– Morty’s Restaurant –
– Gather Information –

(+People: Polly Abott, Soldiers)
(+Location: Morty’s Restaurant)

Soldier left of Dregg (+Evidence: Missing Commander)
Drunk soldier near Polly (+Location: Royal Court)
Soldier near plate of fish (+Evidence: “Thing”)


What makes you think I am not the person incharge?
Captain of Army (✓)
Drunk Soldier

What criminal are we fighting against right now.
A Giant guy
Your wife
A non-human (✓)

(+People: King Frake, Captain Buldark, Counselor Icelot, Dragon)


(Case File updated)
– Collect Evidence –

Cake (+Evidence: Tomato Birthday Cake)
Drunk soldier beside cake (+Evidence: Targetted Bathroom, One Victim)
Necklace near plate of fish (+Evidence: Polly’s locket, +People: Princess Sarah)
Plate of fish (+Evidence: Unfinished Food)
Broken Plaque by the wall (+Evidence: Damaged Wall)
Captain Buldark (+Evidence: Missing Entrance)

Something you forgot was this—
Locket (✓)
Fish Curry


– Medieval Debate –

No, the dragon had no need to eat a person because-
Dragon wasn’t hungry
Abundance of food (✓)

Maybe the Dragon liked to eat humans?
False (✓)
Hear it again

You must be a special kind of Idiot because—
That’s what I want to find (✓)
Look Around You
You must be the Culprit
Hear it Again

1. Pass between the soldiers to the next room
2. Note that the damaged wall is near the women’s bathroom, on the right.
3. Go left to the men’s bathroom


– Men’s Bathroom –
– Gather Information –

Tride (brown-haired guy nearest to Dregg)
(+People: Tride Evergreen)
(+Evidence: Tride’s testimony)

Mil (girl by the sink)
(+People: Mila Kraven)
(+Evidence: Mila’s testimony)

Crowal (guy by the wall)
(+Evidence: Professor’s Bio)
(+Evidence: Crowal’s testimony)

Wordsworth’s corpse
(+Evidence: Dead body)
(+People: Liol Wordsworth)


– Royal Court –
– Prove the Dragon’s Innocence –
Approach the caged dragon from its front.

This Dragon is incapable of harming anyone. Because this dragon is a—
A Pet (✓)
A Monster
A Slave

The person who saw the dragon getting out was—
Tride EverGreen (✓)
Mila Kraven
Crowal Sheperd
King Frake

The following factor played an important role in his fall.
The time he fell
The way he fell (✓)
The damage of the fall


– Medieval Debate, Cross-Examination –

Relation To Professor
One of them is clearly lying, and that person is…
Mila Kraven (✓)
Tride Evergreen
Crowal Sheperd
Hear Again?

Relation to Each Other
If what you guys are saying is the truth, then it clashes with this person’s testimony…
Mila’s Testimony
Tride’s Testimony (✓)
Crowal’s Testimony
Hear Again?

Did you Eat the Cake?
If that’s true, you must answer the question together, which I am about to ask. The question is —
Cake’s Color
Cake’s Taste (✓)
Cake’s Size
Hear Again?


Table of Contents


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