[Lost Smile and Strange Circus] Guide

The art style of this one really caught my eye! By SEEC, Lost Smile and Strange Circus is a story-based idle and clicker/incremental game. Read the story of Noah, a girl who can’t laugh or cry, as she discovers her origin and finds a place where she belongs.

WARNING: I did my best to make this as straightforward as possible but even then, this guide may contain spoilers.


The main goal of the game is to unlock all story parts. Story parts can only be unlocked sequentially.


As you can see, there are 13 story parts in total. The 1st details the prologue while the following 10 are unlocked as you unlock members under ‘HOME’. (Scroll down when you’re in the ‘HOME’ screen.) We’ll get to how to unlock the final 2 parts later in the guide.

Boost Items.jpg

Magical Lamps.jpg

Unlocking members require increasing amounts of audiences. Boost Items (unlocked with one-time payment of audiences) and Magical Lamps (unlocked with certain number of tapping) under ‘INVENTORY’ can help speed this up.

Note: Boost Items doubles the attractiveness of a corresponding member’s show and are only available for purchase when you’ve unlocked said member. On the other hand, Magical Lamps provide tapping bonuses (you need to activate them in ‘INVENTORY’ once you’ve reached certain tap counts).

Jack – NIL
Jasmin – 100 audience, 10 audiences in Jack’s stage
Billy – 1,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Jasmin’s stage
Rebecca – 10,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Billy’s stage
Alphonse – 100,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Rebecca’s stage
Angeletta – 1,000,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Alphonse’s stage
Oscar – 10,000,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Angeletta’s stage
Mr. Mush – 100,000,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Oscar’s stage
Daigo – 1,000,000,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Mr. Mush’s stage
Roberti – 10,000,000,000 audiences, 10 audiences in Daigo’s stage

Note: Inviting 30 audiences to each member’s stage doubles the stage’s attractiveness.

Member Note.jpg

Another area you can spend your audiences, especially if you have an excess, is Member Note, under ‘STORY’. You’ll get an additional character portrait of the member.


For the 2nd last story part, you need to obtain every memory under ‘INVENTORY’, which requires you to tap each member at least once when they visit Noah.

Note: They’ll appear to the right of Noah and Oddman at the top of ‘HOME’ and disappear after a while. Only members you’ve unlocked will randomly visit you.

P.S. I’m not sure why but the notification thing didn’t really work for me. What I did was leave the game on my screen; members will visit Noah every few minutes or so.

Flower of Chera.jpg

Once you’ve unlocked the 2nd last story part and have brought the Flower of Chera to full bloom, visit the flower to unlock the final story part.

Note: To bring the Flower of Chera to full bloom, sacrifice audiences by dragging them onto the flower. The Flower will undergo several stages before reaching full bloom.

If you feel like replaying the game from the start, you can tap ‘Reincarnation’ under ‘STATUS’. You’ll receive bonus multiplier the more you reincarnate. Just note that reincarnation resets your audience, attractiveness and members unlocked under ‘HOME’.

Reincarnate once – 1.1 Bonus


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