[Lineage 2: Revolution (L2R)] 9 Tips & Tricks for F2P Players

General tips and tricks to be more efficient in the MMORPG mobile game.

1. Turn notifications on

Manually checking when freebies could be collected every now and then is tedious. Shorten the duration of subsequent timings by collecting freebies as soon as possible. After all, the timings could only get later each time.

2. Buying smart from the Core Shop

Convert excess monster cores in the Core Shop for soul powder. Check the core shop regularly to purchase cores you are lacking, particularly Guilliotine cores, which would otherwise require you to kill monsters, collect 100 demonic soulstones, travel to the world boss map, complete quest etc, you get the drift.

3. Participate in clan dungeons

You could still get rewards, but these are halved if you are not in the map when the clan dungeon is cleared.

4. Boss hunt

Field bosses drop a variety of hard-to-get in-game items such as skill pages. They drop trade-able grade S cores too, which can be sold for a significant amount of blue diamonds at the trading post.
Mini bosses in field maps has a higher chance of dropping equipment and scrolls.
Bosses in elite dungeons has a higher chance of dropping equipment and soul crystals.
While Grade C bosses appears every 5 minutes, Grade B bosses appears every 10 minutes and Grade A bosses appears every 15 minutes.

5. Treasure box hunt

Rewards from these boxes include adena, skill pages, experience, maphr’s protection. You know you are in for an additional reward if the gold gargoyle appears!

6. Party up!

When doing weekly quests or hunting cores, party up for the additional experience, adena and buffs. For instance, Abyss Walkers and Scarvengers can provide speed buff, Bladedancers can provide increased attack and attack speed buffs, mages can provide critical buff and archers can provide accuracy buff.

7. Make use alternate characters to get bonus Combat Power

You can create up to 4 characters per server, and each other character allows the others to gain bonus combat power based on their level. Login these alternate characters to collect and complete daily quests which gives adena and experience. Experience would translate to levels over time which would then supplement additional combat power for the other character(s).

8. Fastest way to clear monster core elite dungeon quests

Simply go to the map, purchase ANY cores from trading post or open core boxes to clear the quests. For example, to clear an Ivory Tower Catacomb 3, get any 2 monster cores quest by purchasing 2 Maniskull cores from the trading post.

9. Make full use of hot time

Turn on auto mode for normal attacks (yellow mode) and manually use skills. Aim to attack 3 monsters each hit. Set loot to grade A items only, to avoid spending a significant amount of time clearing inventory.


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