[In Search of Haru] Choice Breakdown Guide

Another game by SEEC! In In Search of Haru: Sweet Story of Youth, you play as Shinosaka Konatsu, a girl searching for the boy who was her oasis when she was bullied as a child. Follow her as she meets Haruka Fujisaki (popular, friendly), Takaharu Kiryu (bad boy with a soft heart) and Haruto Yanagi (quiet, library). Could one of them be her ‘Haru’?

There are 4 different endings depending on your choices or ‘routes’. This guide is for those who wish to make informed choices and therefore contains spoilers. (CGs aren’t included in this guide so as to to keep spoilers to a minimum) GooglePlay.

You can choose to be brought back to the start after each clear, so you can eventually read all endings.

Character Profiles & Bonus






I should…
Go straight to the library
Go the nurse’s office



~ If you chose ‘Go straight to the library’

Take a trip — 7a, 7b, Normal End (highlight for details/spoilers)
a.k.a. Takaharu Kiryu’s Friendship End
The handkerchief was something Konatsu gave Takaharu when they were younger. He liked her but ended up bullying her out of embarrassment. You get a hug CG! Takaharu and Konatsu become friends while Konatsu continues to look for Haru with his help.

A walk nearby — 7c, 7d, Dark End (highlight for details/spoilers)
a.k.a. Haruka Fujisaki’s Possessive end (Yandere vibes)
Konatsu accepts Haruka’s confession at the rooftop. He reveals that he researched Konatsu’s past and knows about her search for ‘Haru’. You get a kabedon-ish CG! He blackmails Konatsu with her past which she wants to hide. Konatsu acts as per his demands but he gets increasingly possessive…


~ If you chose ‘Go the nurse’s office’

My umbrella…
is in my bag — 7e, 7f, Bad End (highlight for details/spoilers)
a.k.a. I knew Yua Enomoto was up to no good End
Yua, along with the other girls, discovered Konatsu’s past and outcasts her. Although Konatsu’s friends didn’t abandon her, in fear of betrayal, she distanced herself from them and everyone else. 

is at home — 7g, 7h, Happy End (highlight for details/spoilers)
a.k.a. Haruto Yanagi’s Sugar End
Yup you guessed it, Haruto’s the one! When Konatsu left as a child, he thought it was his fault and distanced himself from others. Wanting to understand her better, he started to read the books she liked. Konatsu asks if he thinks she’d changed, to which he replies she’s the same; her smile is still so cute. You get a suggestive CG where Konatsu stands on tip-toe! (probably initiating a kiss *cough*) And another one where you finally see Haru’s face as a child, instead of just his outstretched hand. The feels!

Character Profiles & Bonus


4 thoughts on “[In Search of Haru] Choice Breakdown Guide

  1. Actually you confused the two branches. going straight to the library leads to normal end and dark end, vice versa for the other ends.


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